Exodus Crypto Wallet Review Australia 2021

The Exodus crypto wallet gives you a safe and easy way to send, receive and exchange Bitcoin and dozens of other top cryptos. Read our Exodus wallet review to see why this could be a great option for you.

Basically, it’s a piece of software that you download to your computer or mobile. From here you’ll be able to manage over 100 different kinds of cryptocurrencies.

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You’ll probably know that there are dozens of decent crypto wallets out there. Just take a look at our Ledger wallet review for a good example of this. All of these crypto wallets will aim to do the same basic function – to securely store the private keys that you need to carry out cryptocurrency transactions.

While this sounds like a pretty simple task, each crypto wallet does it in different ways. Some wallets are purely web-based, while others require you to download specialist software. There are even hardware-based wallets that run on devices like USB drives.

Generally speaking, these hard wallets tend to offer the greatest amount of security. Web-based wallets offer less security, but give you plenty of flexibility to freely move your money around. Software-based wallets sit somewhere in the middle, and this is where the Exodus wallet comes in. Keep reading our Exodus wallet to find out more.

Pros & Cons of the Exodus Crypto Wallet

Here are the main positive features of the Exodus crypto Australians should be aware of:

  • Very user-friendly design and great for newcomers to crypto trading
  • Excellent customer support features ensuring you get help 24/7
  • Capacity to handle over 125 different cryptocurrencies
  • Software-based wallet offers higher level of security than web wallets
  • Extra features like the built-in exchange for trading BTC, ETH, XRP and more
  • No Exodus wallet promo code needed to get started

However, there are some negative points such as:

  • No two-factor authentication
  • Some network and trading fees to be aware of

Cryptocurrencies and Technology – Cryptos found in our Exodus wallet review

The Exodus wallet is a great option for anybody who wants to get serious about using cryptos. This is because the wallet allows you to send, receive and exchange over 125 different cryptocurrencies. Not only is Exodus one of the most respected Bitcoin wallets, but it also features other major cryptos like Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Monero, Tether, EOS, DogeCoin and so on.

The full range of Exodus cryptocurrency offerings is immense. Anybody wanting to send or receive Tron, Cosmos, Cardano or Nano will find a suitable wallet waiting for them.

To be honest there are more cryptocurrencies featured in the Exodus wallet than most people are going to need. But it’s impressive to see that Exodus has been willing to go to great lengths to see that all crypto users are catered for. See how this range of featured cryptos compared to those found in our Trezor wallet review.

You can trade your Bitcoin or Ether at Binance Australia

Usability & Store – Design overview of the Exodus crypto wallet

These wallets can simply be downloaded either as a desktop wallet or a mobile wallet. Once downloaded, it means that you’ll be able to send or receive crypto funds by setting up an address or using a handy QR code. The entire transaction can take place with just a single click meaning that the Exodus wallet is a good option for those new to using cryptos.

Here’s how easy it is to use the Exodus wallet. First, you just need to download the Exodus software. This can be done directly to your computer or to all modern iOS or Android mobile devices without having to use an Exodus coupon code.

The software will run locally on your computer or mobile, and you’ll be able to manage your crypto portfolio without having to create any kind of account. This is because everything will be held on your hard drive. When you first install the wallet, you’ll get walked through the whole backing-up process and here’s where you’ll create the password for your wallet.

Once this is done, you’ll be able to receive your first crypto deposit. Remember that the Exodus wallet is a crypto-only platform, so you won’t be able to receive regular FIAT deposits here.

Don’t forget that the Exodus wallet also has a cool exchange feature. This means that you can trade over 70+ blockchain-based assets from your computer or mobile. It’s something that’s very easy to do. Just click on the Exchange tab, select the crypto you want to trade, and which crypto you want to receive. The wallet will show you the current exchange rate, and you’ll just have to tap on the exchange button and your new crypto asset will show up in your wallet. All without having to use an Exodus promo code!

Security & Support – Important for all Exodus crypto Australian users

One of the key reasons why many people choose the Exodus wallet is that it features customer support. You simply don’t get any kind of customer service if you use many web-based wallets. But as it is, you can get in touch with the Exodus customer support team 24/7. This is great news if you are having any problems with anything from making an Exodus withdrawal to entering in an Exodus promo code 2021. Such customer support comes at the cost of some Exodus fees on trading, but it’s good to feel well taken care of.

The software that the Exodus wallet uses offers greater security than web-based wallets. This is because all of your data is held locally on your computer or mobile. However, it’s worth noting that Exodus isn’t the most water-tight crypto wallet that you are going to find. This is because there is little in the way of two-factor authentication here, and you’ll have to rely upon the quality of your password to keep your funds safe. However, we should note that Exodus has also teamed up with Trezor to introduce a hardware wallet that offers an extra level of security for your crypto funds.

Conclusion – Key points of our Exodus wallet review

The Exodus wallet offers you a simple and secure way to manage your cryptocurrencies. It’s a particularly good option for relative newcomers to cryptos who want a touch more security than a regular web-based wallet. The sheer number of cryptocurrencies handled by the wallet is impressive, as was the flexible Exodus limits for sending and receiving Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on.

The inclusion of an exchange in the Exodus wallet was a great touch, and all of the security features were as expected. Using the crypto wallet is easy enough, and it was good to see that you can get 24/7 customer support should you need.

The only downsides to using the Exodus wallet was that some of the security features could be a little more advanced. But this is just in comparison to some of the hardwallets, so we can’t complain too much. Similarly, there are fees involved in using this crypto wallet, but that’s just a trade-off for the quality of service.

So don’t worry about downloading any kind of promo code for Exodus wallet use, just download the software to your computer or mobile. It’s never been easier to get into cryptocurrencies.

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