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Trade CFDs in Germany

We’re going to look into CFD trading in Germany in this informative article, helping you to make the best investment choices. We know how important it is to partner with the right broker, so we take all the hassle away.

There’s lots to take into consideration in the hunt for the best CFD broker in Germany. For example, it’s important to find out whether you can legally trade CFDs in Germany and what your options are. Finding the best broker is personal to your own circumstances, though, and we make it easier to make decisions. Read on to discover more!

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Who should make use of this CFD broker comparison? What you need to know

This broker comparison is aimed at novice investors as well as more experienced CFD traders. You need to feel comfortable with any chosen site, and at ease with the platform. It’s also important to find out whether sites are optimised for mobile use, if you want to trade while on the go.

Newbie traders will find it helpful to work through training and webinars to inform their trading strategies, while experienced traders will enjoy partnering with sites that provide top notch research tools for winkling out the right deals. Find the best online trading platform today with TradersBest!

BaFin, the German regulator, restricted the sale of CFDs in Germany in 2017. Any CFDs which give rise to an additional payment obligation are banned throughout Germany. This restriction applies to the marketing, distribution and sale of CFDs to retail investors in any circumstances where the investor is obliged to make additional payment.

BaFin does act to close down unlicensed platforms offering CFDs for trade, so it’s vital to use a licensed platform providing legal online CFD trading in Germany.

CFDs without the additional payment obligation are still permitted on the market and can continue to be distributed to retail investors. If you’re looking for CFD trading Germany, it’s a good idea to consult our CFD broker list for Germany for more detailed information.

Top 5 steps for a secure & fair CFD trading experience – In our opinion

As already noted, CFD trading in Germany is regulated, so it’s important for you to use a licensed broker with a track record in the CFD arena. Here’s our pick of the top five steps for a secure and fair CFD trading experience and to help you choose the best CFD broker in Germany:

Check for HTTPS encryption

HTTPS encryption is the gold standard when it comes down to encryption of sites. You can easily find out whether your chosen broker is HTTPS compliant as the website URL address will display as https// rather than http//.

An HTTPS site uses TLS encryption to ensure that nobody can steal your data. It’s recommended for sites actioning financial transactions, as it makes the site far more secure. You don’t want thieves to hack into your CFD trading account and steal data or money, so this really does make sense. Check out our CFD broker reviews for Germany to find out more!

Checking the broker is licensed to operate

It’s vital you sign up with a CFD broker in Germany who is licensed to operate. You’ll normally find details of the brand’s licence on the site’s home page, but may need to check out the terms and conditions as well. If you can’t find details of the licence on the site, you may want to think again, although you could try checking with their customer support team, who may be able to point you in the right direction.


It’s important to know what you’re signing up for, and the amount of fees charged by brokers is a point in question. Your broker should be transparent and advertise the level of fees applicable to trades; don’t forget that these will have an impact on the bottom line and any profits you generate. There may also be hidden costs to trading which are not apparent at first glance, so be aware of all the likely fee implications before settling down to trade CFDs in Germany. For example, you incur fees for trading CFDs, but may not realise until it’s time to withdraw that you will also be charged withdrawal fees. This is another reason to check out the site’s terms and conditions thoroughly before committing yourself to any trades.

Checking user reviews

We think that checking out user reviews can make a significant difference to any decision making regarding the best online CFD broker in Germany. You may want to think twice about a site that has consistently poor reviews, whether based on customer support services, fees, or site usability. You can really gauge just how good a site actually is when you take time to trawl through user reviews online.

Up to date contact details for the broker

Most brokers will have some type of customer support service available on the site, but it’s also important to be able to contact them in the event of an emergency. A good broker will publish contact details on the website. When you’re investing in any form of trading, it’s important to know you’re dealing with a reputable broker, so a clear indication of street address and contact telephone and email details is vital.

You can apply the same tests if you’re hunting for the best CFD broker in Kenya or the best CFD broker in Indonesia.

This is how our experts test the best CFD brokers in Germany – We take away all the hassle

All of our reviews are based on first-hand experience: we test out all the brokers we recommend to ensure your total satisfaction with the service provided. Just some of the objective tests we conduct are detailed below to help you in your search to find the best CFD broker in Germany.


It’s vital to check the usability of platforms to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. The last thing you need is a slow and sticky site with frequent downtime.

Trading platforms

We test out trading platforms to check for the general user experience and customisation options. We know how important it is to feel comfortable with the platform you’re using, whether it’s a mobile platform or dedicated to desktop users only.

Account types

Some platforms offer a variety of different accounts to suit user needs. We look into the different types of account you can open on a site and discuss whether they are worthwhile. If VIP accounts are available we’ll let you know, alongside informing you just how much you’ll need to invest to continue to qualify for VIP status.

Payment options

The best CFD brokers in Germany offer a variety of different payment options to suit client expectations. We appreciate that you may prefer paying with credit cards or even cryptocurrencies, so we’ll flag up just what deposit and withdrawal methods are available to you.

Customer support

We personally test out the customer support options available at brokers. It’s important that problems and queries can be resolved quickly and easily, so we check out the live chat services, email support and phone services offered by each broker, so we can reliably inform you about how easy it is to fix problems and issues.

Check out our top-rated CFD Brokers in Germany:

Credit Card
CIMA - Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CFD
  • Regulated by top-tier financial authorities
  • Free-of-charge withdrawals
  • Low stock index CFD fees

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect CFD broker! Every trader is different

Every trader has different expectations from their preferred CFD broker. We know just how important it is to find the right broker, so we’re posting a few pointers to help you work out just what kind of investor you are, and help you find the best CFD broker in Germany to suit your needs.

Are you a newbie investor or an experienced trader?

If you’re new to the world of CFD trading in Germany, then you’ll appreciate all the help you can get. This means it’s important to find a broker that offers comprehensive education tools to inform your investment strategy. You might also find that trading in Demo mode helps you learn the ins and outs of CFD trading. If, on the other hand, you’re an experienced trader, you’ll probably appreciate good quality research tools to help you locate the best deals at the right prices.

The right platform is key to comfort

Will you be accessing your CFD broker in Germany while on the go or will you be locked into your laptop or desktop computer? If you plan to use your mobile to trade CFDs in Germany, you’ll want to look for a broker with a site that’s optimised for mobile use. Of course, the reverse is true if you plan to use your desktop or laptop to trade CFDs.

What else can you trade online in Germany? It helps to know

You can also trade stocks and shares in Germany, as well as forex. The forex trading market is highly regulated and it’s important to find a MiFid-compliant broker. We recommend that you check out some of our useful brand reviews to learn more about trading in Germany and to familiarise yourself with this market.

Conclusion – Find the best CFD broker in Germany

Now you’ve read through this informative article it’s time to put your learning to the test and source the best CFD broker in Germany to suit your needs. We know how keen you must be to start trading, but it’s still important to conduct checks and tests of all your preferred brokers.

Ideally, source a broker with a large knowledge base to help you learn more about trading CFDs, and definitely check out the usability of your chosen platforms before committing yourself to any financial expense. If you’re travelling to Africa in the near future why not check out our CFD trading Nigeria guide for more information? When you partner with TradersBest you get access to the most illuminating reviews and studies to help ensure your investing is enjoyable and safe!

Best CFD broker in Germany FAQ

✅ Is CFD trading legit in Germany?

The CFD trading marketplace is highly regulated in Germany, but it is possible to trade CFDs under certain conditions. You can discover more about the best CFD brokers in Germany at TradersBest. What’s more, our broker reviews are second to none. We take time to answer all your burning CFD questions at TradersBest today!

☝Are there limits to trading CFDs in Germany?

Different brokers operate different account limits, and some even offer VIP CFD trading accounts. It all depends on the platform you choose to do your trading. It’s always a good idea to check out the terms and conditions of any platform prior to signing up for an account. If you’re interested in trading CFDs in Germany then check out the useful Best CFD Broker in Germany comparison at

❗Can you make money trading CFDs in Germany?

Every trader is different. Taking time to review all the on site education can help inform better trades and help you to earn more cash from your CFD trading in Germany.  Find out about the best CFD brokers in Germany at TradersBest

💯What German CFD broker offers VIP trading accounts?

Different German CFD brokers have varying special offers for traders. If you’re looking for a German CFD broker offering one of the top VIP trading accounts then take time to read some of the fascinating reviews of German CFD brokers here at TradersBest.

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