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Trade CFDs in Indonesia

If you’re looking for the best CFD broker in Indonesia, this article is an essential read. We’re looking at the implications of trading CFDs in Indonesia and helping you work out what levels of risk you’re prepared to take.

You’re never stuck for investment options when you partner with TradersBest; we walk you through all the common strategies and our reviews guide you towards the right investment choices to suit you. Whether you’re dabbling in CFDs for the first time or you’re an experienced trader, let us inform you about the opportunities for trading CFDs in Indonesia.

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Who should make use of this CFD trading Indonesia comparison? – What’s in it for me?

This comparison article is suited to novice CFD traders, as well as more experienced traders in their hunt to find the best online trading platform. We’re taking a look at the legality of trading CFDs to enable you to find the best CFD platform in Indonesia to suit your needs. We also look at some of the features of the best CFD brokers in Indonesia and the reasons you might want to give them a go.

It’s important to know what type of investor you are before you start looking around at CFD trading in Indonesia. Our useful checklist will help you decide how and where you want to invest by giving detailed pointers to the key things you need to consider before signing up to a platform. You will find a variety of useful broker reviews here at TradersBest giving you a real opportunity to research your chosen platforms.

Yes, CFD trading in Indonesia is perfectly legal. The market is overseen by the regulatory body BAPPEBTI and it’s wise to choose a broker that’s registered with BAPPEBTI to safeguard the funds you hold on any platform.  Leverage on trades is limited to 1:30 in Indonesia.

Top 5 steps for a secure & fair CFD trading experience – What to look out for

There are lots of points to look out for when hunting around for the best CFD broker in Indonesia. We’ve detailed five of our top picks below to help you make decisions, and we strongly advise you to check out our CFD broker list Indonesia for more detailed information:

Regulatory compliance

It’s essential to choose a broker that’s registered with BAPPEBTI, the Indonesian financial regulator. This is because your funds are protected while under the safekeeping of the broker, as all broker funds have to be strictly segregated. You may also want to check out whether your preferred broker is registered on the Indonesian stock exchange. Brokers need to be fully transparent with their accounting records if they are registered on stock markets, so this can provide further confidence in the legality of the platform you choose to work with.

Tradeable assets

Choose a broker with a good range of tradeable assets so your trades are not limited in any way. Ideally, you want to be able to trade the popular stocks and shares, alongside currency pairs in a wide variety of markets. You will find details of tradable assets on any of the platforms you choose; alternatively, check out some of our Indonesian broker reviews to discover more.


Does the site offer a full range of educational and research tools to inform your CFD trading? This is particularly important for novice traders needing to learn about online CFD trading in Indonesia. Many sites offer tutorials, webinars and video learning to help clients achieve a good level of understanding about trading CFDs. Good research tools can help experienced traders identify the best investments and markets.

Dummy trades

Check out CFD broker reviews in Indonesia to find brokers that offer dummy account trading to clients. Newbie investors will find demo accounts a particularly useful feature of any CFD trading Indonesia platform, as they don’t have to risk their own funds making trades. Learning just what fees will be applied to trades is critical to good CFD trading strategies, and dummy accounts can be very helpful in this respect.

Terms and conditions

It’s vital to check out the terms and conditions of any Indonesian CFD broker prior to trading. Very often additional fees are detailed in the T&C, and you need to be aware of exactly what your trading costs will be. Also, leverage rates will be discussed, enabling you to make a decision on your risk exposure.

This is how our experts test CFD brokers – Check out our reviews

Our experts conduct detailed, objective tests to verify the best sites. Just some of the criteria we test against include:

Usability of the platform

A good trading site should be streamlined, with a design and interface that makes users feel comfortable. We check out platforms for usability issues and to discover whether regular downtime is a feature of the site.

Trading platforms

Different trading platforms perform in varying ways for users. We spend time checking the optimal sites for mobile use, to ensure you can trade CFDs in Indonesia while on the go. Novice traders may prefer the safety of a desktop environment to ensure greater levels of care and consideration when conducting trades.

Account types

All brokers list out the different account types they operate on their sites. We list out all the different account options to help you make an informed decision about the best CFD broker in Indonesia, based on your needs.

Payment options

Another factor we consider important is the range of payment options accepted by sites. We check out payment and withdrawal processing speeds and list the variety of payment options accepted. You may not just want to settle your account with a debit or credit card, so payment options are important.

Customer service

Good customer service standards are vital for any internet broker. Ideally, we expect to see brokers offering 24/7 instant chat support, to enable you to resolve issues quickly and easily. We spend time checking out the variety of support options available so you don’t need to. Find the best online CFD broker in Indonesia today using our comprehensive reviews.

Check out our top-rated CFD Brokers in Indonesia:

Credit Card
CIMA - Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CFD
  • Regulated by top-tier financial authorities
  • Free-of-charge withdrawals
  • Low stock index CFD fees

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect CFD trading, Indonesia broker! – We’ve done the work for you

Sourcing the best CFD broker in Indonesia is more about matching your investment needs with the available brokers in the marketplace. You need to identify what kind of investor you are before selecting a broker and starting your CFD trading in Indonesia journey. This useful checklist will help you work out the type of investor you are so you can find the broker that’s ideally suited to your needs and levels of expertise.

  • Are you a novice or experienced CFD trader? – Your answer to this question will be key to identifying the right broker. If you’re a newbie trader you really want to opt for a broker offering lots of educational opportunities on site, alongside dummy trading accounts to help you get to grips with CFD trading for the first time. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced CFD trader, you’ll probably be more interested in the quality of the research tools on site. Good research tools will help you analyse markets to spot the best trades that are right for you. Of course, novice CFD traders won’t be learning the ropes forever, so good research tools will also be key to their ultimate success.
  • You also need to appreciate just how risk averse you actually are – If you don’t want to risk heavy losses you may want to consider brokers offering reduced leverage, so you’re not tempted to take on risky positions. When trading with leverage, losses can cut into the base capital you hold on any site, reducing potential profits considerably. Ideally, opt for a broker offering stop loss push notifications to protect you from wild swings in prices.
  • Do you like to trade on the go? – If so, you’ll need a broker with a mobile-optimised site, enabling you to trade easily and quickly from your Android or iOS device. Novice traders may prefer the security of trading from a desktop computer in the first instance though. Trades from a desktop may be slower, but they enable you to work out deals exactly and you’re not tempted to place quicker, risky deals on the hoof.

Working out what kind of investor you are is key to finding your best CFD broker in Indonesia. So don’t neglect to work through the above section before heading over to our reviews to find out more about CFD trading in Indonesia. You may also want to check out our illuminating guides to CFD trading Germany or find the best CFD broker in Kenya? We put the hard work in to save you time!

What else can you trade online in Indonesia? – How we can help you

Forex and stocks and shares are just some of the other popular trading instruments in Indonesia. You may want to opt for a broker offering all three trading instruments to maximise your investment strategies and save you from registering at a variety of different platforms. Why not check out some of our detailed reviews to identify the broker that will suit your trading needs?

Best CFD broker in Indonesia conclusion

Now you know more about CFD trading in Indonesia you’re ready to identify the best CFD broker in Indonesia to fulfill your requirements. Work through the key pointers to identify the type of investor you are, because it’s important to be comfortable trading with leverage. Your risk aversion levels will be a good indication of whether you need to opt for the full 1:30 leverage level.

Take time to research our in-depth reviews to find out more about trading CFDs in Indonesia.  Alternatively, why not check out the best CFD broker in Canada or find out all about CFD trading Nigeria? We take the hard work out of investing!

Best CFD broker in Indonesia FAQ

❓ Can I trade CFDs in Indonesia?

You can trade a wide variety of financial instruments in Indonesia, but it’s wise to be prepared in advance. Spend time researching the archives of information at TradersBest to discover more about trading CFDs Indonesia and identify the best CFD broker to suit your needs.

✅ Is it legit to trade CFDs in Indonesia?

Trading in Indonesia is regulated by BAPPEBTI, the financial regulator. You can discover whether it’s legal to trade CFDs in Indonesia in the useful Best CFD broker in Indonesia comparison at TradersBest. When trading CFDs you need to be comfortable working with leverage, so working out your risk levels is an important factor for any trader.

❗ Do I have to pay taxes on my Indonesia CFD trading income?

You will need to investigate the tax implications in your own jurisdiction to work out the levels of tax needing to be paid on investment income. You will pay an investment tax to your broker based on any CFD trading you do in Indonesia. TradersBest provides useful reviews of Indonesian brokers and helps you decide on the best platforms to suit your own circumstances.

😐 Is trading CFD the same as gambling?

Trading CFDs requires essential expertise, and substantial losses can be experienced by novice traders. When you trade CFDs you are not obliged to buy the commodities you are trading. Working through demo trading lessons can be one essential way to learn how to trade CFDs and work out whether it’s the right investment strategy for you. Find out more about trading CFDs at TradersBest.

👋 What’s the best CFD broker in Indonesia?

Finding the best CFD broker in Indonesia means researching a number of different brokers. Let TradersBest take all the research hassles away from you by opting to read our useful Best CFD broker in Indonesia comparison and then going through some of our comprehensive Indonesian broker reviews. You need to identify what kind of investor you are in order to find the best brokers to suit your needs.

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