Best Online Broker For Futures in USA 2021

Find The Best Online Futures Brokers

Trading in futures has increased in popularity throughout the years, so it’s only right that we give you an in-depth analysis to assist you in finding the ultimate online broker for futures, should you decide that futures are what you find most interesting. Before you start trading, one of the main goals is to find the best broker for futures in the USA.

In this guide, we’ll give you detailed information on the processes involved in finding the best futures broker in USA. With that, you will find yourself on a firm foundation so that you can enter into the futures market and earn significant profits.

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Searching for the best broker for futures depends on several factors. But to make a sound judgment, it’ll depend mostly on you. Why? Because your trading objective is the fuel driving the trading machine. Let’s ponder these questions:

  • If you don’t have a good investment plan, how can you earn a considerable income or avoid losing your capital?
  • If you don’t have a trading objective, how can you determine the right broker?

So you need to have well-written trading goals before you go ahead and invest. That means you’ll need to do a lot of research and find the best reviews to help you come up with a detailed trading plan. It will determine whether you succeed or fail.

This guide will show you all the important aspects you need to look at. That way, you can make informed decisions to help achieve your futures trading goals. We have tools that can help you in your trading journey and give you the best chance of success. So keep on reading to find out more about the best broker for futures.

Trading with E-mini Contracts

Years ago, influential online traders made gains from the benefits that came from futures trading. But now, anyone can also benefit from futures trading because of E-mini contracts. The contract allows you to trade as low as $5. That is a great deal if you don’t have a huge amount of funds.

However, before you think about futures trading, you need to find the best online futures brokers in the USA. That should be the most crucial task before anything else. There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the right broker. Most of those factors will rely on you. For example, you may have a future goal of venturing into other trading forms. So you’ll need a broker that offers different types of trading to make it easier.

That means you may need to find the best online stock brokers USA, for example, and the right broker that provides futures trading. That’s important because not all the online brokers offer futures trading. It will be no easy task to find the right broker for you.

You’ll have to do comprehensive research to determine if the best broker for futures offers the services you need. In other words, if they qualify according to your trading goals. With our quality reviews, you can find the best online futures brokers in USA that meet your objectives.

Who Should Use Our Online Broker Comparison

We have designed our online broker comparison tool for online traders who want to earn a profitable income in the trading industry. We are well aware that the market can be frustrating, if you don’t have the right standing.

In addition, our comparison tool can help you decide on the right online broker that provides several trading options, such as trading in stocks and gold. So, if you want the best online broker for bonds and futures, our comparison tool can help you decide on the right one for you.

Furthermore, if you are a new online trader in the industry, our tool can help you transition into the new trading world and be good at it. Likewise, the comparison tool can help you navigate more trading options or other areas you want to venture into, if you’re an advanced trader. Whatever your trading goals are, we are confident that we can assist you.

The best part of it is, if you’re still facing challenges, we can provide all the information that you may need. You don’t need to worry about hitting a stumbling block as we’re right here to help you find the best broker for futures.

Futures Broker Checklist: Five Important Features of a Futures Online Broker

Most investors prefer to use leverage to trade as that will enhance their trading potential. This desire has led to the high derivative trading instruments such as futures and options. You can make considerable earnings from futures trading using the best futures broker in USA.

However, it also comes with several factors that can cause the risk of futures trading to increase. To help you decrease the risk factors, we’ve outlined crucial features to watch out for before selecting the best online futures brokers in the USA.

Regulatory Compliance

It’s essential to check if the futures broker has accredited regulatory bodies regulating the company. If you’re in the U.S., make sure the online broker has registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

We recommend that you don’t trade with a broker that is not transparent with their financial authorities. By finding out their regulatory standing, you could save yourself from getting scammed.

Trading Fees

The trading fees differ according to different online futures brokers. From our research, in most cases, there’s a fixed cost attached to every contract you buy or sell. For example, if you’re charged $1.70 for each futures contract, buying 20 futures contracts in natural gas will cost you $34 (20 contracts x $1.70).

Also, other futures brokers can decide to charge at a percentage fee, that is, a percentage of the overall trade. So when you buy $20,000 of contracts on the S&P 500, you’ll pay $400 if the broker charges a fee of 2%. There are also other charges you need to consider, such as clearance fees and exchange.

So for you to decide on the best online futures brokers in the USA, you need to consider all the varying fees you’ll have to pay to online brokers.

Customer Support

Futures trading can be complicated, especially if you’re new to the trading market. That’s why you need a high-quality customer service who will be available to assist you with any problems you might have.

The best broker for futures should be able to offer numerous support channels to help their customers. Some of the channels can be a live chat, telephone, or even social media channels such as Facebook Messenger. Ideally, you will need to choose an online broker that provides 24/7 customer support.

Excellent customer care can save you from future money loss, or other significant issues that need immediate attention.

Trading On Margin

Numerous traders that purchase futures contracts do so on margin. If you have $300 in your account, margin trading permits you to trade beyond the amount. Even though it can increase your profit, it can be risky.

If the trade goes wrong and the amount in your account is not up to the margin requirement, they can liquidate your trade. It means you’ll lose everything. For many futures brokers, the amount for each contract is a dollar.

So you need to consider the margins before choosing the best futures broker in USA. You have to be careful when deciding because it determines whether you lose all your capital or earn a significant income.

Trading Platforms

Typically, futures brokers offer trading platforms. That means you want to ensure that you choose a broker with a platform that works for you. Assuming a futures broker has very good rates but a poorly built platform, what would you do? Whatever you save on charges, you may end up losing in your endless attempt to trade on the platform.

Therefore it’s advisable to avoid brokerages with substandard platforms. Also, you need the learning curve to remain low across all features on the platform so that you hit the ground running. Usually, the best platform is one with the right amount of features, intuitive design, and simplicity.

Bonus – Educational Tools And Research

Trading in futures can be confusing at the beginning, and it can be challenging to get the hang of it. But if you get the concept, it can be simple. So as you search for the best online futures brokers in the USA, you should find one that offers educational tools to help you understand various concepts of futures trading.

In addition, you should select the broker that provides research analysis on the critical futures market and any current news relating to the topic. You can make an informed decision on whether to proceed with futures trading or look elsewhere, such as finding the best online broker for ETF in USA or the latest forex signals providers.

Provider Recommendations – Our Top Futures Brokers

The futures trading market is very complicated even for some of the best brokers. It can be challenging to be good at it: trading requires guidance, training, patience, and having a solid strategic plan.

So for our ideal futures broker, the company should be the best on the market with

  • A good reputation,
  • Quality trading materials,
  • Better software,
  • Excellent educational tools,
  • Intuitive platforms.

Of course, it can be challenging to find the ideal best online futures brokers in USA. But with our reviews and tools, you can find the right broker to trade with. However, in the course of the search, if you decide that you’d prefer to find the best online broker for cryptocurrency trading and futures, for example, our tool can help you find the right brokers.

Futures Broker Comparison: How To Test The Best Broker For Futures

There are numerous ways that we come up with our top-quality reviews. In this section, we will go through each of them to help you understand our processes and methods. We know how complicated the futures market can be, so our research team is committed to giving you nothing but the best reviews.

Trading Options

Many online brokers provide different trading options to choose from. So, for example, if your futures trade is not the best course for you, you can find the best online broker for bonds to trade with. That is, of course, if you want to venture into bonds trading.

Sometimes, the same broker can offer both options. With that, it’s easy to divert into trading in bonds. Our research experts ensure that they provide you with all the detailed trading options to help you decide. Sometimes, it’s best to trade with a different broker if you want to change your trading. But other times, it’s not the ideal choice.

Our online broker comparison tool can help you come up with a logical and practical conclusion. We recommend that you use our reviews and tools to make the final decision.

Trading Costs

There are different trading costs for every futures broker. Some are quite similar and offer competitive prices. You should choose a broker that provides reasonable charges and that is within your budget. But how can you find a fair price if you don’t know the prices of other online futures brokers?

From our numerous tests for various brokers, you can use our reviews to find the best competitive fees. We also make sure that all the prices a broker provides are transparent. We bring out any hidden costs that may go against you.

Trading conditions

Futures brokers have their various terms and conditions that will apply to you, should you trade with them. Some of the conditions may not be favourable for you due to your investing strategy. Others may work well for a specified period.

Sometimes, you may decide to change trading in futures to bonds, for example. That also comes with its own trading requirements. Whatever you want to do, we make sure to provide you with an excellent review to help you choose the broker that offers the best trading conditions.


Once you’ve decided to trade with future brokers, a demo account will help you get the hang of their platform. Through our online broker reviews, we provide readers with all the details needed to make the most of their demo accounts and to find the features that will support their trading objectives.

In all, it can be beneficial if you see what every broker has to offer. It can help you find the best online futures brokers in the USA.

Usability Of The Platform

The platform you choose to trade on should be user-friendly, uncomplicated, intuitive, and simple to navigate. You should find it easy to search and find items on the platform, whether it’s a mobile or desktop version.

We make sure you’re not left out when it comes to the usability of the broker’s platform. You’ll have everything you need to know to keep you updated.

Trading Platforms

You cannot ignore how functional a platform is. It’s relevant because the platform can be a factor of whether you lose a trade or succeed. You should use a platform that’s simple and straightforward to use and doesn’t require anything complex that might distract you from the trading itself.

Our research team provides all the information on a broker’s platform usability. You can use our tools to decide which broker is right for you based on the platform.

Payment Systems 

One of the frustrations of many traders is the payment system, especially if you can’t withdraw your profits. Some brokers provide excellent and quick transactions, while others take longer periods of time. In some cases, you’ll have to contact the customer support before the operation is successful.

With our reviews, you’ll know which broker is the best option for your futures trading in terms of the payment systems.

Customer Support

It is possible to trade with futures trading without excellent customer service. However, it’s very dangerous to do so considering how difficult and tough the trading market can be. That means you should not take the customer support for granted. You may need them sooner than you think.

But luckily, we have all the ratings of futures brokers when it comes to customer service. You should be able to make the right decision on selecting the best futures broker.

Regulations And Insurance Deposit

When popular financial bodies regulate a broker, it means there’s less chance of you getting scammed. It also helps the broker to conform to the rules and regulations so that there’ll be fair play.

We check to ensure if a futures broker has a regulatory body monitoring its activities or not.

Additional Offers

After we check all our boxes, we also dig deep to find out if there are additional offers that the broker provides. Some of them include learning materials and training materials. This will put you on firmer ground to choose the right broker for your needs.

Finding The Best Futures Broker in USA

Searching for the right futures broker is not easy. Futures trading has its advantages and disadvantages. There are many points you need to consider the best broker, but you’ll also need our comparison tool to help you.

But before you use our tool, you need to consider your trading style or objectives, and then use your goals to select the right broker based on its specific features. For example, how short or long you plan to trade in futures will affect the kind of broker you choose.

Maybe you plan to do a double task, like finding the best forex broker in USA and the right futures broker, so that after you have traded futures for a short time, you can then switch to forex trading. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it if you take the time to research, use our reviews, and compare different brokers with our online broker comparison tool.

Now, let’s go into details to ensure you make the right decision.

Checklist For Finding The Best Online Futures Broker

We recommend that you use the following checklists to help you finally choose the best futures broker.

Build Your Foundation

Before you enter into the futures market, learn everything you can about futures trading before you sign up with an online broker. Futures trading can be complicated and difficult to understand. But if you take the necessary time to research and get the understanding, it will become simple for you.

We recommend that you get an in-depth understanding before you begin. You should not proceed if you don’t understand because you can lose massively or earn significantly depending on your knowledge.

Have A Good Strategy For Trading

After understanding the market, it’s now time for you to draw an extensive strategic plan for trading. Make sure to cover all areas, including your rules, setting limitations, exit plan if things go wrong, and routine trading.

You should also consider your reasons for futures trading. For example: why don’t you find the best online broker for gold USA and trade in gold instead of futures trading? Are you ready to take on the prospect of substantial financial loss? Do you have enough funds?

If you’re facing challenges, you can ask for professional assistance to guide you and your decisions.

Find The Best Futures Broker

After creating a detailed strategic plan for trading, use it alongside our reviews, comparison tool, and what we’ve discussed in this guide to make a final decision. You can choose several good futures brokers and narrow your choices down to the best one for you. If you decide to trade in other forms after all, you can go ahead using the same guidelines listed in this guide.

Conclusion – Time To Find The Best Online Broker For Futures

Futures trading can be profitable if you know what you want and are willing to learn everything you can to succeed. Even though we have great reviews and comparison tools for you to use, it still comes down to you to decide the best online futures brokers in the USA.

The pros and cons of each online broker will not be the same for every online trader, so make sure that the platform or the broker is the right choice for you. You should use our guide to aid you in your extensive research, and if you find that you’re facing further challenges you can use the other information on our site to assist you as you make your next decision. You can also make use of our in-depth comparison of the best Robinhood alternatives 2021.

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