Ledger Crypto Wallet Review USA 2021

If you’re looking to see if a Ledger crypto wallet could be right for you, then you’ve come to the right place. From its excellent security features to the variety of cryptocurrencies it holds, we were suitably impressed with this popular wallet.

We even checked out the physical devices themselves to see how they stack up – and again, it’s a big thumbs up from us. Wondering how any hardware wallets can stand out in such a crowded market? Ledger is here to show you.

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There’s no doubt that the Ledger wallet options are among the most popular hardware wallets around. However, it’s important to contextualise that they’re not just up against other similar wallets but very different options too. Our Ledger wallet review has popular competition from software, web and hardware wallets. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hardware wallets are physical devices that are disconnected from the internet. This means they offer a level of safety which is beyond what can be offered from a software or web example. An excellent and popular example of a hardware competitor can be found in our Trezor wallet review. But, being connected to the internet does have its own advantages, such as being more practical and often more versatile in their capabilities.

There’s plenty more nuances and subtleties in the differences between them, but the choice between security and convenience is often the line which separates even the finest and most acclaimed wallet options. As you’ll see here though, Ledger intends on bridging this gap as much as possible.

Pros & Cons of the Ledger Wallet


  • All Ledger wallet options are world-class
  • Physically sturdy and reliant devices
  • Incredibly thorough security features
  • Over 1,000 cryptocurrencies available
  • Works beautifully with Ledger live


  • Hardware wallets aren’t for everyone
  • Some competitors can claim greater convenience

Cryptocurrencies and Technology – What is supported with the Ledger wallet?

With over 1,000 Ledger cryptocurrency options being supported, we only have positive things to say in this part of our Ledger wallet review. This includes household names like Bitcoin and Dogecoin, alongside much more obscure examples. You don’t need a promo code for Ledger wallet options to realise that this is a fantastic selection. Plus, there are few Ledger limits to what’s available here.

In terms of the technology, the Ledger crypto wallet – whichever model you go for, whether it’s the Nano S or the Nano X – are absolutely world-class. They’re reliable, simple and well deserving of their reputation.

While our focus here is on the hardware itself, we would be remiss to not point out the importance of its synchronisation with Ledger live. You can buy crypto and have it sent straight to their hardware. It has a fantastic number of features, including the ability to select custom Ledger fees and the Ledger withdrawal process allows you to take out assets at any time, both partially and fully.

Much like the partnership between Trezor and Exodus – which you can read more about in our Exodus wallet review – this is about giving you the best of both worlds.

Usability & Store – What are the main benefits of a Ledger Wallet?

There are a few different parts to consider when it comes to the useability of the Ledger crypto wallet. There’s the wallet itself and then Ledger Live, which is where you have to think about things like Ledger fees, Ledger limits and the Ledger withdrawal process.

The hardware wallets themselves are nice and easy to set up: a pin code here, a seed phrase there and hey presto, you’re ready to connect your device to your account via mobile or desktop with a whole lot of Ledger cryptocurrency options. There’s full information available on the site, but it’s largely self-explanatory and should take about five minutes.

Speaking of Ledger crypto USA users, it’s vital to know that adding coins is available for that market. Coin control is easy, sd is downloading the relevant apps, and it’s available in a wide variety of languages. Buy, send and receive, swap cryptos, grow your assets and do it all on a secure wallet, with relative ease.

We say relative because we do think it’s fair to say that for all the efforts that have been made, there are some with simpler interfaces, but they do sacrifice security. It’s that age-old compromise.

We suppose the last thing in terms of its appeal, which ties in to useability, is the price. For Ledger crypto USA users, the Ledger Nano S price is $59.00, while the Ledger Nano X price is $119.00. Perhaps there will be a Ledger coupon code available down the line. Considering the quality that’s on offer here though, we would say it’s worth the price, Ledger wallet promo code or no Ledger promo code.

Security & Support – Our Ledger Wallet review of security

We don’t think you’ll be surprised to learn that in the world of the crypto review, security is of prime importance and few are better than Ledger. With a random number generator for its private keys and their validation process based on a root of trust, our Ledger wallet review is happily a very positive one security-wise.

They also use a secure element chip which protects against attacks. It has an excellent backup option, multi-signature support, and just as importantly, a reputation that can stand up to the very best the world has to offer. It’s for all these reasons and more that we think the wallets are worth the asking price, even without a Ledger promo code 2021.

In terms of support, there’s customer service available between 9am to 5pm Central Eastern Time, and we found it to be consistently excellent. They are a real set of experts who seem genuinely interested in solving your issues, which is a massive plus. Of course, the way in which Ledger explains everything clearly is part of that service too.

Device and Scope of Supply – Top marks in our Ledger Wallet review

One of our favourite parts of this review is being able to talk about the devices themselves because they truly are gorgeous pieces of kit. First off, they look pretty nifty in our opinion – certainly a bit industrial, but sleek and stylish, businesslike but not without a sense of style.

More important though is how sturdy they are. There’s always a physical risk with physical devices and it’s clear that Ledger have done everything they can to make sure that excellent backup system is rarely needed. Plus, the physical elements you use – the screen and the buttons – are well made.

Alongside everything else, they are physically impressive objects. In other words, they provide quality from top to bottom. No wonder then they’re among the most popular options out there, which should suit Ledger crypto USA users, because it makes them all that easier to find and purchase.

Conclusion – Is the Ledger crypto wallet for you?

Our Ledger wallet review, regardless of which specific wallet you prefer, is a very positive one. They’re not totally perfect: we know that on some models, people want the ability to use more apps and there’s still a small price to pay in terms of convenience. But even its flaws are a result of the logistics of the device rather than a lack of effort from Ledger.

It’s otherwise utterly brilliant. When you see the thought that has gone into all those security features, the variety of crypto options and the devices themselves, it becomes clear why the Ledger crypto wallet asks for – and in our opinion,  justifies – a price tag that’s higher than some competitors.

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