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EOS is one of the newer cryptocurrencies to hit the market and it looks to be doing fairly well. They have protocols in place to keep inflation from hitting the market. Is you want to learn more about EOS, keep reading this guide.

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EOS is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a blockchain. EOS tokens are the currency that is used to power the blockchain, called EOS.IO. It allows people to participate in blockchain building using open-source methods. When people offer to do work on the blockchain, they state what they are expected to be paid in EOS. That can be rejected. If it is accepted, people do the work and are paid in EOS. They don’t need to spend EOS to be a part of EOS.IO. They can simply hold onto the coins as proof of their dedication to mining the chain.

EOS Pros 

  • Relatively stable
  • Generally free from controversy
  • In place efforts to avoid inflation
  • Great initial rollout

EOS Cons

  • Still too new for people to be sure about it

EOS History

EOS is based on a white paper published in 2017. The point of the white paper was to find ways to allow people to work with and benefit from the blockchain while speeding payment. They wanted a way to keep transaction fees as low as possible and at the same time make the transactions happen very quickly.

In 2018 the company that supported EOS, announced that it had secured $1 billion in funding to support the currency. Then they made an initial coin offering and raised over $4 billion. In 2019 settled a complaint brought by the SEC that their initial coin offering was unregistered. They agreed to pay $24 million but were not asked to pay any restitution. This is the only legal action ever taken against or the EOS currency in general. This has soothed investors and to buy EOS now is a fairly simple process.

EOS trading is considered one of the most secure in the world and people tend to find it to be fair. People today buy EOS fairly easily. This is in stark contrast to many other cryptocurrencies which have been the subject of numerous lawsuits. To buy EOS seems safe. It looks to be one of the better cryptocurrencies out there.

EOS Development

EOS was developed as a way to reward people who worked on the open source blockchain. It was also a way to spend money on the blockchain to get things done. That said, it is still traded as its currency and there are other things you can spend it on. To buy EOS is not considered a weird thing. EOS trading is completely normalized.

The development of EOS was fueled by the desire to overcome problems with working on the blockchain. There had been multiple efforts to have fake requests for work, spamming on the blockchain, and limited power across the computer network. By creating a stable way to pay for things on the blockchain, EOS eliminated many of these problems. It also helped expand the general computing power of the blockchain by creating a stable revenue base for crypto trading.

Since then they have put in protocols to eliminate inflation on the blockchain itself. This is why their initial coin offering was able to generate $4 billion in revenue.

EOS Statistics

There are precisely 1,020,093,723 EOS tokens available as of this writing. They are worth roughly $2.75 each, with the price fluctuating up and down slightly. There have not been any great surges either up or down. This demonstrates just how stable EOS tokens are. It also explains the public’s willingness to buy EOS tokens.

EOS trading has remained relatively stable even as Bitcoin and other currencies have gone up and down widely. This is largely due to efforts in the EOS community to keep a handle on inflation and make sure that EOS remains stable. This is a good thing because it has kept out speculators who would otherwise buy EOS.

Having a relatively stable cryptocurrency leads people to trade with confidence. The system of EOS seems as stable as a cryptocurrency can be. That’s why people can buy EOS and feel relatively stable. This in turn keeps EOS trading happening on a fairly regular basis.

EOS Security

EOS is a very secure cryptocurrency and on all levels, it is backed up by the highest computer security level standards. There has never been any scam related to EOS and the entire system, including apps, looks like it is in place and working well. The lack of any sort of scandal involving EOS makes people want to buy EOS. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, EOS is fairly transparent when it comes to their currency.

The main way to use EOS tokens is if you want to do work on the blockchain or are looking to get work done on the blockchain. On either side of the coin you can specify the work and how many EOS you are willing to pay to do the work or get paid to get the work done. There is a supervision over this so that people cannot ask to be paid more than the work is worth and cannot offer to pay less than the work is worth. This is the main way that EOS keeps inflation and wide price swings from impacting their currency. It also speaks to the security protocols put into place to keep everything in order.

Of course, people buy EOS on speculation, but they are honestly unlikely to encounter any great price swings with the currency. The stability is what makes it attractive to buy EOS. Hence EOS trading is as secure as the currency itself. The main feature of EOS is a well-funded company with an interest in expanding the blockchain. Because they know that EOS accomplishes this, they work hard to keep it as safe and secure as they can. All of this creates a sense of confidence in the cryptocurrency that is well deserved.

How To Trade EOS

In general, the way to get EOS tokens is to perform work on the blockchain itself. Of course, you can always buy crypto online. The best EOS trading sites charge little or no commission. This is part of the best EOS trading. There have been no reports at all of any EOS trading scams popping up. It seems to have all the software security in place to keep them away. That said the fact that they have not limited the number of EOS tokens that will be put into circulation worries some people that if too many are released it could cause a drop in the overall EOS valuation.

If you don’t want to work on the blockchain itself and simply want to use EOS tokens as either an investment or a place to park your money you can go to any cryptocurrency exchange place. You then have to set up an account. Next, use your credit card or wire transfer to purchase EOS tokens. At that point, you can hold them for their value or else use them to hire people to do work on the blockchain itself. Most EOS trading comes in the form of paying for work on the blockchain.

In those transactions, there is no fee involved in the exchange of EOS tokens. If you go to a cryptocurrency exchange site, they will ask for some form of fee. You can compare various crypto trading sites to figure out what that fee will be.

In general, not that many people speculate on EOS tokens. They lack the volatility that allows people to make a fortune betting on Bitcoin for example. Their value is in work done on the blockchain which keeps their prices fairly stable. That is a very strong positive force in favor of EOS remaining as stable as possible in the future.

Of course, EOS is fairly new. If a ton of EOS tokens were suddenly dropped on the market that could cause the existing EOS tokens to suddenly lose value. However, given the stability of EOS that does not look like something the creators want to have happened. So for the moment buying EOS tokens seems like a fairly safe bet. That could change in the future and we will keep an eye on EOS tokens to make sure that their price remains as stable as it can be.

EOS Future Outlook

Our EOS prediction looks like it’s going to be fairly stable. There seem to be no events planned that could affect its overall price. If the company suddenly decided to release a ton of new EOS tokens that could change very quickly. But the founders seem invested in the long-term value of EOS tokens. That should mean that their supply should remain limited. That will help them keep their value.

Combined with the efforts on the blockchain itself to keep all exchanges of blockchain at a stable price and we see nothing really that could suddenly cause our EOS price predictions to either rise or fall in value in any meaningful way. As much as can be expected in the world of cryptocurrency EOS seems like a stable investment. In a world where there are many shady crypto trading systems, the idea to buy EOS seems like a fairly good one.

EOS Reputation

EOS has a great reputation. And it’s one that seems like it has been earned. It is the one cryptocurrency that has not fallen victim to scandal or scams. While it is not volatile that seems like a plus for people who want to park money into cryptocurrencies. The fact that it is generally used as a way to pay for and get paid for work on the blockchain makes people like to use it. Overall, we have nothing bad to say about EOS tokens. It should be taken as a given though that if a ton more tokens were dropped on the market that could be a bad thing. But nobody is expecting that any time soon.

EOS Conclusion

From all the EOS trading reviews we have assessed, EOS seems like a fairly stable form of cryptocurrency. This is helped by the specialized way that it is used. People use it to exchange money for work that has been completed. That makes everyone involved invested in the idea of the value of EOS tokens remaining as stable as possible.

It is well-financed by serious people who are also invested in making sure the price of EOS tokens remains stable. With a $4 billion initial offering, it is well-financed. It is much faster to exchange EOS tokens than most other crypto trading.

Its value seems well represented by the work it is being exchanged for. Overall, we see very little reason for EOS to become a problem for anyone. There are a lot of sketchy cryptocurrencies out there. EOS does not seem to be one of them. While it is new, we’ve seen good things from it and have a generally favorable view of the cryptocurrency.

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