BRD Wallet Review 2021

BRD is the easiest to use cryptocurrency wallets out there. It’s less secure than other wallets, but it can be a good first crypto wallet if you don’t have much crypto and want to learn about it. It is a hot wallet and will make buying and selling using crypto easily.

At this point, it only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum which will put off the advanced crypto traders. But if this is your first entry into cryptocurrency then BRD makes it simple to get started and you can move onto more advanced crypto wallets later on once you have a greater understanding of how they work.

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Before we get into the BRD wallet review we need to explain the different types of cryptocurrency wallets that are on the market. We will be talking about the best Bitcoin wallets in the UK and the types of wallets they offer.

You need to know that there are two types of cryptocurrency wallets – cold wallets and hot wallets. Cold wallets are kept offline and only plugged in when you use them. One type is a paper wallet where you print out the keys and keep safe.

The is a hardware wallet. In this case, all of your cryptos are kept on a device. You only plug this device into your computer when you want to buy something with cryptocurrency. Hot wallets are for people who need to have their crypto wallets online all the time.

One type is a software wallet. This runs on your computer or cell phone. BRD is a software wallet. Then they are online wallets. These are often connected to various Bitcoin exchanges They are easy to use and just require a password. The downside to this type of wallet is that if the company goes out of business you will lose all of your money.

Pros And Cons of the BRD Wallet

The biggest pro in our BRD wallet review is how easy it is to set up and use. It also has a built-in feature where you can buy Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from BRD itself. It doesn’t take it much user data, so you are not that vulnerable. It stores your data on your device itself. The cons are that it currently only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It also can’t run on a desktop or laptop; it’s only available on your iOS or Android enabled device. It’s a stripped-down crypto wallet and that is reflected in our BRD wallet review. BRD will function well as the first crypto wallet you try out. Then in six months or so you can move on to something more advanced. Our BRD wallet review reflects this. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with choosing from a lot of brands which cryptocurrency to invest in.

Cryptocurrencies & Technology

BRD only accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum, which was a disappointment for our BRD wallet review. Their technology also runs through multiple third-party servers which could affect security on their end. The program stores your information directly on your device which means there is no central registry for anyone to hack.

Your PIN is stored in your device so it can’t be hacked by outside users. From a technological standpoint, BRD is as simple as it gets. It simply functions as a place where you can store Bitcoin or Ethereum and then use them to buy things or get paid. It doesn’t have any of the features that most crypto wallets have, and our BRD wallet review score reflects this.

It is a stripped-down, easy to use crypto wallet for beginners that want to start using crypto. Advanced users are going to want something with a bit more technical flash and more technological security.


BRD is an incredibly easy crypto wallet to use, which we’re excited to mention in our BRD wallet review. First, either go to the Apple app store or the Android app store and download it. It will be free. Once it’s downloaded open up the app. Then you have to hit “Create New Wallet.” Once you do that it will ask you to come up with a six-digit PIN code. You will have to enter the PIN code twice to make sure you didn’t make a typo. Then the wallet will send you a 12-word code. Write this code down and hide it somewhere.

If you for some reason forget your PIN code, you can use this 12 random word code to reset your PIN. Once you’ve done that you are all set up. Sending out Bitcoin or Ethereum just requires you to enter the address you want to send it to. Getting paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum also requires you to type in the address you expect to get it from. It will take a bit of time for you to get your crypto and to send it out but that is fairly standard with crypto wallets.

Once you are up and running it just takes a few taps on the keyboard if you want to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on Crypto exchanges. This system is fully integrated and easy to use. BRD is by far the easiest crypto wallet we’ve seen, and you don’t need to have any technical experience to use it. That plays favorably into our BRD wallet review. If you are particularly security-minded, you’ll probably want to find a different crypto wallet. But if you just have $100 or so of crypto and want to gain experience in using it, then BRD wallet is fine.

Security And Support

BRD wallet from their company’s end is secure. The BRD wallet stores your PIN on your device, which means that it is not communicated to BRD and does not go through third parties. This adds another layer of security, and should generally make your crypto wallet fairly safe. This is reflected in our BRD wallet review score.

When it comes to customer service BRD isn’t all that great. They have a large FAQ and try to get you to find the answer to your problem there. Then if you can’t you have to send them an email and wait for a response. This response can take a couple of days to come. We knock them down a few points in our BRD wallet review for this. BRD is not the most security-minded of all the crypto wallets. It’s just a basic wallet. For people who don’t use crypto all the time, it will probably be fine. Like we said before it’s a starter wallet for people, hence the results of our BRD wallet review.


The final tally of our BRD wallet review is that it is a good first crypto wallet for consumers. There is no BRD wallet promo code. There are no BRD fees. There are no BRD limits. BRD withdrawals work fairly well. if you just have a couple of hundred bucks in Bitcoin then BRD will probably work out fine for you.

The main selling point is that it’s easy to use and simple to install. Once you’ve done that you are up and running and can start using your Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is all reflected in our BRD review.

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