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Trade CFDs in South Africa

Are you looking for the best CFD broker in South Africa? Our latest guide is here to set the record straight. Get started with online trading in CFDs with comprehensive insights and pointers.

There are a number of facets that contribute to the success of a platform. It’s important to take note of this when you are assessing the ultimate CFD broker list South Africa. Take your time reading our guide as this will serve as a solid foundation.

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Who should make use of this CFD comparison? Online traders looking to trade contracts for difference

The online brokerage market is highly-competitive these days. There are a number of established brokers that have been offering online trading services since the turn of the century. In the same breath, there are new platforms for CFD trading in South Africa that continue to push the envelope. As such, it is important to get a wide perspective of the different platforms before you start trading CFDs. Doing this on your own can prove to be somewhat cumbersome. For this reason, our experts have taken it upon themselves to wade through endless information to bring you an informative guide that cuts to the chase.

Our coverage will highlight a number of important factors that you should be aware of. It will enable you to separate the wheat from the chaff when analysing your different online broker options. As a newcomer, you will also find exciting tips when it comes to making your selection. If you are a professional trader, there is no doubt that our guide will also serve you well moving forward.

We are delighted to announce that CFD trading in South Africa is legal. There are a raft of CFD trading products being offered by reliable brokers. The industry for online trading, in CFDs and other instruments, is regulated by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). The FSCA maintains oversight on financial markets and subsequent services being offered by entities. You will find that it is possible to trade CFDs within a safe environment – as long as you do your due diligence. Now that we have addressed the legal side of things, it’s time to crack on. The next section is of paramount importance.

Top 5 steps for a secure and fair CFD trading experience online in South Africa – how to stay on top

There are certain non-negotiable aspects of a platform that you should never do without. The best online trading platform will definitely tick all of these boxes as well as many others. It is a good idea to use these steps to always ensure that you have a safe trading experience.

Recognised trading licence

The best CFD broker in South Africa will be registered and licensed by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Alternatively, you will find that an online broker is also licensed by other financial regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. Online brokers that are not recognised by these financial authorities should not be trusted.

Encryption technology

It is vital that you use a platform for CFD trading in South Africa that is secure. Our reviews will always test each platform in terms of the standard of security protocols that have been implemented. You will find that the best brokers use the latest SSL technology which ensures that all data is encrypted. It makes it extremely difficult for any third-party entity to steal information from the broker’s database.

User reviews

Reading past user reviews will also give you a good insight into the capabilities of different platforms. The best CFD broker in South Africa will have great reviews while second-rate platforms will fall short of the mark. You should also make use of our reviews in order to get a taste of each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Capable online support

You will come to find that online support is very important. Without it, you will struggle to resolve any problems that you might encounter while using a platform. It’s just as important because it allows you to query anything that you are unsure of. The best CFD broker in South Africa will have extensive support features. This includes an online FAQ section, live chat support, as well as email support. All of which will streamline the process whereby you are able to fix issues.

Reliable payment options

You should never part with your hard-earned money if you aren’t sure that it is safely processed and stored. It’s vital that you only use reliable online payment methods when you deposit funds into a trading account. Likewise, the same is true for withdrawals. If you are unsure of a certain payment method or broker, then don’t make a deposit. The best online brokers will ensure that your money is kept safe so you can focus on the task at hand – trading CFDs online!

This is how our experts test CFD brokers – comprehensive reviews outline all you need to know

Our experts have devised an analysis tool in order to assess the best CFD broker in Singapore, South Africa and beyond. Once an online broker is assessed, we are able to translate our findings in objective reviews. This offers you a complete rundown of the platform at hand and the services that are offered. The different sections in our review include:

New customer offers

Our reviews will include a section on any potential new customer offer. Certain brokers will offer some sort of deal if you do decide to sign up with the site.


We will test each platform in terms of its aesthetics and performance. This gives you an insight into which platform will serve you best functionally and design-wise.


We will assess the account options and fees that you should take note of. Find out whether there is a professional account type or simply a basic account for beginners.

Trading platforms

We will also review the different trading platforms that an online broker offers you. There might only be one platform or you’ll come across several different options.

Customer support

Get to know which is the best CFD broker in South Africa when it comes to online support. Our experts will outline all the support options so that you can resolve issues as quickly as possible.


It is important that you know how to fund your account. Our latest reviews will outline all the payment methods that you can make use of. This will shed light on how you can deposit funds into your trading account as well as withdraw fiat currency from your account.

Check out our top-rated South Africa CFD Broker providers:

Credit Card
CIMA - Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CFD
  • Regulated by top-tier financial authorities
  • Free-of-charge withdrawals
  • Low stock index CFD fees

This is how you find your perfect CFD broker for online trading in SA – looking in the right places

You will find that our guides to CFD trading USA and South Africa have certain things in common. One being the fact that there is a common theme when it comes to choosing an online broker. The best CFD broker in South Africa can be as much subjective as it is objective. What this means is that you need to take your own preferences into consideration when you select the right broker for you. Below, we have included three things that might help you make the right call!

Access to a mobile trading app

Are you on the road a lot of the time? Well, then it’s a good idea to look into whether the best CFD broker in South Africa has a mobile app. This will enable you to access your account whenever you need to assess market movements or execute trades. If you sign up with a broker that doesn’t have an app, or mobile-optimised platform, then you’ll be unable to access your trading account for large periods of time.

Demo account for beginners

There are several features that help facilitate the learning process for newcomers. One of these being a demo account. If you have never traded online before, then it is necessary to get a feel for how trading platforms function. Read our latest CFD broker review South Africa to find out which sites have such an account option. It will prove to be extremely helpful in the long run.

Type of products available

It’s a good idea to sit down and think about the trading products you wish to access. Yes, CFDs are certainly high on the list. You might want to trade other instruments, too. There is no need to limit your trading options. Sign up with a broker that enables you to access all the asset classes that pique your interest.

What else can you trade online in South Africa? – A variety!

The South African market for online trading is certainly thriving. Online brokers enable you to trade a wide number of different instruments. Naturally, you will be able to trade stocks that are listed on the JSE. You’ll also have access to international stock exchanges while being able to trade commodities, indices, bonds, and forex. There is also the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies as more and more brokers continue to expand their digital asset trading selection. Thus, it’s clear that online brokers in South Africa offer extensive trading opportunities across the board.

Conclusion to CFD trading in South Africa

It is our hope that you have found some invaluable knowledge pertaining to CFD trading in South Africa. We believe that you will now be able to go ahead and select your online broker so that you can start trading CFDs as soon as possible. There is no need, however, to rush the process. Take your time using a demo account at first. Once you feel confident using the underlying trading platform, you can proceed to fund your account and start trading various contracts for differences.

At, we continue to expand our own selection of trading resources. Take a look at CFD trading Qatar so as to get a world view of what brokers are doing in different areas of the globe!

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Best CFD broker in South Africa FAQs

❓What is the best online CFD broker in South Africa?

If you wish to start trading CFDs, then you’ll need to find an online broker platform. There are a number of different brokers that continue to break ground and will offer you extensive trading opportunities. At, we have tailored the very best reviews for your convenience. You can also check out our guide to the best CFD platform in South Africa for an objective analysis.

🔎How do I trade CFDs in South Africa?

In order to trade CFDs you need to know how to use an online trading platform. This includes knowing how different tools and trading features work. The first step in this process is finding the right platform for you. Our latest guide will enable you to do exactly that. Get to know exactly which broker offers the best CFD trading experience for your trading ambitions right here with

✅Is online CFD trading in South Africa legal?

At, we bring you comprehensive coverage of all online trading aspects. This includes legal standpoints so that you know exactly where you stand. Our latest guide to online CFD trading in South Africa, we have provided you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of play within the SA market. Find out whether you can trade CFDs online legally today!

🔖How do I sign up with the best CFD platform in South Africa?

Creating a trading account has become very streamlined – whether it’s with the best CFD broker in Canada or South Africa. Before you sign up with a platform, it is vital that you actually get to know the ins-and-outs of the platform at hand. This will give you a better idea as to whether it’s the right broker. Check out our latest guide on CFD trading in South Africa for more! Our experts bring you comprehensive guides and reviews which enable you to pick up new insights at every turn.

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