Best Crypto & Bitcoin Wallets for USA 2021

As more people get their hands on cryptocurrencies, there is more of a need for secure crypto wallets. Our crypto wallets comparison will help you to find the best Bitcoin wallets in the industry.

Whether you are looking for a long term storage crypto wallet or if you need an efficient wallet so you can transfer crypto out with ease then our best Bitcoin wallets comparison is perfect for you. Our Bitcoin wallet review will have you clued up and ready to find your perfect wallet in no time.

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Who should make use of this US crypto wallets comparison?

When it comes to choosing the best Bitcoin wallets, there are a number of different elements for you to consider before you do. You will need to know what kind of wallet you are looking for, what function you need the wallet to serve and how to separate the best Bitcoin wallets from the mediocre ones. At BitReviews US we shed some light on all of these aspects and give you the breakdown on how you can find the best cryptocurrency wallets.

You will want to find the best crypto wallets that are flexible in how they let you store and access your cryptocurrency. You may want to use your wallet to access a crypto casino or to do some trading on the best crypto exchanges. Keep reading our crypto wallets comparison to find out how you can locate the best Bitcoin wallets around, before you buy cryptocurrency online.

What is a crypto and bitcoin wallet?

First things first, you need to understand exactly what a crypto wallet is. The concept is not all that difficult to understand, as crypto wallets serve a similar function to your average bank account. However, there is more than one kind of crypto wallet so let’s take a look at how these crypto wallets differ in terms of what they provide you.

Cold Wallets

The first wallet we want to go through is the “cold wallet” or “hardware wallet”.  A cold wallet safely stores your cryptocurrencies offline. Essentially, this means that it is stored without a connection to the internet. You purchase a piece of hardware that is akin to a USB drive and store your crypto on it. The advantage of a cold wallet is that you rid yourself of any hacking risks as your crypto is stored on a physical device detached from the internet.

The hardware wallet also protects your crypto wallet private key as it will never come into contact with any server online where it could be exposed to threats. However, you will need to keep your virtual pass key safe in order to access your cold wallet.

Hot Wallets

You then have the option to use a “hot wallet” or “software wallet”. They are the precise opposite of a cold wallet because they are connected to the internet. Hot wallets are not inherently unsafe for you to use but they don’t offer you the same level of protection as a cold wallet. You would generally use your hot wallet for smaller transactions, keeping only a small amount of your crypto that you would need in the hot wallet.

The Verdict

Overall, it’s clear to see that if you want to store a significant amount of cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet, then you should be using a cold wallet. As it is in no way connected to the internet you are far less likely to lose your Bitcoin to any hacking threats. You will need to keep your pass key in a safe place whether you do so by writing it down somewhere in a book is completely fine just be sure you keep it in a safe place.

Check out our piece on the best crypto trading sites that make withdrawing funds into your Bitcoin wallets easy.

Top 5 Steps For A Secure & Fair US Crypto Wallets Experience

There are a few steps for you to keep in mind when trying to ensure that you have a secure US crypto wallets experience. Here are our top 5 steps for you to do so:

Cold wallets for long term storage

As we mentioned before, cold wallets are by far the safest option for you to store larger amounts of crypto. Of course, you don’t need to own heaps of Bitcoin to store it with a cold wallet but you will incur costs for using this type of wallet. That is why it is generally better for those people who own significant amounts of crypto to store it in a cold wallet. Long term cold storage is simply put, the safest way for you to store your crypto and to keep it out of the hands of hackers.

Store your hardware safely

When you opt to use a cold wallet you will be using a piece of hardware that looks a bit like a USB drive. So, this means that you need to keep your wits about you when keeping your cold wallet safe. Be sure to store it somewhere you know you won’t lose it but where it is still easily accessible. Furthermore, you will need to enter a pass key to enter your cold wallet. Never forget this pass key, as it is next to impossible to recover your cold wallet should you forget your pass key.

Crypto conversion

The best Bitcoin wallets will allow you to convert from cryptocurrency into another without any hassle and without having to transfer funds out of your account needlessly. There are wallets that don’t offer this service and so you would need to transfer your money out of your wallet to have it be converted elsewhere. This puts you in an unnecessarily risky position as your crypto is vulnerable to theft in this process.

Be wary of scams

There will always be someone trying to scam people out of their crypto. You need to always be alert to these possibilities whether they be shady emails or suspect social media messages. Whether the case might be, always contact your crypto wallet to confirm whether or not they sent you a message. Your keys are what separates your crypto wallet from any scammers so never give your keys away for any reason.

Professional customer support

As it is with most services, it’s important that the crypto wallet you are using provides you with professional, effective and caring customer support 24/7. You will undoubtedly run into a problem at some point or simply need a question answered and you don’t want to be waiting around on poor customer service. Customer service is vital in ensuring the client’s experience using the crypto wallet is a pleasant one.

Editor’s recommendation – the best cryptocurrency wallet for the USA

We know how difficult it can be to find the best Bitcoin wallets out there. Even with the steps we have given you, it can be a painstaking task to find a crypto wallet that you are comfortable using. That is why we have decided to give you our editor’s favourite crypto wallet pick.

If you haven’t found a crypto wallet already then we recommend checking out our Exodus wallet review. Exodus is an exceptional crypto wallet option for US residents as it is flexible and easy to use. It will make your ability to seamlessly enjoy crypto gambling a breeze as you can transfer your funds with ease.

You can always access our crypto reviews to check out our rankings and other crypto wallet reviews to see who the next best crypto wallet is. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and we make it easily accessible for you to see who we believe the best Bitcoin wallets are. We recommend taking a look at our Ledger wallet review to see what another quality crypto wallet looks like.

Finding the right crypto wallet for you

We’ve given you some steps to ensuring a safe experience and we’ve even given you our favourite crypto wallet pick but at the end of the day you will still need to make the decision yourself. You can always use a Bitcoin wallet review we conduct to help guide you in the right direction. Or rankings and comparison are also a great way for you to narrow down your search.

With that being said, you know what you want to see in the best crypto wallets. As such, the best way to go about finding the ideal crypto wallet is for you to establish some criteria and use that with our comparison tool. This way, you speed up your search while still being able to find a crypto wallet that meets your needs. Your criteria could be anything from the flexibility of the wallet. Meaning, does it offer both cold and hot wallets for you to use. Does the crypto wallet allow you to quickly convert to another cryptocurrency without having to transfer any money out of your wallet? All of these are things you should consider before using our comparison tool to find the best Bitcoin wallets around.

US Crypto Wallets Conclusion

And so we come to the end of our Bitcoin wallets review. Hopefully, you can move forward with finding the best Bitcoin wallets with more confidence as you now know what to look out for. Keep our top 5 steps in mind as you continue your search. Most importantly, assess what type of cryptocurrency wallet is going to best suit your needs. If you own a significant amount of crypto then opt for a cold wallet, if you’re looking to do some crypto gambling then use a hot wallet that lets you transfer your money in and out of your wallet quickly.

Now that you have become more familiar with the concept of crypto wallets you may want to take a look at our review for what crypto mining is and how you can earn Bitcoin through this method. Or, if you just want to find another quality crypto wallet then check out our Trezor wallet review.

Crypto Wallets Comparison FAQ

👀Where do I find the best crypto wallets USA?

With so many new crypto wallets popping up every day it can be a difficult task to find the  best wallets yourself. At US we make this process much easier for you with our comparison tool, rankings system and Bitcoin wallet review. We want to help you find your ideal Bitcoin wallet without you having to put in hours searching the web.

❓What type of crypto wallet should I be using?

This would depend on how much cryptocurrency you currently own. Our crypto wallets comparison gives you more detail on what kind of crypto wallets you can use and what wallets serve what purpose. It all depends on your own situation but we make it easy for you to understand what type of wallet you should be using.

✅Who is the best crypto wallet provider at the moment?

As we mentioned before, there are a number of different crypto wallet providers for you to choose from. Finding out what crypto wallet provider currently stands above the rest can be a tough thing to do on your own. That is why we give you our editor’s recommendation of the best Bitcoin wallet currently available for US residents to use. You’ll want to be able to easily access your crypto wallet when using the best US crypto gambling sites.

🔐Are crypto wallets generally safe to use?

Much like you would with an online crypto trading platform, you will want to vet the safety and security of the site before you actually create an account. The same applies to a crypto wallet which is why our comparison tool gives you the rundown on how you can make sure that you have a safe and secure experience in using a crypto wallet USA.

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