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Welcome to our guide on CFD trading in Dubai, where we take a closer look at where you can find the most promising CFD trading platforms. We do all the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to.

When it comes to online CFD trading in Dubai, there are a number of important factors that you need to know about before you get started. Our review shows you how you can get started with a platform that you can wholly trust with your business. Read on to learn more about finding your ideal CFD trading platform.

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Who should use our CFD trading in Dubai comparison?

We have created our guide to CFD trading in Dubai, not just to appease newbie traders but to help all CFD trading enthusiasts. We have tailored our comparison to help every CFD trader out in equal amounts.

New CFD traders

CFD trading can be a daunting prospect for those of you that have never attempted this kind of trading before. There are a number of important aspects you need to keep in mind and that is all before you have even chosen a platform to use. Our guide to CFD trading in Dubai gives you the guiding hand that you need to not only find the right platform that caters to newer traders but to help you understand the ins and outs of CFD trading as a whole as well.

Experienced CFD traders

If you are an experienced CFD trader then you already know that these sites can vary in terms of their trading fees, leverage, trading markets, etc. It can be a trying task to try and stay on top of all the new platforms that become available. That is where we step in. Our guide will show you where you can find the best CFD broker in Dubai with the lowest trading fees and the widest range of trading instruments.

Yes, CFD trading is legal in Dubai. It’s important to note that CFD trading platforms need to receive their licence from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) if they are to operate legally. Another important point to note here is that these brokers need to operate in the Dubai free trade zone. If these platforms are in line with the above, then you are completely safe to use them.

5 steps to ensure safe CFD trading in Dubai

CFD trading is already one of the trickier routes to take when it comes to speculating on price movements. There is no need to make things more difficult on yourself by using a platform that is shady and that does not have its users’ best interests at heart. That is why you need to keep a few things in mind when you check these sites out for yourself. Here are a few important factors to remember to ensure you have a safe CFD trading experience:

Licensing and regulation

CFD trading platforms need to be regulated by a legitimate financial authority. These sites need to be given the green light by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). The financial authority of Dubai will licence and regulate these CFD trading platforms which allow them to operate legally. If you don’t see a licence number that has been issued by a legitimate financial authority, move on to another platform.

Platform security

To really cement safe CFD trading on these platforms, you then need to take a look at how they keep you safe on the site. Just like with CFD trading Australia, CFD trading sites in Dubai may vary in terms of the level of security they have in place but all of them should be using the latest SSL encryption software top layer user data. Aside from that, be on the lookout for information on their firewalls, if they have a two-factor authentication feature that you can use, or anything else that corresponds to greater account protection.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions on these platforms are fairly important. Sure, all of these sites have to adhere to certain laws but their terms and conditions can still vary greatly. That is why you need to take the time to check these terms and conditions out for yourself before you create your account.

Reputable deposit methods

As you will likely be making frequent deposits into your CFD trading account, you need to make sure that the broker is making enough reputable deposit methods available to you. You can typically access the payment pages on these sites without creating an account so it’s worth taking that bit of extra time to ensure that the broker has your preferred, trusted deposit method.

User reviews

Lastly, even if you think you have found the best CFD platform in Dubai, it would still be wise to see what other traders have said about the site. This will only take you a couple of minutes and once you have read enough reviews, you will start to see what kind of platform the broker is running. Run in the opposite direction of the platform if you see are all negative.

This is how we review the best CFD broker in Dubai

Whether we think we are reviewing the best online CFD broker in Dubai or a site that has just launched, we treat all of them the same. Our expert team of writers follow a strict set of criteria that help them determine the overall quality of these platforms when they conduct a CFD broker review Dubai. Let’s take a look at what some of these important points are:

Usability, look, and feel

Something that maybe gets overlooked by many people, is the actual look and feel of these platforms. Not only the look and feel but how well the sites have been designed. If you sign up to a CFD trading site in Dubai and find that it is a pain to use, then you have simply wasted your own time. That is why when we review sites for CFD trading in Dubai, we always take the time to review the platform itself. We test everything from how quickly each page loads to how easy a user can make a deposit.

Trading platforms

When it comes to CFD trading in Dubai, users need to have access to quality trading platforms. These platforms can often include a web trader app from the broker themselves but we expect to see the inclusion of household names like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as well. If the best online trading platform lacks the tools for you to conduct your CFD trades, then the whole endeavour will quickly become frustrating.

Account types

CFD trading appeals to every kind of trader in terms of their financial standing. As such, it is important that these sites for CFD trading in Dubai provide enough account options. These options should cover a basic CFD trading account, an advanced account, and a professional account as well.

Range of markets

CFD trading allows users to access a number of trading instruments that they perhaps would never have had the chance to. If sites for CFD trading in Dubai only allow you to buy and sell contracts for a meagre amount of markets, you won’t be getting the full CFD trading experience that you should. Whether it is the best CFD broker in Singapore or the best platform in Dubai, we test these sites by analysing what kind of trading instruments they offer on their platforms.

Deposit methods

And finally, we take a closer look at the range of deposit methods that these sites for CFD trading in Dubai make available on their platforms. Not only do we let you know what methods are available, but we shed some light on everything from the processing times to the withdrawal limit as well.

Check out our top-rated best CFD brokers in Dubai:

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Checklist: locating your ideal CFD broker

Here at TradersBest, we can help you find the best sites from just about anywhere, including the best CFD broker in South Africa. We have stuck to the same winning recipe for the best CFD trading sites in Dubai as well. Our reviews shed light on everything you could possibly need to know about these platforms. We even have a detailed CFD broker list Dubai for you to check out as well. However, you still need to consider what you want out of your ideal CFD trading site. Here are a few examples of what you could keep in mind when you check out our reviews:


When it comes to CFD trading in Dubai, leverage plays a key role. You don’t have to trade with leverage if you don’t want to but if you are interested in higher leverage ratios, you can use our reviews to help you find CFD platforms that offer you at least 30:1 on your trades.

Demo accounts

If you are unsure about signing up to a site and making your first cash deposit right away, then finding a CFD platform that gives you a demo account option is going to be ideal. A demo account allows you to get free reign of the platform without ever spending any of your money. This way, you can know for sure if it is a platform that interests you.

More trading instruments to get involved in Dubai

If you want to get out and explore some other trading opportunities in Dubai, there are many to choose from. Just like with CFD trading Qatar, users can take their pick from plenty of trading instruments. These instruments include the likes of:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Mutual funds

Conclusion to our CFD broker list guide

That brings our guide to CFD trading in Dubai to a close. We must mention again that CFD trading can be quite risky. When done correctly, it can also be very lucrative. You need to not only make sure that you select a trustworthy broker but that you also put in a lot of research before you purchase your first contact. We have plenty of guides that can help you come to terms with what CFD trading is all about and how you should go about executing a CFD trading strategy.

CFD trading Dubai FAQ

☝Is CFD trading legal in Dubai?

Before you can trade CFDs in Dubai, you first need to know for sure if you are able to do so. There are a number of counties that still prohibit CFD trading. That is why we take the time to let you know about the legality of CFD trading in Dubai right now. If you want to clear up any confusion you might have, then be sure to check out our guide.  

❌Can I lose money with CFD trading?

Online trading can net you some serious returns but you can also lose out on your investment. With that said, not all trading strategies are the same which is why our guide takes you through the advantages and the pitfalls of CFD trading. Check out our guide to CFD trading Dubai to learn more about what you should look out for with this kind of online trading.  

💹What else can I trade in Dubai?

If CFD trading is not up your alley or if you just want to diversify your portfolio you’ll be wanting to know what else you can trade in Dubai right now. Our guide will not only give you the breakdown on CFD trading but it will also let you know what other trading instruments you can take up in Dubai as well.  

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