Bitcoin Cash Wallet Reviews 2021

Bitcoin Cash has grown increasingly popular since the hard fork of 2017 and it now ranks among the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap. Many people are interested in trading and mining it, but first, you must set up a Bitcoin Cash wallet. There a number of key considerations for anyone searching for the best wallet for Bitcoin Cash, so this article gives you a helping hand.

You will learn the most important criteria to look out for, how to find the best Bitcoin Cash wallet for your needs and how to set up a Bitcoin Cash wallet.

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Bitcoin Cash wallets can broadly be grouped into some distinct categories: hardware, paper, software (desktop/mobile) and web-based. First, you must understand the pros and cons of each option before choosing the best Bitcoin Cash wallet for your needs.

Online wallets

The simplest option is probably to sign up for a web-based wallet. The registration process is typically swift and painless, and you can then log into the wallet from any browser, no matter where you are in the world. However, a web-based wallet is also potentially the least secure way to store Bitcoin Cash, as it is connected to the internet and vulnerable to hacking.

Paper wallets

The safest option could well be a paper wallet, which simply entails printing your public and private keys onto a piece of paper and keeping it safe. It cannot be hacked, but it could be stolen, or you could lose it, or it could be damaged.

Hardware wallets

You might, therefore, prefer to pay for a hardware wallet, which stores your Bitcoin Cash offline and keeps your coins safe from hackers and other nefarious types. Yet this is the costliest option, and you could still lose the hardware wallet, so some people prefer to download an app for their mobiles or software for their desktops.

Software wallets

A software Bitcoin Cash wallet is pretty convenient, as it just sits on your phone or computer, and you can take it anywhere with you. However, it is connected to the internet and therefore at risk of being compromised. You should look for a software wallet with excellent security credentials and an impeccable reputation among users if you decide to go down that route.

Who Should Make Use of This Comparison?

This comparison is perfect for anyone that wants to trade or mine Bitcoin Cash. A wallet allows you to store your Bitcoin Cash in one place, check your balance, make deposits and receive payments. You need one to keep your coins safe and secure, and to conduct transactions, so it is worth spending time browsing the various different options available to you and choosing from a position of strength.

You may have already checked out Bitcoin wallets, and browsed Ethereum wallet reviews and Ripple wallet reviews, and now you have decided to trade Bitcoin Cash. You might be a newcomer to the wonderful world of crypto or a veteran trader looking for a better wallet to suit your changing requirements. This comparison helps you identify the key strengths and weaknesses of each Bitcoin Cash wallet, while the rest of the article helps you identify your perfect match.

Editor’s Recommendation

The Trezor Model T makes a very strong choice if you plan to invest in a hardware wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash. This chic piece of hardware supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies, including BCH. It can save you browsing Tether wallet reviews, Bitcoin SV wallet reviews, Binance Coin wallet reviews and so on, and buying multiple wallets, as it supports all the big cryptocurrencies.

The Model T is an upgrade on the initial Trezor Model One, as it has a touchscreen and does not require buttons. You can also import it into several mobile wallets if you so desire, and benefit from the advanced cryptography this wallet offers.

If you are looking for a paper wallet, you can visit a site like CashAddress, follow the instructions and print one-off in a secure fashion. is a good choice if you are looking for a web and mobile Bitcoin Cash wallet. It has a better security history than rival web-based wallets, so it should not compromise your private keys, and it makes it easy for users to store, receive and send BHC, along with Bitcoin.

Exodus is a highly rated desktop wallet. It is supported on Windows, OSX, and Linux, and compatible with around 100 cryptocurrencies. It has a very easy-to-use interface and makes a great choice for anyone starting out as a Bitcoin Cash trader. Coinomi is a popular mobile wallet for anyone that wants to store BCH and other altcoins.

You will retain control of your private keys, and it also has great functionality and one of the most intuitive user interfaces in the sector. There are also several multi-platform wallets, and you can check out exchange platform based wallets like Coinbase and Kraken too.

How Our Experts Test Bitcoin Cash Wallets

Our team of experts will sign up for all the Bitcoin cash wallet websites and test how to get Bitcoin Cash wallet address. They will examine how quick, effective and secure the process is. They will deposit BCH, make and receive payments and mark it for the strength of its functionality and user experience. They follow a similar process for software wallets, while they also examine how quick and simple downloads are.

They buy hardware wallets, making sure to compare prices and shipping times in order to give our readers a full overview. They also test them for durability, aesthetics, portability, versatility, usability and so on. Throughout the process, our reviewers will interact with the customer service teams at these wallet providers. They will judge how helpful, polite and knowledgeable representatives are, and how swift they are to respond.

The team will also perform an analysis of which company is responsible for developing each Bitcoin Cash wallet. They will look out for the transparency of the firm, its reputation in the industry, the level of security it has provided in the past and the development community behind the wallet. Once all of this is complete, they can give an honest, unbiased assessment of each Bitcoin Cash wallet and then present all their findings in an easy-to-digest format, allowing you to find the best wallet for Bitcoin Cash.

Finding the Best Bitcoin Cash Wallet for You

A paper wallet is great for long-term storage or for anyone planning to gift Bitcoin Cash to friends or family. A hardware wallet is also excellent for long-term storage, and it has the added benefit of being sturdier and more durable than a paper wallet. If you are interested in storing a significant amount of BCH for a prolonged period of time, a hardware wallet is probably your best option.

However, if you are new to the wonderful world of BCH trading, you might want to simply use a web wallet as you begin your journey. A desktop wallet can be a solid option if you spend a large period of time in front of your computer each day, while a mobile wallet may be the best choice if you want to store and regularly spend Bitcoin Cash. A software wallet should be free, so these require no investment.

How to Identify the Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets

First, you must identify the various wallets that are compatible with Bitcoin Cash and then you can identify the best options. You should look out for several key traits:

Solid Security

Bitcoin Cash has been a key target for hackers and phishing scam artists since the hard fork of 2017, so you should look for a Bitcoin Cash wallet that takes security seriously. The latest encryption software and a two-factor authentication system should be a given, but also try to stick to crypto wallet providers that do not have a history of security breaches.

Polished Interface

Newcomers to crypto trading should look for a user-friendly interface when trying to identify the best Bitcoin Cash wallet. It should make the process of checking your balance, making payments and receiving withdrawals as simple and efficient as possible. A good crypto wallet will display the information you need in a clear and concise format. Some advanced crypto wallets are not particularly user-friendly, but they should have a polished interface that does not make the process any more complicated or drawn-out than it needs to be.

Back-Up Features

It can be a nightmare if something goes wrong with your Bitcoin Cash wallet. BCH users could lose their wallet or it could be damaged in some way, so you need to be able to back up your wallet and recover your funds in the event that you have a problem. Ideally, you should retain control of your own private keys after you go through the Bitcoin Cash wallet sign up process.

Customer Support

Strong customer service is really helpful for Bitcoin Cash wallet users. You may occasionally have a problem with a transaction, and you will naturally be keen to speak to a helpful, efficient customer support representative as quickly as possible, making customer service a key component to bear in mind when choosing the best wallet for Bitcoin Cash storage. They should also be able to answer questions such as “What is bitcoin cash wallet address?” and “How to register bitcoin cash wallet?” during the initial stages.

Ongoing development

The best Bitcoin Cash wallet providers constantly update the software and security measures underpinning the wallet. You should look out for an active, vibrant development community before choosing the wallet.

How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet

If you want a Bitcoin Cash web wallet, you simply have to visit a site like or You do not have to spend hours searching for how to create Bitcoin Cash wallet address, as the site will handle everything for you and host your wallet. Enter an email address, choose a password, accept the terms and conditions and click to create your Bitcoin Cash wallet. You can create a paper wallet by visiting sites such as CashAddress, or You then simply have to print off your keys and enjoy the benefits of cold storage.

There are plenty of Bitcoin Cash web wallets to choose from, available on both Android and iOS, including Jaxx, Coinomi, StrongCoin and Gemini. They are available for download at the app store and sit on your mobile. You will have to choose a password and a recovery sentence and then you can get to grips with the layout of the app. A desktop wallet follows a similar process. You can just visit the developer’s website and download it. Some software BCH wallets require you to provide personal details, but many are anonymous, and that makes the process much quicker.

Why Choose Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash offers quicker user-to-user transactions than Bitcoin since the hard fork of 2017. It is more scalable, allowing more people to make transactions on the blockchain at a given time and therefore speeding the process up. It is cheaper to move around between the crypto exchanges. It does not have the same level of investor confidence that BTC boasts, but it shows a great deal of promise thanks to the agility and commitment to innovation displayed by its development team, making Bitcoin Cash an excellent cryptocurrency to invest in.

Anyone looking at Litecoin wallet reviews and EOS wallet reviews should give Bitcoin Cash serious consideration, as it is larger and more prominent than those coins. Your next question will be, what is Bitcoin Cash wallet, and this article teaches you everything you need to know about finding one and setting it up.


The development team at Bitcoin Cash recommends you opt for a mobile wallet, desktop wallet, hardware wallet or paper wallet, so you might want to avoid a web-based wallet. A hardware wallet is probably the best all-round option, as it is safe and secure, but there are some great mobile wallets to download if you are not planning to hold a large amount of BCH for a long period of time.

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