Ledger Crypto Wallet Review UK 2021

First things first – this Ledger crypto wallet offers you one of safest ways to look after your Bitcoin. But such security comes at a cost. Read our Ledger wallet review to see whether this hard wallet can meet your crypto needs.

It’s a hard wallet which basically means that you get a sleek bit of kit you plug into your computer. You’ll get to manage hundreds of coins and tokens from there. Sound good? Keep reading to find out more.

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Wallets will try many different ways to help you manage your cryptocurrencies. Some brands will allow you to send and receive cryptos from a wallet that’s hosted from within a web browser. Such an option is seriously convenient, but it means that you are susceptible to hacking attacks.

Other companies will allow you to download their wallet software direct to your computer or mobile device. Take a look at our Exodus wallet review to see an example of this. Again, such an option is convenient, but has limited security features.

This is why hardwallets have become so popular. These give you a physical piece of technology that you use to ensure that nobody else can access your cryptocurrencies. Such high-end security will always come at a cost. But if you are moving a lot of cryptocurrencies around, then such a wallet solution could be a sensible move.

Pros & Cons – Key points of our Ledger wallet review

We think that this is a great crypto wallet. Here are the main reasons why you should get the Ledger cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Ultra high-grade security for your cryptocurrencies
  • All major cryptocurrencies and tokens featured
  • Nicely designed stainless steel device built to withstand physical damage
  • No Ledger promo code 2021 needed to get this wallet

Consider these points before you get a Ledger wallet:

  • Not the cheapest option for looking after your cryptocurrencies
  • Do you want to plug in a USB drive every time you load up your wallet?
  • User-interface could be made a little more intuitive

Cryptocurrencies and Technology – Plenty of cryptos found in our Ledger wallet review

Our Ledger wallet review found that this device has been configured to handle all major cryptocurrencies. You’ll be able to send and receive 27 different coins, and there is also the provision to handle 1,500 different tokens. This is a similar number to the best crypto wallets, and Ledger will continue to add more cryptocurrencies with its regular updates.

Bitcoin is a big part of what Ledger does, as you won’t just be able to send and receive this crypto. This is because Ledger allows you to swap or even buy Bitcoin too. The same applies to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash, and you won’t have to use a Ledger wallet promo code to do any of this.

Other featured major cryptocurrencies include the likes of Monero, Ripple, Tether, Binance Coin, ESO and Tesos. Ledger clearly wants to do something a little different from other wallets, as it allows users of Neo and Cardano to try some cool staking options.

Usability & Store – Getting started with your Ledger crypto wallet

The Ledger wallet is a hardwallet. This means that you’ll have to buy a physical piece of kit to get started. You should buy the wallet from the Ledger crypto UK store. This ensures that nobody will have tampered with your hardwallet. You might also be able to use a promo code for Ledger wallet purchasing here.

Chances are that you’ll be buying the standard Ledger wallet. This is the Ledger Nano S and it’ll probably cost you just over £50. Want the more recent upgrade? Then get the Ledger Nano X which costs over £100.

Unboxing the Nano S reveals a sleek little stainless steel USB drive. You just have to pop this into the USB port on your computer via the supplied USB cable. Just select the ‘Configure as new device’ option, download the drivers, and you’re ready to go.

Want to put some coin on your new Ledger wallet? Then load up your freshly downloaded Ledger Manager software, click on Receive, and you’ll see the address that you can receive funds to. There’s a similar process for sending money. Bear in mind that there might be some Ledger limits on the minimum spending amount for certain cryptos like XRP.

But what about those Ledger fees? Here Ledger takes an interesting approach. Basically, you can choose the speed of your transaction which determines what fees you are faced with. These speeds are either high, standard or low, and thankfully the fees aren’t too bad. Making a Ledger withdrawal is also quick and easy with no need to use any kind of Ledger coupon code. All in all, a quality hard wallet. Read our Trezor wallet review to see how these hardwallets compare.

Security & Support – Key parts of the Ledger crypto UK users should know

Chances are that you’ll be buying the Ledger hardwallet to get its unbeatable security. The device comes in the form of a USB stick which means that there is no way that anybody is going to be able to hack into your crypto funds. Plus we have to say that it’s a very robust little device that should be able to handle a good amount of physical wear and tear.

You’ll have to enter in a PIN code each time you load up your wallet. Think of this as being like a Ledger promo code.  The PIN code is set up when you first get the hardwallet, and you’ll need to press both of the little buttons on the device to do so. There is also a backup recovery phrase that you have to create when you first install the wallet software. This is a 24-word phrase, and it’s a good idea to make a note of it as you’ll need it should you have to recover your account.

Ledger will also be creating regular firmware updates so that your wallet is capable of handling the challenge of keeping your cryptos safe. All of which should give you plenty of confidence in how Ledger will handle your cryptocurrencies.

Device and scope of supply – Using the Ledger crypto wallet

Ledger has created one of the best-looking hardwallets we’ve come across. While some wallet brands give you weird looking plastic devices, this is a sleek little USB drive. It features a lovely brushed steel casing. This not only looks good, but it is (probably) stand-proof too.

All of the Ledger wallet software works as expected, and it gives you a quick and easy way to move your cryptos around. Some people might find it fairly inconvenient to have to keep entering in a PIN. But it’s a small trade-off for knowing that your cryptocurrencies are being kept safe.

Conclusion – Top findings in our Ledger wallet review

This Ledger hardwallet is the perfect option for anybody who takes their crypto security seriously. The fact that it is a USB drive means that there’s no chance that anybody’s going to hack in to get your coins, and it’ll be completely malware and virus-proof too.

The downsides? Well, you have to actually buy this hardwallet. The cost isn’t too bad, but it’s certainly a lot more expensive than software-based crypto wallets. Ultimately it comes down to how much money you’ll be holding in your wallet. If you like to move a lot of money around, the Ledger wallet could be a good option.

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