Buy Bitcoin with PayPal 2022

From Bitcoin to PayPal you have two very popular entities in the financial sector. So, putting the two together by buying Bitcoin with PayPal should in theory be a match made in heaven.

Our guide takes a closer look at how to create and fund your PayPal account. From there we give you some important tips on how to find the safest trading platforms that offer PayPal as a payment method. And of course, we give you some of our favourite PayPal trading platforms in eToro, Coinbase and Binance as well.

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How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

There are a few ways for you to get your hands on some Bitcoin by using PayPal. However, not all trading platforms will let you use PayPal as a payment method so you need to be aware of this before joining the first crypto broker that you see. You can buy bitcoin with PayPal on the actual PayPal site and have it be in your PayPal wallet. However, this feature is strictly for US residents only. So, if you live outside of the US your best bet is to buy Bitcoin with PayPal on a crypto exchange platform or with a crypto broker. Let’s get into more details on how you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal:

Creating your PayPal account

Before you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal you will need to create an account on the site first. You will need to navigate to the PayPal website where you will need to select the “sign up” button. Choose what type of account you would like to have between business and personal. Add in your name, surname, email address and password.

You will need to fill in some personal information like your country of origin and your address. Lastly, you will need to verify your account by navigating to the email that PayPal sent you after your account creation process. Once you have done that, your PayPal account is ready to go and you can now use it on selected crypto broker trading platforms or exchanges.

Fund your PayPal account

If you want to buy Bitcoins with PayPal then you will first need to fund your PayPal account. The process is very straightforward and shouldn’t take you longer than a couple of minutes to complete. You will need to navigate to the “my wallet” section on the site first. Then, you need to select “transfer money”. From there you need to select “add money to your balance”. After that, all you need to do is select the amount that you would like to deposit into your PayPal wallet and the bank that you are transferring the funds from. Simply click “Add” and the process is complete.

Depending on your bank or if you decide to fund your account with a credit or debit card the processing time may ary. If you decide to fund your PayPal account with your bank account then it will likely take anywhere between 3-4 business days for it to clear. After that, you are ready to go straight from PayPal to Bitcoin.

Where to buy Bitcoin with PayPal

If you are a resident of the US then you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal straight on the PayPal website. If not, then you will need to find a suitable online crypto trading platform to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. Before you join the first crypto trading platform that you see there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before going ahead:

Crypto brokers who accept PayPal

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin with PayPal then you need to find a Bitcoin exchange platform that lets you go from PayPal to Bitcoin as an option. There are a couple of options out there but in order for you to safely gauge whether you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal on these platforms, you need to scan through these sites’ payment methods section. This section will generally reveal to you what payment methods are available on the site and what some of the fees are that you might incur. Here you should be able to see whether or not you can use PayPal to buy Bitcoin.

Making sure they are safe to use

Once you have found that you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal on a site you think will do the job for you then you need to ascertain whether that trading platform is safe to use. Unfortunately, there are trading platform scams out there so its best to err on the side of caution before jumping into the first one that lets you use PayPal to buy Bitcoin. So, how do you know if these platforms are safe to use?

You should always check to see what license these trading platforms are operating under. The licensing is crucial to securing a safe experience on these sites. Check to see who provided the license as you can search if that financial authority is a legitimate institution. A genuine license suggests that the trading platform has jumped through all the necessary administrative hoops and gotten through the regulatory red tape to be able to operate legitimately.

You should then check to see what website security the trading platform uses to protect its users. There are a couple of things to look out for in this regard but first and foremost you should check to see if they are using the latest SSL-encryption technology which protects user data from nefarious third-party entities. Furthermore, it is always good to add an extra layer of security by having a two-step authentication process for your payment methods. This will ensure that even if someone gets onto your account they cannot easily access your money or crypto.

At we conduct a number of comprehensive reviews for all the crypto trading platforms and exchanges that give you a detailed look at whether or not they are safe to use. We also tell you about some of these platforms’ unique features and offerings. So, you can always visit our site to save yourself some of the time and effort you would have put into searching the internet yourself. We are also always updating our site with the newest crypto trading platforms so be sure to see who the new kids on the block are and whether they let you buy Bitcoin with PayPal or not.

Our top crypto brokers for PayPal deposits

As we just mentioned, our website is a great palace for you to find out more information on the best crypto trading platforms that offer PayPal as a payment method. This helps to save you time but also gives you the whole picture on these platforms. With that being said, we still want to give you some of our favourite brokers and exchanges that allow you to buy BItcoin with PayPal.


eToro is without doubt one of the best trading platforms in the world. They offer an extensive range of commodities, options, stocks and most importantly cryptocurrencies. Not only do you have diverse options at your fingertips but they also have what you came here for which is the option to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. All you need to do is make sure that your PayPal account is funded and you can easily conduct transactions on the platform. Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is made easy on the eToro platform, as is everything else for that matter.


Coinbase differs from eToro in that it is a cryptocurrency exchange platform and not just a broker trading platform. This means that you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal on the site from other like-minded peers. You can also sell your Bitcoin at the price of your choosing.

Coinbase is an exceptional exchange broker that allows you to connect to other traders on the site. Coinbase essentially functions as the middle man putting you into contact with other traders who are looking to buy or sell within a similar price range as you. The process is straightforward and easy to execute. Coinbase is comfortably the world’s best crypto exchange platform in the world and it won’t take you very long to see why.


Binance is another fantastic crypto exchange platform option for users looking to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. The site offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and does an excellent job in putting you into contact with other like-minded crypto traders. The payment fees on Binance are more than fair and stack up well against their industry competitors.

Overall, you shouldn’t run into any issues when you use the Binance trading platform, just like you won’t run into any problems paying for Bitcoin with PayPay on the site. There are a number of different reasons to join Binance, not just because they offer PayPal as a payment method. Check out some of the user reviews to see why this crypto exchange is considered one of the best in the world at the moment.

Alternative payment methods for buying Bitcoin

If you are not yet convinced to buy Bitcoin with PayPal then you may want to consider a few other viable payment methods that you can use on the best crypto trading platforms. While PayPal is certainly a high-quality payment method you may not be fully convinced to leave your current preferred payment method. Here are a couple of other payment methods you could use to buy Bitcoin that might just get you to take another route:

Bank transfers

Bank transfers are one of the most common methods to use when funding a crypto trading platform account. This is because it is trustworthy and is much easier to do as you can simply transfer money from an already existing bank account that you have. The only downside to bank transfers is that they can take as long as 10 business days to clear in your crypto broker account. Aside from that, it is a very safe bet to help you on your way to buying Bitcoin.

Debit & credit cards

You can also buy Bitcoin with a credit card or debit card, using exchanges and apps such as Binance or Zeply. Each of these has its merits but both share the same strength in that your transaction times are instant. You can buy Bitcoin on the best exchanges instantly when using either of these two options.

Neteller & Skrill

If you are looking for an ewallet alternative to PayPal then the best options for you are no doubt Skrill and Neteller. These two ewallets are the ones you will see most frequently as available payment methods on most Bitcoin trading platforms. Your deposits and withdrawals are instant when using Neteller and Skrill which makes moving your Bitcoin into your crypto wallet much easier. Neteller and Skrill are great alternatives to buy Bitcoin Paypal.

Conclusion – Buying Bitcoin with PayPal

That brings us to the end of our review for how to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. There is a decent amount of information for you to take on board but you can always revisit our guide to freshen up your knowledge. Now you know exactly how you can create your Paypal account and how to fund it as well. This should make going forward with your Bitcoin purchases a lot simpler. After you have found a suitable crypto trading platform of course.

Remember not all crypto trading platforms are safe to use so be sure to keep in mind the points we made on how you can ensure that you have a safe experience when you buy Bitcoin with PayPal. Furthermore, not all trading platforms allow you to use PayPal as a payment method so be sure to check out our website to see what Bitcoin platforms PayPal fans should be using. A PayPal Bitcoin combination is a beautiful thing once you find the right crypto trading broker that can facilitate that method for you.

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal – FAQ

💳 How do I create a PayPal account?

At TradersBest, we want to make sure that your process of creating a PayPal account goes as smoothly as possible. That is why our guide will take you step by step through how you can complete this process successfully without so much as a hiccup. From there you’ll be able to buy Bitcoin with PayPal in no time. Remember the account creation process is an important part of the whole so you don’t want to falter at the first hurdle.

💰 How do I fund my PayPal account?

There are a couple of different ways for you to find your PayPal account which you will need to do in order to buy Bitcoin with PayPal on the best crypto exchanges. Our PayPal guide will show you how you can fund your PayPal account and what options you have available to do so. We don’t miss a beat with our PayPal guide as we try to cover all angles to give you a comprehensive and informative guide on Bitcoin trading apps and more.

🤑 Can I buy Bitcoin with PayPal?

This is a question that more and more people have started asking as interest in Bitcoin grows. Our guide on PayPal will let you know exactly where you stand in terms of being able to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. There are a couple of nuances here so check out our guide to make sure you know exactly what to look out for when it comes to buying Bitcoin with PayPal.

💲 What crypto trading platforms accept Paypal as a payment method?

Every crypto trading broker and crypto exchange will vary in the options they give you for payment methods. This means that you need to be careful about where you sign up because they may not offer PayPal as a payment method. Fear not, our guide will give you three of our favourite online crypto brokers that offer PayPal as a payment method and as well as show you how you can buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

🔒 How do I know if these trading platforms are safe to use?

There are unfortunately crypto trading platform scams out there so you need to be careful about what site you use to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. At we want to make sure you have the safest experience on these sites possible which is why we show you what to look out for in a secure online trading platform and what you should avoid.

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