Exodus Crypto Wallet Review USA 2021

Exodus is one of the biggest and hottest names in the world of cryptocurrency and we don’t just mean because they’re a hot wallet.

They’ve found innovative ways of solving many issues that traditionally limit software options, while maintaining a truly immense level of variety and sophistication.

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With so many different wallets out there, it’s natural to wonder which kind of wallet is right for you. Even amongst the most popular wallets, there’s an immense amount of variety between them. One of the things which makes the Exodus crypto wallet stand out, for instance, is that it’s a software wallet.

What this means, very simply, is a wallet that exists solely as software files on your computer or other mobile device. This makes our Exodus wallet review different from our Trezor wallet review, a hardware wallet which exists on a physical device not connected to the internet.

There’s also web wallets like Coinbase, which are wallets that run on your web browser. They’re perhaps the extreme example of both pros and cons, offering the highest convenience but (generally) the lowest security. When we talk about the most popular wallets, you have to consider what type of wallet you’re looking for in the first place.

Pros & Cons of the Exodus Wallet


  • An incredible variety of coins
  • Their alliance with Trezor provides greater security
  • Fantastic useability
  • Detailed Help sections and excellent customer service
  • Available on desktop and mobile


  • No traditional two-factor authentication

Cryptocurrencies and Technology: What does Exodus offer?

There’s no better way to start any crypto review than with a look at the cryptocurrencies available – and it looks like it’s an especially happy start for our Exodus wallet review.

As an Exodus crypto USA user, you’ll have access to the following: Monero, Tron, USDC, COMP, Vechain, LEO, NEO, Cosmos, Ethereum Classic, Dash, CDAI, ZCash, Ontology, MKR, XEM, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, Chainlink, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Cardano, Litecoin, BNB, Tezos, XLM, and Dogecoin. Bitcoin is available to buy in Exodus for users in the USA on a supported Android or iOS device.

As mentioned, both mobile and desktop versions are available. There’s also the option to synch it up with hardware wallets.  In terms of Exodus fees, they’re typical of what you would expect from each individual cryptocurrency, both miner and network Exodus fees alike. Because of the amount of options available, it’s also important to note there are Exodus limits and Exodus withdrawal distinctions between the cryptocurrencies, but they all appear very fair.

When it comes to any Exodus coupon code though, there’s plenty of uniformity in the sense that there doesn’t appear to be an Exodus wallet promo code for any of them. Instead, they prefer to offer consistent value across the board.

Usability & Store: How user-friendly is the Exodus Wallet?

We’re happy to say that while the Exodus cryptocurrency selection is vast, they have done a masterful job of keeping it as easy to use as possible.

Let’s start with the set up. This basically consists of downloading the software and no specific details are needed.  You then get your first deposit through the supported blockchain assets and use this to utilise the exchange for your Exodus crypto wallet.

Useability and a broad appeal is clearly at the forefront of their design, with a simple interface that allows you to view your assets, send and receive coins or even trade between cryptocurrencies. You can also toggle your security and even design settings. The Help section also includes everything from practical help to educational videos. While we wouldn’t quite say Exodus is suitable for everyone, it’s very clear that their aim is to be the best option for as many people as possible. It’s certainly an admirable effort.

This is especially the case when you consider its compatibility with the Trezor hardware wallets. That means if you want to combine the ease of use and flexibility of Exodus with the security credentials of Trezor, then this could be the perfect partnership for you.

Security & Support: Is Exodus customer support reliable?

So, why does the use of a hardware wallet make the Exodus crypto wallet that much safer? Well, hardware wallets are not stored on a computer but rather offline entirely. We’ll be discussing some of the things that makes the Exodus crypto wallet and Trezor combination so effective in the following part of our review, but as a basic principle, hardware wallets are safer because any online device can potentially be hacked.

The ultimate way of avoiding hackers is to not be connected to the internet at all because that’s their point of entry. That said, it’s not the only security feature available to Exodus crypto USA users. There’s also a 12-word passphrase and email restore option. As with everything else when it comes to Exodus cryptocurrency features, backup is fantastically easy to use and no sensitive data is kept.

Also reassuring is the excellent customer service, which is especially great for Exodus USA users, thanks to their ability to talk through the purchase of Bitcoin via the US dollar. This is available through their written sections but also through the customer service team themselves, who are knowledgeable about everything from Exodus limits to Exodus withdrawal info.

Indeed, if there’s an Exodus promo code 2021 on the horizon, we’re sure we’d find out from them. They may take up to a day to respond by email, but are more than worth the wait. Live chat and social media options are also available, and those can take several minutes to a few hours depending on the time and traffic.

Device and Scope of Supply: A versatile wallet

You now know that Exodus crypto USA users get to enjoy the versatility of a software wallet with the offline reassurance of hardware, and specifically, that is through Trezor Model T and Trezor One.

Among the few complaints you’ll find on Exodus is their lack of two-factor authentication and this really helps solve that issue. We have a dedicated Trezor wallet review so you can get the full lowdown on what makes them tick. But rest assured, thanks to their consistently updating firmware, PIN numbers that change every time you enter a number to avoid keyloggers, and their famous 24-word backup passphrase system, they are a cut above most.

No device is ever completely 100% foolproof. That said, this is one of the absolute best that the virtual world has to offer. It’s also one of the most popular, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll have any issues getting a hold of one.

Conclusion: An accessible and reliable wallet

There might not be an Exodus promo code, but they do offer something much more valuable with one of the most expansive software wallet experiences to date. The number of cryptocurrencies is simply incredible, and the useability of its interface truly opens the gates in terms of who can really make the most of them.

Thanks to a great design and attention to detail that goes far beyond most of its competitors, they have found that beautiful balance between being accessible enough for newcomers yet deep enough to satisfy more demanding wallet users. It exists happily in a broad middle ground, with the only downside being that a lack of some security features, which means the Trezor crossover may be necessary for some. Still, it’s an overwhelmingly positive experience and a big recommendation from our Exodus wallet review.

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