Trezor Crypto Wallet Review USA 2022

The Trezor crypto wallet was the very first to allow for hardware storage for Bitcoin. For that reason, they’ll always deserve a level of respect, regardless of if some Trezor fees one day make them more expensive options than some competitors.

If they can no longer stand the heat of the kitchen they helped build, we’ll be advising a change of menu regardless of their history. The good news for our crypto review is that the value offered to Trezor crypto USA users appears as deliciously high quality as ever.

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When it comes to the most popular hardware wallets, Trezor is up there with the absolute best. There are few serious rivals for their crown, with the exception of the likes of the ever-excellent Ledger crypto wallet. If you see a Trezor wallet promo code, there’s a good chance it’s in response to that hardware juggernaut. We’ll be looking at exactly what makes the Trezor crypto wallet so special throughout the Trezor wallet review, but rest assured, when it comes to hardware wallets, the most popular have very much earned their levels of success.

Of course, there are other popular wallets to consider, such as software and web wallets. The difference though – and the key draw for Trezor crypto USA users – is the additional security they offer. Hardware wallet means they’re physically stored offline, unless plugged into a PC, severely reducing the possibility of hacking or viruses.

You may prefer to look at some of the most popular other wallets, such as the online Exodus crypto wallet, if your security needs are lesser and you prefer the simplicity and convenience offered.

Pros & Cons of the Trezor Wallet


  • A trailblazer in Bitcoin hardware storage
  • Huge selection of cryptocurrencies supported
  • Excellent interface and Setting Up guide makes usage easier
  • One of the most comprehensive security systems
  • Fantastic support across the site


  • No live chat support currently available

Cryptocurrencies and Technology – Our Trezor wallet review

There are two key types of Trezor crypto wallet at the time of writing. This includes the Trezor Model T and the Trezor One, and there are significant differences in the cryptocurrencies they offer. Essentially, Model T – the most expensive of the two – supports everything that the Trezor One has and more. You can find out exact details on their Supported Coin & Tokens page, but with 1,617 to choose from, it’s fair to say there aren’t many Trezor limits if you want a little bit of everything.

In terms of technology, there are some hardware features we’re going to discuss a little later in this article. However, the Trezor cryptocurrency family has much more in common than it does apart. Most big-name cryptocurrencies are available on both, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether, to give a few examples.

They also utilise the same excellent interface for sending and receiving your crypto assets, switching between cryptocurrencies, managing your balance and generally controlling your funds. It’s also compatible with an ever-expanding library of software, giving you more reasons why it’s worth your while even without a Trezor coupon code.

Usability & Store – How user-friendly is the Trezor crypto wallet?

While it’s certainly true, as we suggested earlier in this Trezor wallet review, that some people prefer other wallets because they’re a bit more straightforward, Trezor proves that the useability gap between software and hardware is not what it once was. For sure, the use of a physical device will always add an extra step. However, the set up is not nearly as tough as Trezor crypto USA customers may believe.

It comes with a well-written Getting Started booklet, which covers how to set up a PIN, backup recovery seed and to connect the device to the Trezor wallet using the Trezor bridge technology. The whole thing is made as easy as it logistically could be, while keeping all those important security features. We would say that all in all, the entire process should take you about 10 minutes.

Once all this is sorted, all your private data is stored in the memory of the device, and it’s ready for a Trezor withdrawal or the many Trezor cryptocurrency options for storage in that device. Vitally, the passphrase is never stored on the device, unlike the PIN, as the final safeguard for your accounts.

The interface itself is equally a joy, with useability clearly being at the forefront of their design. Simple, elegantly designed menus allow you to select your preferred cryptocurrencies with ease, along with receiving and making payments. You can even personalise your homepage and determine the size of the Trezor fees for transactions. Important too is to note that while the amount of accounts supported by Trezor is unlimited, the wallets themselves do have a Trezor limit of 10.

The only other point to make is with regards to price. We actually think that even at their basic cost without a promo code for Trezor wallet, they’re well worth what’s being asked. At the time of writing for Trezor crypto USA users, it’s $169.99 for the Trezor Model T and $55 for the Trezor One. That said, there’s a Trezor promo code 2021 page, which advises that you check out their newsletter and blog for Trezor coupon code news, which certainly sounds promising.

Security & Support – How secure is the Trezor crypto wallet?

We’ve naturally had to highlight some points of their security efforts as part of our discussions of Trezor cryptocurrency technology. But Trezor goes a great deal further than that. Their reputation is based on security, and it’s taken as seriously as we imagine it possibly could be.

For instance, the actual hardware itself uses an ultrasound seal, so it cannot be easily restored after breakage. All operations are protected via PIN user authentication. The firmware signature is verified by the bootloader meaning it must be signed by SatoshiLabs to be run in the first place.

There’s additional passphrase support to protect against local attacks, it has a write-protected bootloader so that it can’t be replaced while the JTAG is disabled and, of course, there’s the recovery seed system which we mentioned. They even record all past security issues for full transparency. It’s an impressive, comprehensive security system.

This is all beautifully explained on the site too, which is an important part of customer service, alongside great instructions on how the interface practically works. You shouldn’t have any issues working out Trezor limits or the Trezor withdrawal process, for instance. There’s also a support page with plenty of additional advice on things like technical issues, order and shipping, as well as a community advice centre.  If after all this, you cannot get your answer, there’s a contact form for personal advice. The only downside here, of course, is some people may prefer a live chat option.

Device and Scope of Supply – Impressive hardware

In terms of the actual hardware differences across the devices, the Trezor Model One has both an improved colour touchscreen and an in-built SD card slot, USB-C alongside mobile connectivity. It’s also a much improved operating system with a faster processor. Whether or not all of this is worth the huge jump in price is down to you. Perhaps you’ll get your hands on a promo code for Trezor wallet to sweeten the deal.

The devices look similar. Obviously, the Trezor One has buttons instead of a touchscreen and a more basic looking screen – but from a practical perspective, they both do their job very well and are very sturdy pieces of kit. They’re made from reinforced plastic, which while not steel, is surprisingly durable. And of course, with them being so very popular, they’re widely available, even if you can’t always get a Trezor promo code.

Conclusion – A quality crypto wallet

It may cost a little bit more money than some options but the Trezor wallet options are all well worth the money for anyone who has a sizable amount of cryptocurrencies they wish to protect. The fact that they balance this with such an easy to set up and understand interface really seals the deal for them being one of the best storage options for any serious cryptocurrency investor.

Whether the Trezor crypto wallet options are the finest of their kind is a matter of preference, but put it this way, there aren’t many contenders at their level.

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