Best Ethereum Coin Trading Sites New Zealand 2023

Ethereum has become the most used blockchain since surpassing Bitcoin in 2020. The platform is open-source and enables individuals to design and create innovative applications – all of which are decentralized.

You’ll find that Ether, the digital coin of Ethereum, has quickly become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, second only to Bitcoin. As such, you’ll find a range of the best Ethereum trading sites in New Zealand. To find out more about this platform and how to buy Ethereum, keep reading.

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Pros of Ethereum

  • The supply of ether is uncapped
  • Ether facilitates smart contracts
  • Platform is decentralized and extremely adaptable
  • Promotes the production of innovative applications

Cons of Ethereum

  • Ether is a volatile asset

History Of Ethereum Trading – How ETH was created

The founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, showed a keen interest in cryptocurrencies ever since he was a teenager – taking us back a decade. He was the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine and prior to the emergence of Ethereum trading, released a whitepaper outlining his intentions and describing the idea behind Ethereum trading.

In 2014, the co-founders of Ethereum promoted a crowdsourcing campaign in an effort to raise money which would fund the development of Ethereum. In 2015, Ethereum trading went live – to the delight of many. In the lead up to Ethereum trading materialising, 72 million Ether tokens were mined. Today, Ether remains uncapped but continues to be mined at a constant rate.

The entire idea behind Ethereum was to create a platform which can promote use cases that extend far beyond the financial applications associated with Bitcoin trading. This led to the Ethereum platform being designed as a decentralized operating system. It allows anyone to use the platform to build decentralized applications and run smart contracts. The inherent versatility of the platform and the sustained interest has meant that the list of use cases has grown at a constant rate over the last couple of years. This has positively affected the Ethereum price and our Ethereum price prediction points to an upward trajectory over the short- to medium-term.

Development Of The Best Ethereum Trading Platform

As we’ve alluded to, Ether is the native crypto coin of the Ethereum network. In the early phases of Ethereum, Ether was designed as a transactional coin. Ether acts as the fuel for facilitating the operations that are vital for the smooth running of the Ethereum platform. It also ensures that transactions through smart contracts and applications, better known as ‘dapps’, are completed successfully. But, how was the Ethereum platform originally developed?

A host of developers released a number of prototypes that were then tested via stress testing of the limitations of the blockchain. This was put forward to the public and individuals who engaged in stress testing activities were rewarded with Ether. The initial prototype that was in place when Ethereum went live was called the Frontier prototype. It has undergone a number of upgrades since then, improving a range of applications and security features along the way.

In December 2020, Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 was unveiled. This shift to the Ethereum 2.0 platform was met with great expectations and a lot of enthusiasm. The following phases will see the introduction of shard chains and state executions within the underlying shard chains.

In its current form, Ethereum uses a proof of stake blockchain and continues to be a driving force in the adoption of key smart contracts and is leading the way for applications which focus on decentralized finance.

Statistics & Major Facts – Top facts to read before you buy Ethereum

There are a number of statistics that will help you understand the technical side to Ethereum. As Ethereum continues to enjoy a rise in popularity, there are a large number of traders who are buying Ether. One of the biggest concerns surrounding the Ethereum blockchain was the underlying security. However, this issue has been addressed and you’ll find that Ethereum trading scams are far less likely to occur.

The maximum supply of Ether was and hasn’t been capped. Unlike Bitcoin, there is no upper limit to Ether at the time of writing. Although there is no maximum cap, you will find that there’s an annual issuance limit which has been pegged at 18 million. After the initial 72 million coins were mined, the price of Ether shot up drastically. The market cap of Ether is second only to Bitcoin. The supply of Ether is north of 114 million at the time of writing.

Ether is mined at a constant rate and the underlying blockchain runs on a proof-of-work system but is moving to a consensus mechanism known as proof-of-stake. A proof-of-stake mechanism aims at achieving a distributed consensus across the chain.

Security, Features, Use Cases – What is Ethereum used for?

When it comes to the Ethereum platform, all the hype is about the current, and potential, smart contracts that can be run successfully. A smart contract is a program which is seen as an account on the blockchain. These accounts have balances and the balances can be transferred across the network with maximum efficiency. You don’t necessarily buy a smart contract but rather use these programs for a variety of functions.

These smart contracts have huge potential as there are a wide number of use cases for them. Smart contracts can improve all types of services that are currently run by institutions and individuals who are not nearly as effective and efficient in facilitating transactions.

One of the most promising use cases for smart contracts looks at improving the facilitation of financial payments and the actual processing and storing of data. Ethereum blockchain is now being used by a host of institutions looking to speed up the time taken to collect, process, and store financial transactions and the associated data.

A big issue that we face today is the threat of our online data being stolen and misappropriated. Dapps are far more secure and provide entities with the option of storing data externally. This limits the exposure of data to any unauthorized third-parties.

Another exciting use case for the Ethereum platform focuses on escrow. Ideally, the Ethereum blockchain would substitute the third-party in escrow and act as the middleman. This would allow interactions between two parties without having to confront efficient escrow services which always incur high costs.

It’s possible to use Ether to buy a range of goods and services in the real world. However, the rise of decentralised finance is where Ethereum will play a significant role. The Ethereum platform has the innate ability of reshaping how financial transactions and interactions take place. Through smart contracts with diverse use cases, it’ll be interesting to

How To Trade – Tips On How To Buy Ethereum

When it comes to trading Ethereum, it’s important to note you actually buy the coin called Ether. Our step-by-step guide will help you better understand how to go about buying and/or selling Ether online. Much like Binance coin trading or when you Buy Ripple, there are a number of different platforms that allow you to trade in crypto. Before you start trading in Ether, you’ll need to figure out how you’d like to trade. It is possible to buy the underlying asset (Ether) outright or it’s possible to speculate on the price of Ethereum by trading in contracts for difference (CFD). If you wish to buy Ether and store it in a digital wallet, then you need to use a crypto exchange. If you prefer investing or trading in crypto CFDs, then it’s possible to use a range of online brokers via the trading platform on hand. We have a range of featured sites at that will facilitate this activity for you.

Buying Ether

Buying crypto outright requires that you use a peer-to-peer exchange. We have outlined which crypto exchanges are best in New Zealand on our site. You will be required to create a valid account in order to buy crypto. This can be done by visiting the site of your choosing and following the registration process.

You’ll need to fund your account in order to purchase Ether. Keep in mind that, if you do buy crypto, you’ll need to have a digital wallet where you can store your coins safely. If you are new to online crypto trading, then using a peer-to-peer exchange might be overwhelming at first. If this is the case, you can always use a more hands-on online broker site.

Broker sites will charge a commission but will streamline the process of buying crypto. You will also have a wide selection of educational resources available and can track market data and live developments as they play out.

Trading Ether CFDs

When it comes to trading contracts for difference, you’ll need to make use of a traditional online broker. Many online brokers in New Zealand have moved to include a range of cryptocurrencies on their sites. However, you won’t necessarily be able to buy the crypto outright.

You can speculate on the underlying asset through trading contracts for difference. You’ll find that Ether is readily-available on these sites. Be sure to do your research before you trade in CFDs. You need to open a valid online trading account and verify your personal details prior to trading. Fortunately, you do not need a digital wallet as you won’t actually own the underlying crypto asset.

What are the future prospects of Ethereum trading?

The future looks bright for Ethereum. People continue to buy Ethereum online and the Ethereum platform has gone from strength to strength. It has become clear that the Ethereum blockchain is set to increase in popularity as it facilitates a wider range of use cases.

One of the main reasons behind the development of Ethereum, is the move toward decentralised finance. There is a push to move away from centralised financial institutions and enable transactions and services which can be facilitated without the need for a middleman. This, and the ability of the Ethereum blockchain to be far more efficient and effective in doing so, means that the future prospects for Ethereum look more than promising.

Reputation and Customer Feedback – Positive Ethereum Trading Reviews

Ethereum predictions have been bullish in recent times. Much of this is down to the great reputation that Ethereum has managed to cultivate over the last 6 years. The crypto community has high praise for Ethereum trading and the future prospects seem ever-encouraging. Investing in Ether can prove to be risky as it is a volatile crypto asset. However, this also means that trading in Ether can be potentially lucrative.

Individuals who use the Ethereum network continue to promote the platform as being a highly-versatile space where innovation in a number of different online areas is being spurred on. As such, the latest customer reviews have also meant more people are looking to buy Ethereum and invest in a crypto coin that comes from an increasingly-accepted platform with a dynamic range of applications. Head on over to our latest guide which outlines how to buy crypto currency online. This will give you the insight needed to buy a range of different crypto coins – from Ether to Bitcoin, and many more.

In conclusion, we are sure that your interest has been piqued by finding out more about Ethereum trading. Many online traders buy Ethereum and trade with it on a daily basis. As such, we have highlighted a number of the best Ethereum trading sites in New Zealand. If you wish to find out more about Ethererum trading and where to do so, take a look at our Ethereum trading reviews. You will be able to trade Ethereum or buy crypto online using a diverse selection of different coins.

At, our team of experts have a keen knowledge of – and passion for – cryptocurrencies. We are constantly monitoring the latest developments in the world of online crypto trading. This allows us to craft insightful guides that cover a range of crypto subjects. If you wish to buy crypto online, take a look at what Litecoin trading entails or learn how to buy Bitcoin Cash.

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