Best Crypto & Bitcoin Wallets UK 2021

There are a flurry of new crypto wallets that have hit the market. However, which is the best cryptocurrency wallet? Our latest comparison will outline exactly where you can find the best crypto wallets online in the UK for bitcoin or other currencies.

If you are looking for secure storage for your crypto holdings, then our comparison is for you. Additionally, if you are eager to have quick and secure facilitation of payments, then our comparison of the best Bitcoin wallets will set you on your way.

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Who Should Make Use Of Our Crypto Wallet Comparison?

When it comes to our comparison of the best Bitcoin wallets, we urge all crypto enthusiasts to give it look over. Why do we say this? One of the reasons is that there are a myriad of online crypt wallets that have suddenly emerged. Finding the best crypto wallet can be rather complicated when you don’t know what to look out for. It becomes even more daunting when you are not sure what the main purpose of the wallet should be. Thus, our comparison has been drawn up to outline precisely what the functions of different crypto wallets are and what the best crypto wallets are at the time of writing.

It is vital to choose a wallet that will allow you to engage in crypto trading without issue or hesitation. Fortunately, there are a sufficient number of quality wallets available to UK customers. You might even find yourself using cryptocurrency exchanges once you have your wallet in order. Read on to find out what crypto wallets entail and which are the best Bitcoin wallets and best crypto wallets around!

What Are UK Crypto Wallets?

It might sound like a confusing concept at first. However, a crypto wallet is much like a tangible wallet used to store fiat currency and bank cards. However, digital wallets are extremely secure. A digital wallet allows you to store, send, and receive crypto coins within a secure system. In order to send or receive crypto to or from your wallet, you will need to redirect the crypto gambling site, trading platform, or individual to a unique cryptographic address. From here, it is possible to make transactions in a timely and safe manner. What kind of wallets exist? There are a couple of different types of wallets that you will need to consider.

Hot wallet

A hot wallet refers to a digital crypto wallet that is actively connected to the internet. What this means is that it is easier to enact a transaction as the wallet is ‘live’. However, because the wallet is connected to the internet, it makes it easier for hackers to access these hot wallets. Known as ‘software’ wallets, they are still considered to be safe and secure. However, there is a higher risk that hot wallets and the subsequent crypto can be accessed from an unauthorised third-party. Hot wallets are recommended if you only have a small amount of crypto and wish to use it to make payments in a moment’s notice. Take a look at our Exodus wallet review for a great software wallet that connects to the internet. It is suitable for beginners looking to trade in a number of currencies.

Cold wallet

Cold wallets are wallets which store your cryptocurrency offline. This is the opposite of a hot wallet and is more secure. Due to the nature of a cold wallet, there is no connection to the internet – making it near-impossible for hackers to access the wallet at any given point. Cold wallets are good when you have a lot of crypto and wish to store it safely. Take a look at our Trezor wallet review for a great cold wallet option.

Top5 Expert Tips For Using Safe Crypto Wallets

When it comes to identifying and making use of a safe and reliable crypto wallet, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure a transparent experience and service. Below, we have outlined these steps for your convenience. Be sure to apply these steps whenever you are assessing a viable crypto wallet. You’ll find that these steps have been applied to our latest Bitcoin wallet review.

Be sure to store all your hardware in a safe place

If you decide to use a ‘cold wallet’ then you will need a special key to access the digital wallet. Remember, cold wallets are offline. Be sure to store your key and any relevant hardware in a safe and secure place. You certainly do not want to forget the specific key and find yourself unable to access your wallet and crypto coins. Always be careful when using your key and do not provide the actual password to anyone.

Take the time to understand crypto conversions

The best wallets allow you to convert one crypto into another without having to transfer any funds out of your wallet. It is vital that you find out which wallets provide this service. If you make use of a Bitcoin-based wallet, you might find it difficult to convert your Bitcoin into another crypto without having to access a crypto exchange. Be sure to assess this as it is much safer converting by using the services inherent in your wallet.

Intuitive and responsive customer service

As is the case for all online services, it is important that you find a digital wallet which provides sufficient and effective customer support no matter the time of day. If you ever encounter an issue or experience an unauthorised attempt to access your digital wallet, you will want to be able to contact customer service as soon as possible.

Always be aware of potential scams

Be aware and vigilant when making transactions online. If you have a ‘hot wallet’, you’ll need to be extra-vigilant. There are alway potential scammers or hackers on the horizon. Do not provide anyone with your specific key and be sure to use third-party platforms that facilitate safe payment processing services.

Make use of a ‘cold wallet’ if you plan on buying a lot of crypto

Be sure to use a cold wallet if you are planning on buying, storing, or trading in crypto that equates to a high value. Ultimately, this provides you with much better oversight and mitigates the chances of a hacker accessing your wallet via the internet. Storing your crypto coins offline is the best way to ensure that your holdings are safe.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Best UK Crypto Wallets

When it comes to the best crypto wallets in the UK, we have found that it is important to provide you with certain recommendations. Our recommendations are not meant to be the end-all. The reason for us highlighting certain crypto wallets as our recommendation gives you a good reference point from which to choose the best wallet for you. Our team of experts are in-tune with all the latest developments in the crypto industry. Thus, we’re in a good position to lay out several pointers.

We believe that this will provide you with a foothold – allowing you to explore and test crypto wallets with more confidence. Our Ledger wallet review will even allow you to engage in crypto betting. With versatile functions, using a good crypto wallet is key. We hope that you consult as much as possible to find out about the ever-changing recommendations of the top crypto wallets. You’ll find that certain wallets stand the test of time while others struggle to capture the innovative features and tools at the disposal of crypto wallet developers.

Finding The Right Crypto Wallet For You

Finding the right wallet for you can be as simple as reading our latest Bitcoin wallet review. However, this is not always the case. Although we have gone to great lengths to craft a comparison of the best UK crypto wallets – it does not always suffice in providing you with the final push when deciding on the best wallet for you. As such, we urge you to combine our comparison of the best crypto wallets and your own requirements in order to find the best possible digital wallet for you.

Finding the best possible wallet will depend on what you wish to use the digital wallet for, what kind of crypto coins you wish to buy/sell or trade in. It will also depend on how much you wish to trade. These considerations are key when it comes to selecting a wallet that will cater to all your crypto trading needs. Take the time to decide on the fundamental reason for your desire to have a crypto wallet and expand on that. Do you wish to store coins or simply wish to trade in crypto ETFs – if it is the latter, you don’t even require a digital wallet. Do you wish to buy only Bitcoin or a variety of coins? If you are only interested in Bitcoin, we recommend you read our coverage of the latest Bitcoin wallet review. Once you have outlined your preferences and requirements, you can find the perfect crypto wallet!

Conclusion To The Best Crypto Wallets

In conclusion, we hope that you have found value in our comparison of the best Bitcoin wallets and top crypto wallets. Not only did we set out to identify which wallets are best, but we were also eager to provide more insight into how the best cryptocurrency wallet functions and what you should take into consideration. If you wish to partake in crypto mining or simply want to make use of the best Bitcoin casino – you will require one of the UK crypto wallets in order to do so.

Crypto wallets facilitate transactions and allow you to store your crypto in a secure place. Now that you have a handle on this topic, take a look at our latest crypto reviews to find out where you can find the best cryptocurrency to invest in. At, we strive to bring you a comprehensive overview of all crypto-related topics. Stay in the loop with us.

Best Crypto Wallets FAQ

💥Are Bitcoin wallets better than other crypto wallets?

There is a big debate as to which crypto wallet is best. As Bitcoin trading is so popular, many people use a Bitcoin-focused crypto wallet. However, this doesn’t mean that this type of wallet is better than others. Many of the best crypto wallets allow you to store a range of crypto coins. This gives you added flexibility and the chance to diversify your crypto holdings. To find out more, take a look at our comparison of the best UK cyprot wallets.

👀Where do I find the best Bitcoin wallets?

Having to go it alone and search the depths of the internet for any reliable information can be a daunting task. Looking for crypto reviews? We urge you to make the most of the resources provided to you by Our team of experts have spent many hours, if not days, searching and testing the best crypto wallets. It is with much eagerness that we bring you a comparison of the best cryptocurrency wallets for UK residents.

🔢Is it possible to sign up with multiple crypto wallets?

Looking to buy cryptocurrency? There is no rule or law that states you cannot use more than one crypto wallet. Many crypto enthusiasts will have several crypto wallets. For starters, this allows you to spread out your crypto holdings instead of storing everything in one wallet. To find out what the best crypto wallets are and how to sign up with them, head over to our coverage of the top UK crypto wallets.

🏆What is the best crypto wallet?

There are a number of contenders for the best crypto wallet. As such, we’ve embarked on the task to find out which wallet takes top honours. Our team at have also crafted a comparison tool which provides you with info and tools so that you can compare and contrast the best crypto wallets. We urge you to use this comparison as it will also help identify which wallet is best for you. We can also help you find the best providers to buy Litecoin and other major cryptocurrencies from, so be sure to read our latest guides!

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