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Gain Capital USA Review & Rating 2022

Is Gain Capital Scam Or Legit?

Since being founded in 1999, Gain Capital has steadily grown over the past 20 years. Gain Capital provides low-cost access to foreign-exchange markets and is regularly expanding their user base. Users of Gain Capital have now exceeded 140,000 including retail and institutional investors, all with access to OTC and exchange-traded markets. Our Gain Capital review takes a closer look at what makes this brokerage firm tick, with special attention given to the products they offer, the quality of their customer service, how to create a Gain Capital open account and the variety of trading platforms currently available. Keep reading this online forex broker and options review to find out more about what Gain Capital USA can do for you!

Advantages and Disadvantages

We want to make sure you’re aware of all the benefits, as well as any negatives to each brokerage provider. Below is a short summary of the pros and cons of Gain Capital that we found while reviewing.

Pros & Cons of Gain Capital
  • Quality 24/5 customer service
  • Over 8000 FX and Option markets
  • Intuitive trading platforms
  • No welcome offer for new clients

Usability of the Website

Online brokerage firms should offer a strong selection of different products for day-traders to use but they should also make sure that their website is intuitive and easy to use. That is why our Gain Capital review takes a closer look at how easy it is to navigate to pages on the site, as well as how easy the actual site is on the eyes.

When you first navigate to the Gain Capital website, you will be greeted by a simple layout homepage with a combination of blue and a white backdrop. The site is easy on the eyes and doesn’t try to do too much in the way of overtly grabbing your attention. We appreciated this fact, as you might often run into sites that are trying to make their homepage a little overdone. With that being said, Gain Capital could perhaps do with a little more color but aside from this, there is really not too much to complain about when it comes to the aesthetic of the site. As we found the Nadex opinions, the aesthetic of the site is not the most crucial aspect of a site but it certainly has a role to play.

As far as the site usability goes, our Gain Capital USA review found that we didn’t have any real issue finding what we were looking for on the site. There is a simple menu at the top of the homepage that includes information about the broker, solutions, investor relations, careers and how to contact them. They also make it easy to find the Gain Capital open account button as well. Each individual heading has its own dropdown menu with more specifics about that section of the site. We do feel that the site could make finding payment and legal information more accessible as we did have to comb through the site quite finely in order to locate these details. Gain Capital also provides you with accessible links to their subsidiary pages which include, and All of which offer their own range of markets, trading platforms and account types.

The Gain Capital website pages loaded swiftly with hardly any waiting time in between pages. This is a good sign, as it points towards regular website maintenance and care. There is not much in the way of flaws on the site, which the Gain Capital opinions of existing users seem to corroborate.

If you’d like to compare the web interface with other popular broker platforms – then you’ll find some alternatives to consider in our Interactive Brokers review and our JP Morgan You Invest review.


In this section of our Gain Capital USA review, we take a look at the different accounts that you can choose from. Brokerage firms will vary on what type of account they offer which is why it is a top priority for our team at to thoroughly comb through the broker’s account types. To see how this compares, check out the popular Merrill Edge Open Account.

Gain Capital Open Account Types

As it stands, there is only one Gain Capital open account to choose when signing up to the broker’s site. You will first need to contact Gain Capital before you can create an account, which is why you enter all the information about yourself so Gain Capital can gauge what type of account you need.

When signing up for a Gain Capital open account you will need to enter your name, surname, email address, telephone number and country of origin before moving on to more specific information about the type of account you would like. You do so by filling out the form in which you choose what you are interested in (managed accounts, white label, MT4 solutions etc.) and what type of trader you are (individual, broker, bank, hedge, asset money manager or other).

Lastly, you then choose what you are interested in trading, your options include FX, spread betting, exchange-traded futures and OTC options. Gain Capital will then get back to you shortly to suggest either one of their subsidiary websites to use or the actual Gain Capital site. Once they have done so, you will then have an operational Gain Capital open account.



Trading Platforms

Our Gain Capital review USA has given specific focus to the different trading platforms available on the broker’s site. Gain Capital predominantly focuses on one trading platform coupled with mobile and web trading respectively. If you are looking for an online brokerage firm that offers a multitude of different trading platforms we suggest taking a look at our IG Broker review.

The main trading platform available at Gain Capital at the moment is the well renowned MetaTrader 4. You will gain access to the MT4 trading platform once you have heard back from Gain Capital about authorizing your account with them. MetaTrader 4 provides you with exceptional analytical tools to track and manage your day to day trading. Not only do you receive the use of analytical tools but you will also gain access to excellent charting tools to help you identify the latest patterns and trends in the market.

As far as how you can use your trading platform with Gain Capital, you will have two options. The most popular option is the web trading platform for your desktop or laptop. The web trading platform is perhaps slightly better to use as you can rely on the performance capabilities and speed across your different browsers. You will be able to use the MT4 integrated trading tools, market commentary and technical analysis.

With regard to the mobile trading app for Gain Capital, you will ultimately receive all the same perks as the web trading platform with the benefit of trading on the go. The Gain Capital mobile trading platform is available for IOS and Android users alike, providing you with the full trading capabilities of the web trading platform, all at your fingertips.

While Gain Capital might benefit from adding a few more trading platforms alongside the industry favourite MT4, we can’t complain as our experience trading on the site was an excellent one. The Gain Capital opinions seem to agree with us in this regard.


Having the latest trading platforms is a great way to entice new traders to an online broker’s site. However, there needs to be a sufficient amount of payment options for clients to make their deposits into their Gain Capital open account. Gain Capital has a decent selection of payment methods available for clients to use. You may want to check out our Cobra Trading review for a comparison of the different payment methods available.

You will be able to make your deposits and withdrawals with either a wire transfer, credit card or debit card on the Gain Capital site. This is perhaps not the most diverse range of payment methods but they are certainly the most popular when it comes to your average trader. Your credit and debit card deposits should reflect all but immediately, if at worst a few hours. Whereas your average wire transfer can take anywhere between 1-2 business days. The minimum deposit allowed with Gain Capital or any of its affiliate brokers, is $250. This is a fantastically low minimum deposit and allows for traders who are perhaps not buying and selling in large quantities to get a taste for what a high-quality online broker feels like.

Withdrawing your funds from your Gain Capital account is fairly straightforward as all you need to do is navigate to the “My Account” section on the site or any of the affiliate sites. Once you have done so you need only enter the amount you wish to withdraw, which will need to be a minimum of $100. Withdrawals via credit/debit cards will take up to 24 hours where wire transfers may take up to 48 hours to reflect in your account. These processing times may vary somewhat as the times given by Gain Capital is how long they will take to process your withdrawal.

Customer Service

It is of the utmost importance that an online brokerage firm operators a professional and welcoming customer service. Users will have queries and concerns at any given time and will want to know that their issues will be attended to and resolved in a timely fashion. That is why our Gain Capital USA review has taken the time to analyse the ways in which you can contact the support staff, how efficient they are and what the overall experience is like.

There are a number of ways for you to contact the technical support team at Gain Capital. You may want to compose a longer message in which case you may contact them via one of their two email addresses. Either their public relations email [email protected] or their investor relations email [email protected] You can also contact them on their Americas telephone number at +1 908 212 3940. The only real downside we can pick out here is the lack of a live chat feature. This is one of the more popular modes of contact as it can quickly solve any of your queries as we found out with EagleFX opinions on the matter.

As far as the customer support staff themselves, we found the overall experience to be more than satisfying. The support team are professional, friendly and patient with their users irrespective of what the problem is. This is a great advert for Gain Capital in and of itself as it promotes confidence in novice traders who are still getting a feel for the ins and outs of day trading.

Regulation & Deposit Protection

There are few things as important as an online broker’s licenses and memberships. These aspects of the broker place them above board and allow them to operate legally and with the full trust of their clientele. That is why our Gain Capital review has thoroughly analysed the current status of the broker’s licenses and memberships so that we can put your mind at ease about potentially signing up to a Gain Capital open account yourself.

Gain Capital has a number of affiliate broker companies and as such is a member of a number of different financial organizations. These regulatory agencies include the CTFC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission), NFA (National Futures Association), FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). This is merely for Gain Capital but as they own further affiliate companies over the globe, they are thus also a member of  IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada), SFC (Securities and Futures Commission), MAS Monetary Authority of Singapore and the FSA (Financial Services Agency).

As Gain Capital are members of so many different regulatory agencies they are also required to submit period audit reports on their financial transactions, as well as assure that they will keep clients funds safe in separate accounts away from their operating capital account. The security of the site and clients funds do not stop there as they also employ the latest SSL encryption technology for all financial transactions on the site to protect their user’s sensitive data. Furthermore, their privacy policy is easily accessible at the footer of the homepage which is a positive indicator of the broker’s general transparency when it comes to informing clients how they use their data.

Additional Offers

While having a site that stands well on its own in terms of its features and trading platforms is a must, it can be beneficial to entice and keep users on the site by creating more incentives. This can be done in a number of ways such as having commission rebates, demo accounts or educational tools on the site. Our Gain Capital review USA has taken a look at some of the additional features of the site that make for a more engrossing overall experience with the broker.

One of the enticing features of the Gain Capital USA site is the option to demo an account before opening an official account with the broker. While you will still need to have your official account authorized by Gain Capital, you are able to demo the site and its trading platforms. This is a great way to get a feel for the Gain Capital site or any of its affiliate brokers before you officially get going with your Gain Capital open account.

Our Gain Capital USA review also came to find that there is a referral program currently running that will see you receive a commission. There are three different tier levels to achieve that include silver, gold and platinum. For every new client referred to the Gain Capital USA site that deposits a minimum of $210 and makes a minimum of 10 trades, the client who made the referral will earn up to $500 per client. With the gold tier, you earn up to $550 while the platinum tier will see you earn up to $650 per client.

Overall, we found that these incentives were already enough to get us excited about using the Gain Capital site. It should be said that we were hoping to see more educational tools or advanced training guides, but this is not the end all be all of the site.

Gain Capital Forex

Introduction to Forex Trading

Trading in forex markets is not the best place to start out if you are trying to find your feet with day trading. However, it can be lucrative in its own right, with the right speculation on the exchange rate markets. Forex, simply put, is the buying of one currency while at the same time selling another. A forex trader will try to make a profit by speculating on the direction of certain exchange rate currencies in the future.

There are a number of different forex markets you can access through Gain Capital USA. More specifically, there are over 80 different forex markets that include currency pairs such as AUD/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/JPY, EUR/GBP AND EUR/USD. The lowest spread we found at the moment was a staggering 0,8 which bodes well for forex focused traders on the Gain Capital site. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to forex trading with Gain Capital.

As mentioned previously, trading in foreign exchange currencies can be a tricky business and is certainly not for inexperienced traders. There are a number of forex guides and educational tips to be accessed through Gain Capital USA which will help get you on your way to knowing the lay of the land.

Forex Pricing

The question is, how do Gain Capital make money off of forex trading? It certainly isn’t through charging exorbitant trading fees. As it stands, Gain Capital does not charge any data or exchange fees on forex trades. Gain Capital makes their money on the differential in spreads, meaning the difference between the bid and the ask of a trade. When it comes to the pricing of forex markets, you will incur a +/- 2.5% interest for holding your position overnight. Aside from that, you can also expect to pay up to a $5 commission per 100K traded in a month. A more than fair commission pricing if you ask us.

Product Summary & Conclusion

Gain Capital offers an exceptional selection of foreign exchange markets for forex focused traders to choose from at fair commission rates. Our Gain Capital review found that forex trading on the site was a breeze in terms of the usability of the platform. However, even Gain Capital will tell you that trading in foreign exchange currencies can be very volatile which is why we continuously point out that this type of trading is generally reserved for your more experienced trading professional.

Overall Conclusion

That brings us to the end of our Gain Capital review which we hope you found to be informative. Upon shedding some light on the different aspects of the broker’s site we found that the clear strengths were the site’s MT4 trading platform and the overall intuition of the site itself. Furthermore, the site clearly prides itself on customer service as we found our experience with their technical team to be a pleasant and professional one.

While the site is easy enough to use we did feel as though it could do with being clearer on some aspects of what is being offered on the site. A fleshed-out FAQs section might help to allay some of the uncertainty in this regard. Aside from that, we can’t really fault Gain Capital USA on a whole lot, and as many of the reviews suggest, neither can the clientele of the site. If you found that Gain Capital didn’t offer what you were looking for then you may want to check out our Ninja Trader review instead.

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Gain Capital Review FAQ

📂 How do I open an account with Gain Capital?

Every online brokerage firm is different in certain ways and opening an account with them can vary at times. That is why our Gain Capital review has taken the time to give you the rundown of how to open an account with a broker. You will be fully aware of the finer details in the sign up process after reading our review before signing up for a Gain Capital open account.

❓ Can I trade options with Gain Capital?

Before signing up to any online brokerage firm, you will want to know that you can trade in the markets that appeal to you. If one of those markets is options trading, then our Gain Capital review will make sure to inform you of any options trading available on the site and what some of the trading fees might be. You won’t have to sign up to the site without first knowing what is available to trade.

💵 What payment methods are available to choose from?

The best online brokers will offer their users a multitude of different payment options. Users will tend to have different preferences when it comes to making their deposits and withdrawals. That is why our Gain Capital review takes a closer look at the different payment methods available on the site so that you are well informed before you create your account.

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