Best Bitcoin Exchanges in Canada 2023

Looking for the top Bitcoin exchanges? We can help with that. In fact, we’ve created an awesome comparison that reveals the best crypto exchanges Canada has at the moment. A great way to get more from your crypto trades.

This means that you get a safe way to trade anything from Bitcoin to Ether, XRP,  Litecoin and much more. Just browse our list of cryptocurrency exchanges and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs!

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Compare the Best Crypto Exchanges in Canada

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Why you need to check out our comparison of cryptocurrency exchanges

We’ve made sure that our cryptocurrency exchanges list is as simple to use as possible. This means that it offers an easy introduction to anyone who has never used cryptocurrency exchanges before.

But our comparison of the top cryptocurrency exchanges also has enough information to please experienced crypto users. After all, you might be on the hunt for a new crypto exchange.

While many of these are known as being Bitcoin exchanges, we’re sure that you could get great rates from other top cryptos like XRP, LTC, ETH and BCH at these sites. So take a look at our comparison to see the best crypto exchanges Canada has right now.

Helping you find the safest crypto exchanges Canada has to offer

We’re determined that you stay as safe as possible when you visit Canada crypto exchanges. After all, there are a handful of rogue operators out there. We always make five simple checks whenever we review all of the crypto exchanges Canada has to offer. Here are the security features that we look for.

Encryption technologies

You’ll always have to verify your account whenever you use crypto exchanges. This means giving the exchange some personal information like your name, address and so on. As a result, you’ll want to be sure that the exchange is capable of looking after your data. We’ll check to make sure that the exchange has a minimum SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

Good reputation

We always do plenty of background research into the exchanges that we recommend. After all, it’s pretty easy to find out what previous customers think about any popular crypto exchange. We’ll evaluate these reviews to see whether it looks like the exchange is legit or should be left alone. Take a look at our Kraken review for a good example of this.

Safe payment methods

Chances are that you’ll be making plenty of trades at any Bitcoin exchange for cash. As such, you’ll want to make sure that your money stays in safe hands. So we’ll identify which payment methods you can use to make deposits and withdrawals from these crypto exchanges.

Helpful customer support

It’s always nice to find that you can get help from a crypto exchange’s customer support team. After all, you might need assistance in working out the Bitcoin exchange to dollar rates. So we’ll let you know how good each cryptocurrency exchange is at resolving your queries.

Clear terms and conditions

All crypto exchanges will provide you with a lot of terms and conditions that outline their services. These help you to understand things like fees, regulation and so on. All of these terms and conditions should be made as simple and clear as possible. This means that you’ll know exactly what you can and cannot do on the crypto exchange site.

Our pick of the best Bitcoin exchanges

Several Bitcoin exchanges have impressed us recently. But we can’t deny the fact that Binance is the best exchange for cryptocurrencies. This is one of the largest Bitcoin exchanges by volume and it will give you a superior way of trading everything from Ether and XRP to Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

But if you read our Binance review you’ll see that this exchange offers plenty of features that you simply won’t find elsewhere. For example, this site features its own cryptocurrency – the Binance Coin. This gives you a great way to get a discount on the already competitive fees.

You’ll also be glad to see that Binance is one of the safest crypto exchanges. It has all of the encryption that you need to feel confident in your trades, there is 24/7 customer support, and the whole thing can be used via an iOS or Android mobile app. All of the excuses you need to join the world’s largest crypto exchange.

How we test cryptocurrency exchanges

We’re always striving to give you an honest and accurate picture of what it’s like to use these crypto exchanges. So we’ve devised a series of test criteria that we use to judge each cryptocurrency exchange. Here are the key areas that each crypto exchange will have to excel in before we recommend the service to you.

Cryptocurrencies: Here’s where you’ll see what cryptocurrencies you can trade. Expect to see trades of dozens of cryptos like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH and more.

Other trades: Some exchanges let you trade things other than cryptos. We’ll let you know if you can trade currencies or commodities at any of our featured crypto exchanges.

Jurisdictions: It’s always good to know where each crypto exchange is allowed to operate. This will help you see the legality and quality of the exchange service.

Fees: All crypto exchanges will impose fees on anything from your transactions to your withdrawals. It’s how they stay in business. We’ll let you know whether these fees are fair or excessive.

Usability: We’ll let you see how easy it is to execute your crypto trades on the exchange. You’ll also learn whether the brand features any crypto trading apps.

Payments: You’ll need to know how you’re allowed to make payments to the exchange. We’ll also help you see what payment methods you can use to make a withdrawal.

Customer support: It’s always good to know that you can count on a crypto exchange’s customer service team. Our reviews will let you know how well taken care of you’ll be.

Security: Your online security is at the forefront of our minds when we review crypto exchanges. So we’ll check how each exchange will keep your data and deposits secure.

How to trade: Our reviews will always give you a quick how-to guide to using each crypto exchange. Take a look at our Coinbase review for a good example of this.

Making sure you find the perfect Bitcoin exchanges

The cryptocurrency revolution is one of the most exciting features of the 21st century. Unfortunately it has been accompanied by a lot of false promises. So we’ve set ourselves the task of cutting through the hype to see what you’ll actually get when you visit crypto exchanges.

This is because we believe that there’s a perfect exchange for all kinds of crypto fan. It’s just a matter of getting to know how each crypto exchange works. This is where our reviews come in. Each crypto exchange review will give you an in-depth look at how you can trade. Plus you’ll get to see about any hidden fees and so on.

All of this has been done to make sense of the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies. There’s sadly a lot of misinformation out there. But we’ll make sure that you get direct access to the best crypto exchanges in Canada. Just read our exchange reviews to find your perfect site.

There’s more than reviews of Bitcoin exchanges on our site!

We realise that we get a little obsessed over details like the current Bitcoin exchange to euro rate. But we want you to know that there is much more than a Bitcoin exchange guide on this site. After all, we want this site to cover all areas to do with cryptocurrencies. Here’s what you can find on our resource.

Cryptocurrency guide – You’ll get to see how each major crypto works. Perfect for finding out more about Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Litecoin trading and so on.

Crypto wallets – You’ll need a wallet to keep your cryptocurrencies safe. So we’ll let you know how to pick your perfect crypto wallet. A great way to see whether you should get a hard wallet or a more convenient option.

Crypto mining – Want cryptos but don’t want to trade or gamble? Then take a look at our guide to crypto mining. This will reveal how you can put your computer to work to earn your cryptocurrencies. It might not be as much fun as crypto gambling, but it can be a more reliable way to add some cryptos to your wallet.

Conclusion – Helping you find the top crypto exchanges Canada has right now

By now you should be perfectly set up to trade at Canada’s best crypto exchanges. You’ll have found that our comparison gives you a fast and accurate way to get an overview of the top crypto exchanges in Canada. Plus you always have the option of reading our in-depth crypto exchange reviews to see how these brands operate.

All of this has been done to walk you through the minefield of cryptocurrencies. While all of our featured Bitcoin exchanges can be trusted, the same can’t be said for some crypto sites. So be sure to stick with our recommended exchanges for the best way to take advantage of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Bitcoin Exchanges – FAQ

🏆What is the best cryptocurrency exchange?

There’s plenty of debate about which is the best among the many different crypto exchanges. After all, some might be better for Bitcoin exchange prices, and others  could be better for XRP. So take a look at our guide to best crypto exchanges Canada has to offer. This will reveal the best place to do some crypto trading no matter what your preferred cryptocurrency is.

💵 What are the latest cryptocurrency exchange rates?

You’ll probably know that all cryptocurrencies can be notoriously volatile. This means that it’s not always so easy to know what the best crypto to invest in is. But we’ll make sure that you get accurate information on the current rates at all of the best crypto exchanges Canada has at the moment. The perfect way to see which crypto offers you the best trades.  

💰Which are the cryptocurrency exchanges with lowest fees?

The best cryptocurrency exchanges give you competitive trading prices while ensuring that their fees are relatively low. Such fees are often applicable to things like transactions and withdrawals. Take a look at our guide to cryptocurrency exchanges. This has a range of crypto reviews that reveal exactly what kinds of fees you might be up against if you use any of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.  

❓Where can I find a Bitcoin exchange list?

The growth of Bitcoin over the past decade has been fascinating. As such, many people will want a full list of the current Bitcoin exchange sites. So we’ve created a comprehensive comparison of all of the best Bitcoin exchanges. Each of these exchanges will be sure of giving you fair trades on your Bitcoin. Just don’t forget to use one of the best crypto wallets to keep your Bitcoin safe. 

👀Where is an honest Bitcoin exchanges comparison?

Just as there are plenty of Bitcoin exchanges out there, there are also lots of sites that aim to show you the best exchanges for Bitcoin. However not all of these comparison sites can be trusted. So we’ve made sure that our Bitcoin exchanges list gives you an honest and accurate picture of what it’s like to use these trading platforms.  

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