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Welcome to our WBroker review. Take a look to see why this user-friendly broker site could be a great option for your online trading!

Many WBroker reviews have labelled this broker as being the ‘Robinhood of Asia’. But we wanted to go much further than this. So we’ve carried out an extensive WBroker review that found that this is a great trading platform for cryptos, ETFs and more. So keep reading to see our WBroker experience and rating!

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Alexander Foster
Alexander Foster
Last Updated on 13/06/2024

Offers and New Customer Experience - First impressions in our WBroker review

Our WBroker review found precious little in terms of special offers for new customers who signed up to the online broker for the first time. However, we should note that there is the option to enter in an invitation code as part of the signing up procedure.

This makes us think that there could be some special offers on their way from WBroker. So watch this space to see when you might be able to get anything from site credit to demo trading options from this up-and-coming online broker.

Usability - Accessible trading app found in our WBroker review

You can enjoy trading at WBroker either via your computer, tablet or smartphone on our user-friendly, simple, and clean interface. We’d thoroughly recommend downloading the WBroker app to your iOS or Android device. This offers you a fast and secure way to do anything from making your deposits to browsing the price movements of the assets and actually executing the trades.

We particularly enjoyed just how fast and intuitive the WBroker trading platform was. While many online brokers go out of their way to give you way more information and analytics than you’ll ever need, WBroker keeps everything trimmed back to the bare minimum. All of which should make for a quick and efficient online trading experience. Finally, a highlight of WBroker is their commision-free stock trade, which definitely gets a thumbs-up from us.

Accounts - Standard trading accounts discovered in our WBroker review

WBroker prides itself on being a broker that makes online trading something that is accessible for everyone. This can be seen in the way that there are no account minimums once you sign up to WBroker.

We also appreciated the fact that we were able to open a trading account in little more than 10 minutes. Here you will need to submit your mobile number so that you can get your account verified by SMS. There will also be the need to submit additional verification documents like a passport.

Most people will simply use the standard trading account at WBroker. However, it’s worth noting that this online broker does sometimes feature alternative account options. For example, we found a WBroker VIP account that featured a high-yield savings account with up to 10% APY. Not something that you find at too many online trading platforms.

Trading Platforms - Simple app trading found in our WBroker review

We found that it was pleasantly intuitive to manage our assets and execute our trades on the WBroker platform. You’ll get an easy way to browse all of the different stocks and ETFs and there are a variety of different search tools that help you zone in on your preferred asset. From here, you can check a range of statistics relating to the asset so as to make an informed decision about whether you should buy or sell.

As well as the main trades that you’ll be executing, you’ll get the opportunity to create a watchlist of all of the assets that you are interested in. Each asset will be summarized with a wealth of data so that you can see its price movements and then make a simple decision as to buy or sell.

Trading Payments - Is WBroker safe for payments?

WBroker lets you make speedy deposits that should take little longer than 10 minutes to land in your account. What’s particularly impressive is the fact that WBroker even manages to successfully operate a same-day withdrawal policy.

There might not be the broadest range of payment options here, but USDT, HKD and USD are your top options as these have no deposit fee and only 2USDT is required for a withdwawal using this payment method.

The only slightly disappointing thing here is the fact that WBroker charges a (small) fee for moving your money around. Thankfully, we should also note that your assets will be kept securely as they will be stored in a separate segregated account. All of which should keep your money safe regardless of any global market turbulence.

Fees – No WBroker scams hidden in the costs

Much of WBroker’s appeal rests on the fact that it features a commission-fee trading model that is similar to that found at many other popular online brokerages. So how does WBroker make its money?

You’ll see that all costs are absorbed into each trade. For example, there may be fees for clearing, sell orders, transaction certificates and so on. Thankfully, all of these fees are clearly displayed in the help section and they are much less costly than you’ll find at other online trading platforms.

Customer Service - Is WBroker reliable for customer support?

We found that WBroker operates a professional and efficient customer service team whose services are available 24/7. You can simply go into the online chat room via the app and instantly get a helpful response from the customer care agents. There is also the option to message WBroker directly via the dedicated customer support email address in the site footer.

We should also note the fact that WBroker is responsive on its Facebook and Twitter social media channels. Plus there is a reasonably useful help section on the WBroker site that does a fair job in explaining things like setting up an account, understanding the various trading costs and so on. So while there isn’t any kind of telephone support, we were pleased with the customer service options we found at WBroker.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance - Trust factors found in our WBroker review

We can’t have a decent WBroker review unless we look at whether you can actually trust this online broker. The main thing to note is that this is a fully compliant online broker that holds all of the relevant customs licensing. You can see this in the Type 1 Dealing license issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, and there is also a license from the Financial Services Provider Register of New Zealand.

WBRoker is also fully insured meaning that customers can have up to $500,000 covered under the relevant insurance from the USA SPIC or the equivalent in HKD from the HK ICC. Just so you know, WBroker has served over 60,000 clients with a total trading volume in excess of 100 billion HKD. All of which point to the fact that WBroker is an online trading platform that you can trust.

Additional Features - What else we found in our WBroker review

We loved the fact that WBroker even features a handy news service on its trading platform. This can give you the latest on the quarterly earnings reports from brands like Tesla and AT&T all the way through analysis of the current supply chain issues.

You should also check out the informative articles under the ‘Learn’ tab that take you all the way from investing basics through to speculating on IPOs and much more. Perfect for taking your online trading to the next level.

WBroker Stocks

Stocks trading offer - Many stocks feature in this WBroker review

Most people will come to WBroker for its stock trading platform. This lets you invest in stocks from the UK, Hong Kong, China and more. Given WBroker’s heritage, it’s a popular platform for trading stocks in major brands like Tencent and Xiaomi, but there is a broad enough reach to cater to even the most discerning investors.

Stocks trading costs - Low fees for your stock trades

We found that there is a $2 minimum for trading US stocks and from here you should only expect to pay $0.0099 per share. There are equivalent rates for buying and selling stocks in Hong Kong and China. All of which are broadly on par from what you get at other online brokerages.

Stock exchanges - Impressive coverage in our WBroker review

WBroker covers all of the major stock exchanges you’d expect in the US, Hong Kong and China. This gives you direct access to exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and more. Plus it has an excellent IPO subscription package that you can pursue to invest in the rising stars of the global economy.

Conclusion - Highlights from our WBroker review

The stock trading platform at WBroker is very impressive. By giving you free real-time quotes on a broad range of stocks, you’ll find it easy to build up a nicely diversified portfolio here. It might not feature quite all of the tools and analytics that you’ll get with some more advanced stock trading platforms, but WBroker is still a force to be reckoned with.

WBroker ETF

ETF trading offer - Impressive ETFs found in our WBroker review

ETFs are just some of the wealth management products featured at the WBroker trading platform. Remember that ETFs are particularly useful as part of a medium to long-term trading strategy and they can be much less volatile than other types of speculative asset.

ETF trading costs - Limited costs discovered in this WBroker review

The good news is that the trading costs for ETFs are broadly in line with the other fees that we found elsewhere at WBroker. All of which means that you shouldn’t be hit too hard for buying and selling these unique assets.

Exchanges and Trading - Great coverage at WBroker

We found that WBroker lets you trade a broad range of ETFs with an impressive coverage of those on the US markets. This means that you’ll easily find an ETF to suit your trading strategy.

Conclusion - An impressive part of our WBroker review

ETFs remain an integral part of trading for many investors and we were impressed with the coverage of ETFs at WBroker. The best part is that you can invest in ETFs at WBroker with relatively low fees. So be sure to give WBroker a try if you are looking for a more sophisticated way to trade.

WBroker Crypto

Crypto trading offer - Enjoy WBroker crypto trading

Many people will be reading this WBroker review to see what the crypto trading options are. The good news is that they include stablecoins like Tether here and you can make easy deposits and withdrawals in USDT. To be honest, you might find a broader range of cryptocurrencies at dedicated crypto trading sites, but there is a good enough coverage for most people here.

Crypto trading costs - Low fees found in our WBroker review

While some crypto trading platforms charge some unreasonable fees, we found that all costs for crypto trading were kept to a bare minimum at WBroker. Perfect for getting the most out of your crypto trades.

Crypto trading conditions - Fair ways to execute your crypto trades

You won’t find too many problematic terms and conditions when trading cryptocurrencies at WBroker. Like the rest of the site, everything is laid out in transparent terms and you’ll find it simple to buy and sell these digital assets.

Conclusion - Decent crypto trades found in our WBroker review

We get the feeling that WBroker is just getting started with its crypto trading service. But while the range of cryptos featured here might not be too expansive, WBroker still offers a safe and reliable way for anyone to take their first steps in crypto trading.

WBroker Review FAQ

💪Which is the best day trading platform?

We’re carrying out a detailed investigation of all day trading platforms to see which is the best in the business. So make sure that you read our WBroker review and then compare the results with what we discovered in our Interactive Brokers review. All of which should prove to be very helpful in deciding which online broker to use for your day trading.

💰What are the costs of trading with WBroker

Make sure that you read our WBroker review to see how much it would cost you to start trading at this online brokerage. Not only will we let you know exactly what fees you’ll be up against, but we’ll also compare these costs with what we found in our review. Perfect for seeing which online broker keeps its costs to a bare minimum!

📱Who has the best trading app?

Lots of people like to execute and monitor their trades from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. This is why we’re always keen to see what kinds of app an online broker will provide. So read our WBroker review to see what kind of app is available here and then compare the results with what we found in our Robinhood review. All of which should tell you who is the most mobile-friendly online broker.

❓What can you trade at WBroker?

Check out our WBroker review to see exactly what you can trade at this online broker site. The good news is that there were about as many online trading options as we discovered in our VT Markets review. All of which should mean that you get plenty of opportunities to build your portfolio and make your investments in a broad range of assets.

👀Which countries does WBroker serve?

Make sure that you read our WBroker review to see which countries this online broker operates in. We found that it serves dozens of different nations, but you’ll need to read our review to make sure that your country of residence is covered. If not you might have to use another online trading platform like the one found in our review.

Conclusion - What is WBroker? Simply a great online broker

Our WBroker review found that this is an impressive and ambitious online trading platform. It’s easy to be taken in by catchphrases like, ‘the Robinhood of Asia,’ but WBroker actually lives up to the hype. This means that it is essentially doing an excellent job of ensuring that more and more people get to enjoy the benefits of online trading in the global marketplace. As such, you can sign up here and know that you are being given a safe and reliable way to trade anything from major stocks to ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, there is no such thing as a perfect trading platform, and it’s clear that WBroker is still a relatively new brand. This means that it might not have some of the more exhaustive trading options that you’d get at heavyweight online brokerages.

But on the whole, we’ve been impressed with what we found at WBroker and would recommend this brand for anyone looking to get started with online trading platform that will stand by their side. So sign up to WBroker and see what you can trade!

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Trading financial products carries a high risk to your capital, especially trading leverage products such as CFDs. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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