Best Bitcoin Trading Apps 2023

One of the best things about cryptocurrency is how accessible it has become for the casual investor. The nature of blockchain and decentralised digital assets means that investing in the likes of Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Tether can be done through user-friendly apps that are easy to install on your computer, tablet or mobile device. However, with so many platforms available, choosing the right one for you can seem a little overwhelming. With this in mind, what follows is a brief overview of some of the best cryptocurrency trading apps available today, aimed at helping you make an informed decision on which will best suit your own trading preferences.

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Secure trading with the best cryptocurrency trading app

When investing in any digital asset, security is always going to be of paramount concern. In fact, for many would-be crypto investors, security is the primary factor for choosing an exchange. However, the nature of cryptocurrency means that the currency itself is extremely secure and the top apps undergo extensive testing to guarantee they are secure, reliable and accurate when it comes to making transactions. In reality, even the best crypto market app would be of little use if it wasn’t completely secure and when ranking the best cryptocurrency trading apps, safety and security can be assured for all the top contenders. Similarly, leading operating systems are continually updated to ensure they offer the latest cybersecurity protocols, meaning investors can rest easy that their crypto is well protected on all fronts and in addition, their personal data is kept out of reach of cybercriminals.

Editor’s recommendation

Plus500 provides a user-friendly and versatile trading app that supports numerous cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, EOS, and Litecoin, as well as a whole host of additional financial instruments. An Isreal-headquartered firm, Plus500 has a subsidiary in the UK that is regulated by the FCA as well as being listed on the London Stock Exchange, making it among the most trusted and reliable platforms on the market. Aside from the UK, Plus500 is also supported in both Australia and New Zealand.

The trading platform  itself offers an intuitive and straightforward interface that can quickly be picked up. Opening a demo account to test the platform is also quick and easy, with a customer service team on hand 24/7 for those who do need assistance. This demo account allows investors to try their hand at trading with this platform before investing real-life funds.

Whether or not Plus500 is the most suitable app for you will depend on personal taste, but for those looking for a world-class platform with plenty of features as well as learning materials for traders.

How our experts choose the best cryptocurrency trading app

At, our experts subject the best bitcoin trading apps to a rigorous assessment criteria to ensure we are able to provide you with an accurate and fair review of each one. The categories used for our reviews are based on practical aspects of the app.

Availability & Requirements

First on the list is the availability of the app. We look at what platforms the app is available for and consider the technical requirements to assess what sort of devices will be best for running the software. We also consider which country the app is available in – a trading app that works in the UK, for example, may not work in Canada and vice-versa.

Usability & design

Usability and ease of use are often the biggest selling points of the best cryptocurrency trading apps and naturally, they form a big part of our testing process. We look at how easy they are to get to grips with and how the layout supports functionality.

Mobile payment methods

Versatility is a big part of crypto investing and the options for depositing funds on the go is obviously a major factor when choosing the best bitcoin trading app.

Data & information

The crypto markets change quickly, so it’s important that apps are able to provide extensive and clear information. A good cryptocurrency exchange should not only provide you with the means to make transactions but also help you choose which transactions to make.

Mobile customer service

As with any technical platform, having a customer service team on hand brings a great deal of peace of mind. After all, the best trading platform in the world will be of little use if you can’t figure out how to use it.

Finding the best bitcoin trading app for you

Choosing the best bitcoin trading app will come down to several factors. The criteria outlined above should give you a good idea of what’s out there and will certainly help you to make an informed decision, but ultimately personal preference will play a major role in deciding. Each trader will have their own specific requirements and, of course, there is no one correct answer. Fortunately, the availability of different trading apps makes it possible to try out more than one and many of the top apps have demo modes which let you try them out before making any actual investments.

Our comparison of the latest apps on offer should give you a good idea of the best cryptocurrency trading apps for you personally, but what follows is a little more information that should help you decide what sort of investor you are and which aspects of a trading app are likely to be a priority for you.

Other considerations when choosing the best bitcoin trading app

All of the most established trading platforms all offer a high degree of functionality, security and effective customer support. Ultimately though, choosing a crypto exchange will largely come down to personal preference and individual trading habits. As such, there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before making any decisions:

Are you new to crypto trading?

This is an important question to ask yourself when choosing a platform. The best cryptocurrency trading apps are likely to be extremely user friendly with a simple to use interface. However, there are apps out there that are better suited to the more experienced investor, so it’s a good idea to consider which category you will fall into. If you are new to the market, then chances are the best platform for you will be one of the more straightforward platforms that isn’t bogged down by lots of advanced options that may be confusing for the uninitiated.

Where do you plan on using the app?

Location is another key factor that is often overlooked when choosing the best cryptocurrency trading apps. For example, there are different rules for trading in the USA that will prohibit the use of some apps. Similarly, many of the most popular apps in Europe or the UK will not be supported in India or South Africa. It is, therefore, a good idea to decide on whether you plan on using the app whilst travelling and, if so, checking which countries are supported. Often, users who travel a lot find they need to use more than one app.

What currencies do you plan on trading?

Another important factor to consider when choosing a trading app is how diverse you want your portfolio to be. Whilst it’s a fairly safe bet that most apps will support the more famous cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin SV, Binance Coin and XRP, those who are planning to invest in some of the newest coins to hit the market may find they are not supported by every app. Of course, the best cryptocurrency trading apps will likely be the one that supports the most currencies, however, most of the top contenders update regularly and if they don’t already support the latest available coins, they more than likely soon will.

What information is available to you?

Several of the top apps promote a light, simple interface. Whilst this is great for users who don’t want to get bogged down with unnecessary features and endless set-up options, it can mean that the info available through the app is limited, with little to guide the investor. It is therefore worth considering what sort of information you have available and if a basic trading platform will be sufficient. Generally, anyone new to trading will be best served by an exchange that can bring them the latest market news and other important updates.

How tech-savvy are you?

The best cryptocurrency trading apps are going to be easy to use by definition. However, many come with enhanced features that require a little more know-how when it comes to using them to their fullest potential. As such it’s a good idea to consider your own technical prowess before choosing which is the best app for you.

Try out the best cryptocurrency trading app for yourself

As has already been touched upon, many of the best cryptocurrency trading apps offer a market simulator, where users can make trades without having to invest any real funds. This allows you to get a feel for the user interface of the given app, find out what features it has and see if it can deliver everything you are looking for. What’s more, not only are market simulators a great way of getting a feel for a particular trading app, they also provide the perfect opportunity to get to know how the markets move and learn more about cryptocurrency trading in general. Combined with our in-depth reviews, market simulations should go a long way to helping you decide for yourself which are the best cryptocurrency trading apps currently available.

The best cryptocurrency trading app used by professionals

Asking which platform is the preferred choice of trading professionals is a natural question when choosing a provider for yourself – and for many, it provides a certain peace of mind to know that the app they are using is backed by successful crypto traders. That being said, whilst most of the best cryptocurrency trading apps will be suitable for both the first-time user and the seasoned expert, some offer a few more options and provide more data that top-level traders will expect. Similarly, the best platforms are often the simplest platforms precisely because they may be less confusing.

Different professional traders will more than likely use different apps, depending on their location and trading style, but established platforms such as Plus500 and Swissquote are known for their comprehensive range of options, reliability and myriad information streams. As such they are consistently among the best cryptocurrency apps for trading professionals.

It is worth remembering, however, that most top trading apps will offer all the functionality you need for successful investment in digital assets, so you shouldn’t make your decision based upon what you think professional traders may be using.

Conclusion: Which is the best bitcoin trading app?

As we have seen, choosing the best bitcoin trading app for you requires the consideration of several key factors. All of the best cryptocurrency trading apps will offer a high level of security and can be used with confidence. They will also all provide you with the tools you need to buy and sell cryptocurrency at your convenience. These things considered, the best crypto exchange app  for you will likely be the one that best matches your personal tastes. Usability and design will likely be a key factor, especially as the USPs of many of the top trading apps are based around the platform’s interface. However, you may also have certain requirements that dictate which platform is the most suitable for you – such as what coins are supported by the platform and which countries it can be used in. Fortunately, most of the apps are easy to download and offer demo versions – so why not try out several before making the final decision?

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