Trezor Wallet Review 2021

Trezor is the original “cold wallet” for cryptocurrency. Because of the way it is set up no one can hack. It’s expensive but if you have a lot of cryptocurrencies it’s worth it. It will also accept all cryptocurrencies so that should not be a problem for you.

It’s a bit technical to set up and use but if you have a lot of cryptos you can probably handle that. It’s so good that even if it gets stolen there is a way for you to retrieve your crypto and keep it out of the hands of whoever stole it.

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Before we can provide you with a complete Trezor wallet review you need to know about the types of cryptocurrency wallets out there. These descriptions are meant to apply to the best Bitcoin wallets in the UK.

There are two types of cryptocurrency wallets – cold wallets and hot wallets. Cold wallets are pieces of hardware you connect to your computer. When you aren’t using them, your device has no Internet connection so it can’t be hacked. You’ll see in this Trezor wallet review just how hard it is to access this type of wallet.

Then there are the hot wallets, which can be run on your computer or cell phone, or it’s run by wherever you do your crypto exchanges.

Pros And Cons Of Trezor

The biggest pro in this Trezor wallet review is just how secure it is. Keep it not plugged into your computer and nobody is going to hack it.

The cons of the Trezor wallet is that it is expensive. If you don’t have a ton of crypto to keep hidden away it’s probably not worth it. If you do, however, have a lot of cryptos you aren’t going to find better than the Trezor wallet. That is reflected in our Trezor wallet review score.

Cryptocurrencies & Technology

Trezor can accept any forms of cryptocurrencies. This is one of its greatest strengths and something that made our Trezor wallet review team sit up and take notice. The limited USB connection also helps keep it safe. You access the Trezor wallet through a PIN. However, the order of the numbers changes each time you log in making it invulnerable to keystroke attacks. Its firmware is regularly updated to counter any emerging risks.

Thanks to all of this technology it remains the safest way to store your cryptocurrency to invest in. There is also a 24-word backup passphrase, so if the Trezor wallet is stolen you can shut it down and have all your cryptocurrency remain safe until you set up another Trezor wallet. This is all part of why our Trezor wallet review remains as positive as it is.


When you first get the Trezor wallet you have to plug it into your computer via USB. Then it will give you a link. You have to manually type the link into your computer. Then the site will give you some tips on how to keep your Trezor wallet safe and redirect you to another site. Now you have to choose whether to attach the wallet to a Chrome extension or to the computer itself. Either way will give you the same result.

Then it will ask you about firmware. Click yes to install the latest firmware. Now, wait until the image on the screen matches the image on your Trezor wallet. Then unplug your Trezor, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. It will give you another site you have to go to. Again, you will have to type this in manually. At this point, our Trezor wallet review team realized this is not for the newbies among us.

Then you will be asked to name your Trezor device. Pick any name you want. Now a block of numbers will appear on your Trezor wallet. They will be placed in random order. On your screen will be a blank box. This is how you set up your pin. You have to type the numbers you want as they are displayed on the Trezor device – not how they are displayed on your keyboard. You will have to do this twice. Then you will have to set up your 24-word backup phrase for if your Trezor is stolen. Again, this will have to be done twice.

Once this is done you can then use the Trezor to send and receive money. Our Trezor wallet review gives them high marks for all of the steps involved in keeping the wallet safe.

Security And Support

Trezor has the highest level of security of any device ever created to store cryptocurrency, and the highlight of this is the PIN system. Because the numbers come up in a different order every time, nobody can use keylogger software to be able to track the actual pin you use.

This is an incredible advantage. The USB also will not allow any software to track the device itself. Because the device is only plugged into the computer when you are using it, it’s honestly as secure as you can get. Our Trezor wallet reviewers were seriously impressed by how great the security on the device is.

When it comes to customer service Trezor is a bit behind the times. They have a long blog article that essentially says, “Look at your manual.” Then they explain how you can contact them, but advise you to use “short phrases.” This implies that they are scanning to find you an answer they can cut and paste to you. Our Trezor wallet review deducts a few points for that. Customer service should be a bit more friendly. That said if what you are looking for is security the Trezor wallet has that in spades and won’t let you down.

Trezor Device

The Trezor wallet is a beautiful device. It is black and shaped something like a mouse. It comes with a USB connection and can be easily plugged into your computer. On top of it is a display. This will at first be used to tell you what site to go to set up your device. After that, it will be used to show you the order the numbers are in for your pin.

It also comes with a lanyard so you can take the device with you wherever you go. It’s small so you can also store it near your PC, and it will look nice. Our Trezor wallet review gives it high marks for this. It could have easily ended up resembling a hard drive. It doesn’t. It has both form and function and is exactly what you’d expect from a great designer. It just looks good.


Our Trezor wallet review concludes that this is the top of the line cold crypto wallets. From its beautiful design to its practical features if you want to keep your cryptocurrency safe it is the way to go. It is expensive so you only want it if you have at least a couple thousand dollars’ worth of crypto to store. If you do it’s a good investment.

If anything will keep your cryptocurrency safe the Trezor wallet is it. The fact that it accepts all forms of cryptocurrency also makes it invaluable for people who like to speculate on different markets. Trezor wallet withdrawals are easy. There is no Trezor wallet promo code. There are no Trezor wallet fees. There are no Trezor wallet limits. You simply get a top-notch cold wallet. And it works with any crypto exchange in the UK.

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