EOS Wallet Reviews 2021

EOS is the native cryptocurrency that powers smart contracts and transactions on the increasingly popular EOSIO blockchain. It went live in June 2018 after a yearlong ICO, EOS is now hovering around the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. An EOS wallet allows you to store this altcoin, which was essentially designed as a scalable and user-friendly version of Ethereum.

The best EOS wallet will also facilitate rapid transactions, provide solid security and help you manage your holdings, so read on to find the best wallet for EOS that suits your particular needs.

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You can opt for a basic paper wallet, an advanced hardware wallet, a browser-based web wallet or a variety of software wallets to store your EOS.

Paper wallets

A paper wallet is simply a slip of paper with your wallet address and private key printed on it. You will not have to fear the threat of hackers, as it is totally offline, but it is not particularly convenient. You can also lose it, or it could be stolen or damaged, so paper wallets are generally not recommended.

Hardware wallets

If you want the highest security, a hardware wallet is your best bet. It allows you to store your EOS offline, away from the grasp of hackers. The best hardware EOS wallets also come with advanced features like an OLED screen for checking transactions and an accompanying app that allows you to conduct transactions quickly. They are durable and portable, and work with almost any device imaginable.

The only downsides are the cost of buying a hardware wallet, the time it takes for the wallet to arrive and a slightly longer process when it comes to the how to register EOS wallet stage, but it is well worth it for the level of security you receive.

Web wallets

A web wallet is really convenient. You can sign up for one in less than a minute and access it via a browser from anywhere in the world. Many are beautifully designed and make it really simple to send and receive EOS. However, web wallets are arguably the worst choice from a security perspective, because hackers regularly target them. If you go for a web wallet, you should find one that allows you to retain control of your private keys and remain anonymous.

Software wallets

Many EOS holders like to go for a software wallet. You can download one for your desktop, or visit the app store and download a software wallet for your mobile device. It is extremely convenient and a great option for anyone that makes regular transactions, but it is connected to the internet and that creates security concerns. You should look for a software wallet provider with rock-solid security credentials if you choose to go down this route.

Who Should Make Use of This Comparison?

This comparison is important for anyone considering investing in EOS. It lists the key EOS wallet options available to you, helps you understand the key features they offer and allows you to make an educated decision about which one to go for. It is also helpful for existing EOS investors and traders, as you could well find a better EOS wallet than the one you are currently using.

It is worth pointing out that the majority of these wallets are multicoin options, meaning you can store EOS alongside many other altcoins. You do not need to look at specific Bitcoin wallets or read Ripple wallet reviews, Tether wallet reviews, or Ethereum wallet reviews, as you can store all of these coins and many more in one handy place.

The remainder of the article explains the different EOS wallet categories available to you, helps you identify the best EOS wallet for your needs, explains how our experts assess these wallets and walks you through the necessary steps required to create an EOS wallet.

Editor’s Recommendation

If you want to go for a simple, convenient web wallet, the Freewallet EOS wallet is a solid choice. It allows you to send EOS using a built-in converter, provides more than 50 trading pairs and allows you to top up your wallet with several cryptocurrencies. It has a pretty good reputation among the crypto community, so it is a reasonably good choice if you do not mind having a hosted wallet.

Atomic is a great choice if you want a software wallet. It is available on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. It supports more than 300 coins, including EOS, and it offers a built-in swap exchange. The interface is fantastic, making it easy and pleasurable to manage your EOS holdings and conduct transactions. It is open source, which reduces the chances of vulnerabilities in the programming.

There is always a security risk with software wallets, as your desktop could have malware or you could connect to the internet through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, but you can pair Atomic with a hardware wallet so that you get the best of both worlds: security and convenience.

Ledger and Trezor are the key hardware EOS wallet providers. The Ledger Nano X is a fantastic piece of hardware, replete with rock-solid security, an OLED screen and Bluetooth connection to devices. It is sleek, lightweight and suitably robust, so it makes a great choice for storing EOS and it is not actually all that expensive when you consider how much security it offers. You can pair it with a dedicated mobile app, ensuring that balance of security, convenience and a great user experience.

This is How Our Experts Test EOS Wallets

Our team of crypto wallet experts will review all new and existing wallets in great detail, focusing on security, development, customer service, ease of use, compatibility, backup and other key points. They buy hardware wallets, compare the prices and monitor the shipping times.

The reviewers download all the latest software wallets and sign up for all the different browser-based wallets, deposit EOS into them, make transactions and test how quick, efficient and enjoyable the whole process is. They will test the user experience, ease of navigation and range of extra features on offer at each EOS wallet in order to help you find the best wallet for EOS.

The expert reviewers will interact with the customer service team at each wallet provider to test how quick the response times are throughout the day and night. They will ask everything from simple questions like “what is EOS wallet” and “how to get EOS wallet address” to advanced questions around security and EOS trading in order to gauge how knowledgeable, helpful and efficient the representatives are.

The reviewers also conduct a thorough analysis of each wallet provider, searching for security breaches, customer reviews, reputation within the crypto community, transparency, trustworthiness and an active development community. Once they have compiled all of this information, they will present their findings in an easily digestible manner to enable you to find the best EOS wallet for your needs.

Finding the Best EOS Wallet for You

If you plan to store a substantial amount of EOS in the medium to long-term, a hardware wallet is your best option. It offers the greatest level of security, and it can be paired with a mobile app so that you can quickly access your holdings, perform admin and make transactions while out and about.

If you are new to EOS investing and you only plan to hold a small amount, a browser-based wallet should be fine, but look out for one that has no significant security breaches in its history, and ideally try to find one that allows you to stay anonymous and retain control of your private keys. A paper wallet is fine if you are giving someone a gift, but a hardware and mobile wallet combination is better in the long run.

How to Identify the Best EOS Wallets

You should keep several factors in mind when searching for your ideal EOS wallet:

Safety and security

EOS has been subject to many hacking attacks over the past couple of years, so watertight security should be your main concern when searching for the best wallet for EOS. EOS wallet providers should have no security breaches in the past, and they should constantly use the latest encryption software to ensure your funds are kept safe and secure. Ideally, you should opt for cold storage that does not put you at risk of hacks or phishing scams.

Backup and restore

You should demand solid back up and restore features from your EOS wallet. EOS holdings can be highly valuable, and you might start to panic if you lose your wallet or it is compromised in some way. The best EOS wallet providers will give you peace of mind by allowing you to recover your wallet quickly and with minimal fuss, using a specific recovery seed.

Reputation and reliability

You should seek a reputable EOS wallet provider with a long history of security and customer satisfaction. Customer support is crucial. Ideally, you should be able to access polite, professional customer support on a 24/7 basis in case you have a problem with a transaction.

Even if you only need to ask basic questions such as “how to create EOS wallet address” and “what is EOS wallet address” during the EOS wallet sign up process, the representatives should be patient and helpful. An active development community behind the wallet is also important, as it makes the wallet safer, more reliable and more user-friendly by improving the interface and exploiting the latest technological advances.

Compatibility and versatility

Make sure the EOS wallet you choose is compatible with the devices you use on a regular basis. The best EOS wallet options are compatible with a huge range of devices. Versatility is also important for many crypto investors.

It is unlikely that you will only hold EOS, so you should probably opt for a wallet that also allows you to store Bitcoin, Ether and a wide range of other altcoins. Even if you only plan to hold EOS in the immediate future, investing in a versatile multicoin wallet can save you needing to read Bitcoin SV wallet reviews, Binance Coin wallet reviews and Litecoin wallet reviews in future.

Usability and functionality

Beginners will really benefit from an EOS wallet that is easy to use. It should offer seamless navigation, display all the information you need in a clear fashion and come with a rich array of helpful features, educational materials and analytical tools. However, experienced EOS investors can also benefit from strong usability and functionality, as it saves you time and frees you up to focus on trading EOS and other coins.

How to Create an EOS Wallet

If you order a hardware wallet, you will need to download the accompanying software, then choose a PIN code, make a note of the recovery phrase and then install applications via the manager tool. Add an EOS account to manage your holdings, and then you can send and receive this popular cryptocurrency. A software wallet must be downloaded from the developer’s site, a trusted third-party site or the app store.

You will be walked through a backup process, then you can create your password and commit your recovery phrase to memory. Various sites allow you to print off a safe paper EOS wallet, while signing up for a web-based wallet only requires you to choose and confirm a password in a process that can take less than 30 seconds.

Why Choose EOS?

EOS was dubbed “Ethereum killer” when it was launched, as it aims to provide a stable, user-friendly and scalable version of Ethereum. It is very convenient for developers, it is extremely quick, there is a self-sufficient reward model and it is a democratic platform, allowing EOS holders to vote on governance.

There are centralisation concerns and it faces significant competition, such as NEO, RChain and even different coins such as Bitcoin Cash, which is also popular among anyone holding an EOS wallet. BCH is another major cryptocurrency to invest in at crypto exchanges and you can check out Bitcoin Cash wallet reviews, but it makes sense to spread out your crypto portfolio, and EOS continues to grow in prominence.


The best EOS wallets allow you to store your coins in a safe and secure fashion, make quick transactions and benefit from a range of rich features. You should always spend time using this best wallet for EOS guide, as it steers you towards reputable, trustworthy wallet providers with strong security, customer satisfaction levels and development teams.

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