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Forex Trading Signals – The Best Signals Reviewed

Top Forex Trading Signals for 2023

Last Updated on 17/09/2023

There are so many types of forex trading signals available to retail investors on a myriad of different platforms. Forex trading signals are one of the easiest ways to support your own market research or uncover a trading opportunity.

Trading signals are perfect for forex trading as it is a 24/5 market that requires constant observation. Using trading signals, investors can observe the markets while they are away and uncover trading opportunities that they would otherwise miss. Let the experts at TradersBest walk you through some of the best trading signals available to the retail investor in 2021.

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The Best Trading Signals
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Forex trading signals recap

Forex trading signals can help new traders enhance their strategies while experienced traders can confirm the quality of their own fundamental and technical analysis. Forex trading signals are tools that can streamline your trading process and increase your potential profitability. Forex trading signals act as a trigger to either buy or sell a particular currency pair based on a set of predetermined parameters – parameters can be generated by experienced traders or by mathematical algorithms.

Trading signals provide those who receive them with proposed ideal entry and exit points of a particular financial instrument, with an aim to make a certain amount of profit. Quality trading signals will deploy risk management strategies too. These are in the form of a stop loss to prevent too much loss and take profit orders to ensure traders walk away with profit if the signal is successful.

Services like AtoZ Markets can send trading signals to traders anywhere in the world and over several different platforms. AtoZ Markets can provide up to 15 trading signals per day to its subscribers and those signals could be of any type and for a variety of different markets. Experienced traders can generate their own trading signals – this requires a good knowledge of technical analysis – and generally use trading signals to support sentiments they have uncovered through their analyses. The greatest advancement in trading signals is in the form of automated trading signal bots. All a trader needs to do is listen to the bot and execute the proposed trade.

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Forex trade signal example

While technical knowledge is very important to trading strategy – especially in forex – only a basic understanding is required to understand and read a forex trading signal. Trading signals are actually rather simple when you finally read them – even if the study or mathematical algorithm behind them is complicated. Let’s take a look at a forex trade signal below:

Buy AUD/USD at CMP 0.92403 – SL 0.92355 – TP 0.9420

This very minor, single line of text holds so much important information that can control an entire forex trade. Breaking this trading signal down bit-by-bit, you’ll firstly note the trigger to buy the currency pair AUD/USD when the current market price reaches 0.92403. The take profit for this trade is 0.9420. For risk management purposes the stop loss has been placed for the price action of 0.92355. Easy stuff!

This basic text tells the trader how to buy, sell and when it’s time to bail out. As you’ve probably already ascertained, not a whole lot of technical knowledge was required to read that forex trading signal. This is why novice traders can benefit from professional and high-quality trading signals provided by trusted services like AtoZ Markets Premium Trading Signals.

How to use trading signals

Trading signals can be used in three distinct ways. Firstly, experienced traders can use trading signals to support their research and the market sentiments that they believe they have uncovered. Novice traders can use automated signals to take the time out of research and to give them an extra leg up while still learning the finer points of trading online. Traders can also leverage manual trading signals too. The best part of manual signals is that they can be modified by the trader to cater to their specific needs such as a higher stop loss or a higher take profit limit.

Top 5 trading signals

Trading signals are an indicator of a price movement that requires an action to take advantage of that movement. There are a truly massive number of trading signals that are on offer to retail traders online. A service provider like AtoZ Markets offers all of the top 5 trading signals for a variety of instruments including forex and stocks.

Moving average

The moving average signal is arguably the most common trading signal used to identify a current price trend and this signal compensates for short-term price spikes. By combining the price points of a forex currency pair over a specified time frame and dividing it by its number of data points a single trend line can be ascertained.

The signal data acquired will depend on the length of the moving average. For example, many signals are based on the 200-day moving average which – as you guessed by the name – requires 200 days of data. This trading signal can observe levels of support and resistance whilst also studying previous price action.

For those thinking about creating a forex signal or have just received one, a fair amount of time should be focused on testing its performance on a free demo account.

Bollinger bands

These trading signals are particularly useful for indicating when an asset is trading outside of its usual range. They are very good at identifying long-term price movements. The Bollinger band is a trading signal that identifies a range in which the asset would typically trade within. With levels of volatility, the band may increase and decrease. So, the band would shrink with low volatility and expand with higher volatility.

Bollinger bands are a popular trading signal with service provider AtoZ Markets. This signal is common with a 20-day moving average. One such example of this trading signal is when it is used to identify a price turn owing to trend exhaustion.

Relative Strength Index (RSI)

This is a trading signal that you’ll hear about quite often in TradersBest articles. An RSI is great at predicting momentum, market conditions, and ideal at acting as a warning signal of dangerous price movements. RSI can determine whether an asset is overbought or oversold. A trading signal that implies an overbought asset, suggests that short-term gains are reaching maturity and that a price correction may be imminent. That means that an oversold signal would typically indicate short-term declines that are reaching maturity and may be poised for a rally.

Stochastic Oscillators

One of the most popular momentum trading signals is the Stochastic Oscillator. This signal is particularly handy at comparing closing prices to a range of prices over a certain period. Like RSI’s, it is designed to generate overbought or undersold trading signals. A common time period used for this signal is 14 days – the stochastic oscillator calculates the low for the period with the current closing price.

By comparing the price over this particular range, we can see how consistent the asset is at reaching its recent high or low. While both forms of momentum oscillators, the Stochastic Oscillator differs from the RSI because it measures closing prices while RSI measures the velocity of price movements.

Fibonacci Retracement

A popular trading signal amongst experienced traders that have determined the market sentiment may be ready for a pullback. The Fibonacci Retracement is a trading signal that can accurately identify the degree to which the market will move against the current trend.

Traders use this signal to confirm a market pullback because the Fibonacci Retracement can identify levels of support and resistance which are excellent indicators of trends – either upwards or down. This also helps traders set stop losses since they can estimate these levels. As you can see, this is a particularly powerful trading signal and one that is frequently posted by AtoZ Markets.

What to look for in a trading signal

No two trading signals were created equally but there are certainly a number of factors and components that contribute to whether a trading signal is for you. Every trader is not the same and your individual trading strategy will play a huge factor in deciding what to look for in a quality trading signal.

Our experts at TraderBest have compiled several crucial components of a trading signal that every trader – novice or experienced – needs to look out for in order to ensure they receive the very best trading signals online. For further reviews of trading signal providers, be sure to check in with TradersBest.

Firstly, you’ll need to decide whether you want to pay for a trading signal or are you simply happy to stick to free trading signals? Some trading signal providers, like AtoZ Markets, will provide some trading signals for free. The only drawback with most free trading signals is that they are usually limited in their depth of information. In some cases, important information like risk management is withheld.

You’ll need to work out how much, if any, you are willing to spend on obtaining high-quality trading signals. If the profitability rate is high, it may be worth paying for a subscription with a trusted trading app or provider like AtoZ Markets.


This seems like an obvious trait to look out for in a trading signal. But many traders will sign up to poor subscription services and receive loads of trading signals that are of poor quality. This can especially occur during times of high volatility in the markets – so much is happening, and signals are providing results all the time.

Patience is certainly an important trait for traders looking for a quality trading signal. Be willing to hold out for something substantial. Just remember that sometimes it’s best to not be holding a position – hold out for a high-quality signal rather than settle for something acceptable.


Not all trading signals will be ideal for you, no matter the quality. This is because traders all fall into certain categories of traders.  For example, a day trader will not be looking for the same trading signals as a swing trader. A day trader will likely be looking to open and close several positions over a 24-hour period, whether a swing trader will hold just one over a couple of weeks.

So, look for trading signals that suit your trading style. There is no point looking at a stream of short-term trading strategies if you are a part time swing trader looking for a month-long position.

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The best trading signal provider

The best source of trading information and guides for trading signal providers is TradersBest. TradersBest provides traders from around the world with information and lessons on how to trade and how to find the best trading signal providers to meet their specific needs.

TradersBest uses a strict criterion to review the trading signal providers that reach our desk. With that being said, for high performance, easy delivery and frequency of delivery, we think AtoZ Markets is  the best trading signal provider in 2021.

AtoZ Markets Premium Trading Signals

With a 70% success rate on algorithmic trading signals and a platform that provides up to 15 trading signals per day to its subscribers, AtoZ Markets are a truly powerhouse trading signal provider. AtoZ Markets is globally recognised for offering free trading signals to all, regardless of subscription.

Forex signals at AtoZ Markets are immensely advanced and AtoZ Markets will educate all its subscribers on how to use trading signals. That’s right – more than just trading signals, AtoZ Markets provides educational tools too. Despite a dedicated mobile app, AtoZ Markets also provides trading signals via SMS, email and Telegram.

Forex traders will certainly benefit from the AtoZ Markets algorithm which has been tailor made for forex trading of major currency pairs. All algorithmic signals have been overseen by experienced traders too, to make sure that the robot doesn’t get it wrong.


When it comes to forex trading signals in 2021, traders are seriously spoilt for choice. Be it simple text-based signals, incredible automated signals or copy trading automation, traders can access so many excellent and unique trading signals. Commonly referred to as indicators, there are actually several trading signals that are more popular than others.

This is generally because there are a few trading signals that favour common occurrences in the markets and several that favour forex trading in general. The top 5 trading signals have been selected based on popularity, usefulness and profitability. No matter what trading signal provider you sign up to, you’ll be sure to receive many of these types of forex trading signals.

Top 5 Trading Signals – FAQ

💱 How many trading signals are there?

Trading signals can cover a massive range of financial instruments and can be used to identify and confirm a great many market sentiments. Many factors influence the effectiveness of trading signals and all trading signals share common factors. The total number of trading signals possible in 2021 may be impossible to calculate because of its varsity.

🚸 Where can I find more information about trading signals?

There are many different platforms to learn about trading and how to use trading signals online. Naturally, novice traders will be often seeking even further information and they’ll want to know how to obtain it. The best source of high quality, experienced and informed information about trading signals is at TradersBest.

⚖ Are paid signals better than free signals?

Trading signals come in a variety of packages and different service providers post differing quality levels of trading signal for free. Traders will have to weigh up the quality of both paid and free trading signals to determine which is the best for them. Because different providers issue different signals, it is entirely subjective as to which type of signal is better.  

✅ What is a high success percentage for forex trading signals?

All trading signal providers will announce their success rate as a means of advertising the quality of their signals. Some are better than others and most will try their best to advertise that they are better than the acceptable average. Traders should never settle for less than the accepted average and it’s always better to follow a signal provider that offers a success rate that is much higher than the average. Traders can also test the success rate to make sure that they are not being scammed in any way.

⁉ How was the top 5 signals list decided

Unsurprisingly, there are a great many factors that go into deciding what types of trading signals made our top list. Thankfully, at TradersBest we have a plethora of serious industry experts with decades of trading experience. They took into consideration a number of factors that affect the quality and effectiveness of a trading signal to conclude which trading signals were the absolute best. 

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Get AtoZ Markets Premium Trading Signals
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The Best Trading Signals
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Trading financial products carries a high risk to your capital, especially trading leverage products such as CFDs.
CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Trading financial products carries a high risk to your capital, especially trading leverage products such as CFDs. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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