Best Crypto Wallets Canada 2022

Welcome to our comparison of the best Bitcoin wallets available to all Canadian customers. Throughout this page, we will be detailing exactly what goes into our wallet reviews and which operator managed to come out on top.

Having the best cryptocurrency wallet operator on your side will make a world of difference when it comes to managing your crypto units and making transactions online. Our team of experts have maintained the review structure with each operator to ensure that a fair comparison can be made between all of them.

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Who Should Use Our Comparison Of The Best Crypto Wallets?

If you are interested in joining the ranks of crypto owners out there, you will undoubtedly need to have a crypto wallet in order to store your funds. There are plenty of Bitcoin wallets available throughout Canada and it can be quite a daunting task to choose from the large amount of offers out there. Our comparison pages are put together to help all readers identify the most important aspects of each service and find all the details that may quantify the quality of the service on offer.

Our team of experts have put together a comprehensive review structure that has been maintained for every Bitcoin wallet review. This review structure allows us to evaluate the service in the most important departments and assign a numerical rating to each of them. Once the reviews have been conducted, we are then able to rank the crypto wallets relative to their performance within our reviews.

The findings of each review are also presented in such a way that anyone can understand the information surrounding the service. If you are a trader just looking to get started with crypto markets, you will be able make use of our information as much as the most experienced crypto traders out there. For all the veterans of the industry, you will find the details surrounding each service unbiasedly presented to avoid all the marketing tactics used within the industry. If you would like to get started with the basic information surrounding the scene, head to our crypto reviews homepage.

Top5 Steps For A Secure & Fair Canada Crypto Wallets Experience

Identifying a crypto wallet service provider that is both secure and fair should be your top priority when joining the crypto trading industry. Due to the entire crypto market being online and plenty of operators competing for the monopoly within the industry, there are bound to be scams and shady service offers out there, fortunately, our team of experts have a wealth of experience within the industry and know how to identify a legitimate service when it’s on offer. Use these five tips to help you make a decision before signing up.

Security methods

The first consideration should always be the security methods that are in place with the operator’s service. Is there two-factor authentication in place, do they use transport layer security on their website? This will ensure that no one is able to intercept your data while you are making use of the service and that none of your accounts can be accessed if anyone has gotten hold of your login details. Be sure to check the security methods behind each offer before committing to it.

Available customer service

As with any online service, you are bound to find a bug or error on the website or trading platform at some point and it is important that issues can be resolved as soon as possible. Before you sign up with one of the online operators, be sure to check the extent of their customer service. Our Bitcoin wallet review format takes a close look at the support on offer and ranks it according to the amount of contact methods that are made available, as well as the efficiency of the team itself. Be sure to read through our in-depth reviews before making up your mind.

Online reputation

Another clear indicator of a safe service is the reputation that the operator manages to maintain online. This will usually be in the form of news articles and customer reviews. It is important to keep in mind that the majority of online reviews will be negative, be sure to read through a couple before making your mind up about the operator. It is also worthwhile taking a look if the provider has responded to customer feedback to determine the quality of service you can expect once an account is open. If you would like to take advantage of earning various cryptocurrencies, head to our crypto mining page.

Cryptocurrency range

Once you have decided to open an account, you will most likely be interested in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. From Ethereum to Litecoin trading, each of them have their own benefits and value attached to the units. In order to diversify your portfolio and minimise the investment risk, you would want to be considering many options as opposed to heavily investing within one. Our reviews detail exactly what options you will have available with any of the Bitcoin wallets on the market and these should be used alongside this comparison page.


Having a range of cryptocurrencies would not be very useful if you are unable to exchange between them. Some of the wallet providers offer an exchange service and this will allow units of each to be exchanged for another, much like forex transactions are completed. If you are looking for an exchange service within your wallet service, be sure to confirm that it is available before signing up. If you are simply looking to exchange cryptocurrency, head to our Bitcoin exchanges page right here at Canada.

Editor’s Recommendation: Best Bitcoin Wallets

Our Editor boasts years of experience within the crypto trading industry and has offered to put forth a recommendation for one of the best Canada crypto wallets out there. This recommendation is based upon the operator’s reputation within the industry and its performance within our detailed operator review. It is important to note that each customer will have their own specific needs when it comes to online crypto wallets and while this recommendation is a great starting point for anyone looking to enter the market, it may not be the most suitable to your specific needs.

Our Editor recommends that all interested readers take a look at the Ledger wallet promo code. Ledger has managed to set itself apart from the competitors within the industry by providing their Nano S and X hardware wallets. This physical wallet allows customers an industry leading degree of safety when it comes to handling cryptocurrency. You will also be able to exchange between a variety of cryptocurrencies with ease using their modern trading platform. The support on offer is on par with the other operators in the industry and you will be able to have any issues resolved fairly easily. If you would like to browse through some other offers out there, be sure to check out our Trezor promo code and Exodus cryptocurrency pages.

How We Test Crypto Wallets

Understanding exactly how we conduct our reviews will allow you to gain a better insight surrounding the most important aspects of a cryptocurrency wallet service. Our review structure has been tried and tested around the world by our team of experts and countless readers have been using the information provided here to make an informed decision when choosing a service provider. Bitcoin wallets are a crucial component for any customer looking to transact with cryptocurrency and having the most suitable option will kick start your career.

First off, we take a close look at the general service offer, since when the service has been available and who is running it. Then our reviews include a short section of the most popular Canada crypto wallets to give you an idea of what is available on the market. We then take a look at the pros and cons of the specific service which are detailed later in the review. If you plan on using these wallets to trade your real money for cryptocurrencies, head to our cryptocurrency trading page where we detail the entire process, including how to buy Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other major cryptocurrencies.

We then dive into the detail of the review, starting with a look at all of the cryptocurrencies that are available with the online operator. This section is based upon the inclusion of all the most popular options and hopefully some smaller cryptocurrencies are put on offer as well. The service’s website and store usability is then judged to ensure that your entire experience with the operator is as smooth as possible. Finally, the security methods and customer support are ranked. In this section, our team takes a close look at the methods that have been implemented to ensure that your account is secure as well as your personal data. The customer support team is evaluated by looking at the response time and efficiency of the team to handle your query.

Finding the Best Wallet For You

While there may be many wallets offering the general service that you are looking for, it is fairly difficult to find the service that is most suitable for your needs. In order to do this, it is recommended that each interested customer compile a checklist of points they are looking for in each of the sections of our review and browse through the operators to see just who manages to tick all the boxes. The more details you have in your checklist, the closer match you will manage to find when browsing through the comparison tool. Be sure to go into as much detail as possible when you make the consideration of exactly what you are looking for within the many Bitcoin wallets service offers.

Then you will have narrowed down your options to a relatively small number and these operators can be further researched by making use of our in-depth reviews found in the comparison tool. Our operator reviews take a closer look at the service that is available, even the overseen factors such as payments methods and potential hard wallet options. These factors could be the key to making your final decision. The best crypto wallets for you are out there, it just takes some digging to find your ideal service provider.

Conclusion – Finding You the Best Crypto Wallets in Canada

This concludes our comparison tool page for the best Bitcoin wallets. There are plenty of service offers out there and this page aims to help readers narrow down their potential list to a mere handful of operators. As with all of our pages here at Canada, we aim to bring you unbiased, unfiltered information to get to the bare details of each offer. For this reason, anyone can use our comparison tool, from the completely new to the very experienced crypto traders out there.

Keep our experts’ five steps in mind whenever you are considering one of the wallet offers out there. This will help in weeding out all of the illegitimate services within the industry and hopefully find you a reputable and safe online crypto wallet. If you are ever in doubt, be sure to head to our Bitcoin wallet review pages where we take a close look at just about every operator that has a service offer within Canada. Our Editor’s recommendation is a great starting point for any reader who would like to take a look at the industry but be sure to double check that the service offer suits your needs before committing completely. Finally, once you have a grasp of how our reviews are conducted, you can gain all of the information that is available on this website. If you are ready to get trading, head to our best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 page now.

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