Ripple Wallet Reviews 2021

The best Ripple wallets allow you to store your XRP, make payments and receive withdrawals in a safe and seamless fashion. You have a wealth of options at your disposal, from hardware wallets and paper wallets to hot wallets and software wallets.

This article will explain the pros and cons of the various options, help you find your perfect match and teach you how to set up a Ripple wallet.

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Ripple Wallet Options

XRP wallets fall into a number of different categories.

Hot wallet

The easiest option is to use a web-based wallet provider, otherwise known as a hot wallet. This is the quickest, most convenient and simplest way to store XRP, but it is also one of the riskiest. Your private keys will be stored online, meaning they are vulnerable to hackers. Hundreds of Ripple wallets have been hacked in recent years and millions of coins have been stolen, so many people will prefer a more secure option.

Paper wallet

One of the safest choices is an old-school paper wallet. This simply involves printing out a piece of paper with your private and public keys on it, meaning you are never at risk of being hacked. Services like Bithomp allow you to create a paper wallet. However, you could lose the piece of paper, or it could be damaged by water or fire, while this is also an inconvenient option for checking your balance and making transactions.

Software wallet

A popular option is a software wallet. There are mobile and desktop options. This software wallet sits on your phone or desktop, and allows you to store XRP and make transactions. A mobile Ripple wallet is convenient if you always keep your phone by your side, but potentially problematic if you lose your phone. A desktop wallet is handy, but you cannot always use it while on the go. These wallets are also liable to be hacked. You can also check out an open-source wallet such as Toast, but bear in mind that this only holds XRP.

Hardware wallet

Perhaps the best option is a hardware wallet. This is a portable piece of hardware that you can carry around or lock in your safe. You can access it by plugging it into your computer’s USB port, while many now have a built-in LED screen, allowing you to quickly check your balance and confirm transactions. These are offline and generally safe from hacking, while they are less flimsy than paper wallets. You have to pay for a hardware wallet, but it is a worthwhile investment if you are planning to hold a lot of XRP. Shipping times can be annoying, and there is a risk of losing the hardware wallet, but it is probably the safest way to store XRP.

Who Should Make Use of This Comparison?

This comparison is designed for anyone that wants to store XRP and use the tokens to transfer assets on the Ripple network. Ripple is an increasingly popular payment settlement, asset exchange and remittance system, used by a number of banks and traders, and many people like to hold XRP. However, you need somewhere to store it, and an XRP Ripple wallet provides this service. It also allows you to check your balance, make payments and receive transfers.

You should make use of this comparison if you want to use the Ripple payment protocol system or if you are thinking of buying XRP. You might have previously checked out our Ethereum wallet reviews, Tether wallet reviews or Litecoin wallet reviews and now you are continuing your journey by investing in XRP. Perhaps you have Bitcoin Wallets and you want to branch out. This guide will help you find the right wallet to suit your specific needs. It is also relevant for people that already hold a Ripple wallet, as you may find a better option than your current solution.

Editor’s Recommendation

The Ledger Nano S is a very strong option if you are looking for the best hardware XRP Ripple wallet. It is small and compact, but it is also very durable, you can plug it into any computer. There is a built-in OLED screen that allows you to confirm transactions with a double-tap, and it tracks your XRP holdings on the blockchain. There is a two-factor authentication system, a secure PIN system and a reassuringly strong recovery seed setup. It is also versatile, holding a number of different cryptocurrencies.

If you are looking for an online Ripple wallet, Uphold is easy to set up and boasts a strong user interface. The Ripple wallet download is simple, you can access it via any browser and it supports several cryptocurrencies, along with more than 20 fiat currencies and some other tradable assets. All hot wallets are risky, but it is more secure than several alternative web-based options. As previously mentioned, Toast is a good open-source option and you can visit Bithomp to easily create a paper wallet.

Atomic Wallet is a strong desktop option if you are looking for the best wallet for Ripple. It supports more than 300 coins, including Ripple, and allows you to send, receive and trade crypto via a partnership with Changelly. This is a convenient, versatile wallet for anyone that spends a lot of time in front of the computer. Crypterium is an interesting choice for mobile users. It is a mobile-first crypto wallet that supports XRP, while allowing you to buy, exchange, cash out, earn interest and buy products. It works all over the world, and it is totally free, so it is a cheap, convenient and flexible option for anyone that is often on the go and keeps a smartphone close at hand.

This is How Our Experts Test Ripple Wallets

Our reviewers buy all the latest hardware wallets, compare prices, monitor shipping times and assess how easy they are to set up. They perform a security analysis and assess how easy they are to use, how versatile they are, and other criteria like flexibility, durability and convenience. Our experts can then compare the various different options against one another and recommend the best XRP wallet options on the market.

They sign up for the various web-based XRP wallets and judge how effective and secure the process is. The reviewers complete transactions and gain a strong feel for how well the information is displayed, and how quick and simple it is to make transactions. They perform the same process with mobile and desktop wallets, while also factoring in download speeds and ease of installation. They also interact with the general crypto community in order to learn more about the reputation of each wallet, security breaches and any user complaints, before making expert recommendations.

Finding the Best Ripple Wallet for You

The best XRP wallet differs from person to person. If you are frequently jetting around the world, you might prefer the convenience of a mobile wallet. You might prefer a desktop wallet if you spend most of your time sitting at home by the computer. If you are new to the whole process and you do not plan to store much XRP, you could go for a free, simple web-based wallet such as FreeWallet or Edge.

However, the best all-round option for security is a hardware wallet. It requires an initial investment, but it is well worth the price if it protects you from theft. It is sturdier than a paper wallet and a lot more convenient, as you can use the OLED screen to check your balance and make payments. You can plug hardware wallets into any computer, and the best ones are portable enough to keep on you at all times.

How to Identify the Best Ripple Wallets

There are dozens of different Ripple wallet options for you to choose from and there are some fees involved, so you need to make an educated decision. These are the key criteria to look out for when trying to find the best wallet for Ripple:


Security should be at the forefront of your priority list when searching for a wallet for ripple XRP. You should look for a wallet that has no history of security breaches and ticks all the right boxes for safety. It should have two-factor authentication and a secure PIN, while there should be strong recovery seed accessibility measures in place.


Convenience is another key factor to consider when choosing a Ripple coin wallet. You should look for a wallet that is as convenient as possible, as long as it does not compromise security. This is often a fine balancing act, as the most convenient wallets can be most vulnerable to hackers, but some wallets are easy to access, work on a number of platforms and still keep your coins protected.

Control of private keys

Ideally, you should look for a Ripple wallet that allows you to retain full control of your private keys. This can help you stay protected and control your own funds. Some people prefer the convenience of hosted wallets, but there are significant upsides to keeping your private keys to yourself.

User experience

The general user experience is another important factor to bear in mind. Some of the best wallet for Ripple providers will ensure that your balance is displayed clearly and that you can easily access your past transactions. They keep deposits and withdrawals simple, while naturally ensuring safety at all times, and provide educational and analytical tools to help improve the user experience.

Compatibility with multiple cryptocurrencies

Compatibility with multiple digital tokens is another important consideration for many people searching for a Ripple wallet. XRP is generally the third or fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and vying for third place with Tether. Many Ripple users like to hold a number of different coins, as they all have different uses and contrasting strengths and weaknesses. The ability to hold all your coins in one place, without having to purchase multiple wallets or spend hours browsing through Bitcoin Cash wallet reviews, Bitcoin SV wallet reviews, Binance Coin wallet reviews and EOS wallet reviews is a definite advantage.

How to Create a Ripple Wallet

If you want a paper wallet, simply visit a free service online, create a Ripple wallet and print it off. Web-based wallets simply require you to visit the site and register. Enter an email address, create a password, and secure your account using the two-factor authentication system.

You can download a mobile Ripple wallet by visiting the app store. You should then create a strong password, set a recovery question and use the receiving address for XRP withdrawals. Follow a similar process to download a desktop wallet for Ripple XRP. You can download the software online. Many of these wallets require no personal information.

You will have to place an online order for a hardware wallet and wait for it to be shipped to you. Then you must connect it to your computer, visit the hardware provider’s website, install the associated software, set up a pin, create and write down recovery seeds and choose a name for your hardware. You can then begin using it.

Why Choose Ripple?

XRP is a popular cryptocurrency to invest in, as it is used by many banks and financial institutions across the world. It has major institutional investors and it is now firmly established, but experts believe it has strong growth potential. Ripple is a very popular payment platform, and XRP is underpinned by third-generation blockchain technology. It is also a lot cheaper to buy XRP at various crypto exchanges than BTC, so it makes a great entry to the world of crypto for many users.


XRP is a promising, versatile cryptocurrency and it is great to have so many different wallets to choose from. There is no perfect solution, as you are always forced to balance convenience against security, but several wallets tick most of the requisite boxes. This page can help you identify your perfect match, as we only recommend trustworthy, reliable wallets that meet the exacting standards set by our team of expert reviewers.

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