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Trade CFDs in Spain

Trading CFDs is an exciting hobby, especially if you’re expert at predicting the likely rise/fall of stocks. We’re taking a look at CFD trading in Spain in this comparison article, giving you another opportunity to diversify your investment strategies.

Here you’ll learn how to find the best CFD broker in Spain to suit your investing needs, as well as finding out about how we assess and test the brokers we recommend. It’s perfectly legal to trade CFDs in Spain, so make a cuppa and read on to discover more!

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Who should make use of this online CFD trading in Spain comparison? – Is it any good for me?

You can rely on for the most comprehensive reviews of CFD trading platforms in Spain. Just some of the tests our reviewers carry out are highlighted below. We know how important it is to source a CFD platform that can be customised to suit, so we’ll always check out what options are available on site.

This comparison is ideal for novice traders and more experienced CFD traders alike. You can use it to identify just what kind of investor you are, and how much risk you’re prepared to take on board. Why not check out some of our valuable CFD broker reviews to discover more?

Yes, trading CFDs is perfectly legal in Spain and is overseen by the financial regulator CNMV. You are best advised to sign up with a broker that’s registered with CNMV, as you’ll benefit from more transparent terms and conditions of trade.

One thing to bear in mind is that you’ll receive a detailed warning about the risks of CFD trading when you register with any broker, and will have to supply them with a handwritten note confirming that you’re happy to accept all risks associated with trading CFDs and that you recognise that losses associated with leverage trading can be fairly substantial.

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Top 5 steps for a secure & fair CFD trading experience – in our opinion

We appreciate that you may not be genned up on how to go about finding the best CFD broker in Spain, so we’re going to cover just some of the important steps to take when investigating platforms here. It’s important to carry out research beforehand, as you don’t want to experience problems when you’ve signed up to trade CFDs in Spain.

Site security

Ideally choose a site that offers SSL encryption of all data, as this is far more secure. The last thing you want to experience is a data breach on a site where you’re carrying out regular financial transactions, and SSL security is the latest word when it comes down to securing all the personal details of clients on financial platforms. You’ll see https// in the address bar of the site if the platform’s using this protocol, so it’s an easy check to make!

Research the broker online and check out our CFD broker list Spain

Online reviews can add valuable insights to your knowledge about online CFD platforms. For example, if a lot of customer reviews flag up problems with a site’s customer service offering then you’ll know to avoid this platform like the plague. Likewise if withdrawals and payments take too long to process. There are plenty of excellent CFD brokers in Spain, so it’s not worth settling for a mediocre platform.

You’ll be able to source heaps of CFD broker reviews in Spain here at, so we can help you drill down to find the best CFD broker in Spain to suit your personal needs. You’ll see below just how our experts test out brokers to ensure an objective summary of all the essential services offered.

Customer service

Speaking of customer service, it’s always a good idea to check out just how the platform handles this before signing up for an account. You’ll want to see a decent FAQ section, providing detailed information on how to resolve site issues, alongside a range of support options such as live chat, instant chat, and telephone support.

Regulatory licences

We only recommend CFD brokers who are registered with the relevant authorities, so don’t neglect this check when searching for the best CFD platform in Spain. The CNMV, National Securities Market Commission, is responsible for licensing the Spanish securities market and you will normally find details of a broker’s registration on their website. If you can’t access this information you could ask their customer support team, but you’ll usually find it in the terms and conditions of trading or on the platform’s About page.

Regulated brokers are subject to stricter rules and should be more transparent in their dealings with traders. Naturally you want to protect your data, your deposits and all your personal details, so opting for a registered broker has to be the way forward.

Read the terms and conditions thoroughly

Once you’ve identified the best CFD broker in Spain to suit your trading needs, you really need to go through the site’s terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb. You’ll be able to find out about the different account types on offer and all the ways the broker handles your cash while it is entrusted to them.

You won’t be able to complain about withdrawal fees at the time of taking any capital out of your account if the T&Cs clearly state that withdrawal fees are in operation. Of course, you could save time by consulting some of our expert reviews to identify the best online CFD broker in Spain to suit you, as we do all this work for you … and more!

This is how our experts test CFD brokers – objective and fair

Our reviewers spend a substantial amount of time getting to grips with different CFD broker platforms. Just some of the tests we conduct include:

  • Usability to check out just how easy it is to use the platform and ensure that any customisation settings are simple to operate and offer users even greater site enjoyment and capability
  • Trading platforms to discover whether mobile or desktop platforms work to the highest levels. We appreciate that you don’t have the time to check out all the different CFD brokers in Spain to find your perfect match and our rigorous tests ensure your complete satisfaction
  • Account types are another important facet we check into. We’ll look at all the different available accounts on a platform and make recommendations accordingly. If you’re a novice CFD trader or will be trading low volumes you can rely on our assessment of entry level accounts, while frequent, high volume traders will need to know that the top level accounts are suited to their requirements
  • It’s important for the best CFD brokers in Spain to offer a wide range of payment options to suit individual client expectations. We’ll put this to the test and list out all available options in our comprehensive reviews
  • We’ve already discussed customer support, but it’s such an important area of any site that it’s worth a second mention! You need to know that your issues can be resolved quickly and competently, so we conduct wide ranging tests across all the available customer support mechanisms to provide you with bang up-to-the-minute details.

These aren’t all the tests we carry out when providing broker reviews; why not check out our CFD trading Australia article to find out more?

Check out our top-rated CFD Brokers in Spain:

Credit Card
CIMA - Cayman Islands Monetary Authority CFD
  • Regulated by top-tier financial authorities
  • Free-of-charge withdrawals
  • Low stock index CFD fees

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect CFD broker in Spain! – top tips

Whether you’re new to the market or already an experienced CFD trader, it’s wise to identify the type of trader you are before you start CFD trading in Spain. When you’ve identified the kind of trader you are then you’re in a better position to find the best CFD broker in Spain to suit your needs exactly. Just some of the pointers to consider include:

  1. Are you a novice trader? If so, you’ll want to opt for a broker offering comprehensive training and education support on the platform.
  2. If you’re an experienced trader you’ll want to consider the volume of trades you’re likely to be making and perhaps look at higher level account options.
  3. The levels of investment you’re likely to be making will influence the type of account you can open on sites, so it’s wise to think about just how much capital you plan to tie up in your CFD trading account.
  4. The level of risk you’re prepared to take on board is another important factor to consider. Using leveraged products means you don’t need to tie up too much of your own cash, but can result in heavy losses if things go awry.
  5. Is the level of fees an important factor? We’ll flag fee levels in our reviews to save you the hassle of checking, and, if we come across brokers offering zero percent commission on certain transactions, we’ll be sure to let you know!
  6. Will you be looking for a platform offering hundreds of different spreads and asset classes? If so, why not check out some of our valuable reviews!

There’s a lot to think about whether you’re looking for CFD trading in Spain or seeking the best CFD broker in South Africa, but we make the decision-making process a lot simpler for you.

What else can you trade online in Spain? – even more choices

CFD trading isn’t all you can do in Spain: you can also trade stocks and shares, commodities, forex, indices, and much more! Why not consult to find out all about new trading markets to suit you? For example, our best CFD broker in Singapore article opens up whole new vistas!

Find the best CFD broker in Spain conclusion

There you have it! Finding the best CFD broker in Spain means doing lots of research, but you can rest assured that you’ll have access to all the best resources when you partner with Don’t neglect to work out exactly what kind of investor you are, as this will inform your choice of trading platform. And, make the time to check out some of our detailed reviews to find out more about CFD trading in Spain and all the different platforms on offer.

You don’t have to make a huge investment in CFD trading when you opt for one of the entry level accounts and it could prove your most enjoyable pastime yet! Why not check out our CFD trading Qatar review if you’re looking for the best online trading platform in the Middle East? We’re quite sure you’ll be impressed by the huge amount of research that goes into each and every one of our reviews.

Best CFD broker in Spain FAQ

âť“ Is it legal to trade CFDs in Spain?

The Spanish investments market is regulated by the CNMV and many brokers are registered with CNMV to offer a more transparent service to traders. You can trade a number of financial instruments in Spain, whether you’re based in Spain or elsewhere in the world. Finding the best broker to suit your needs means assessing the type of risk level you’re prepared to accept and working out what type of investor you actually are.. If you want to find out about trading CFDs in Spain check out our broker comparison at

👨 Which is the best CFD broker in Spain?

Finding the right CFD broker in Spain will depend on your individual circumstances and what type of investor you are. You can find entry level CFD broker accounts for newbie traders or VIP accounts for more frequent traders investing in high volumes. Check out to find out more about trading CFDs in Spain.

âť— Are CFD brokers any good in Spain?

CFD trading in Spain is regulated by the CNMV, so ideally you should register an account with a broker that’s registered with CNMV. This will offer you more transparent and fair trading conditions. There are lots of different CFD brokers in Spain. You can find the best broker here at

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