Trezor Crypto Wallet Review UK 2021

Looking for a safe crypto wallet? Then you should definitely consider the Trezor crypto wallet. This regularly tops the polls for wallet security, and our Trezor wallet review will see whether it can justify that £50 prize.

The Trezor crypto wallet is a hardware wallet. This means that by using this Trezor crypto UK customers would know that there’s virtually no way that anybody is going to be able to steal their coins. Sound good?  This might just be the wallet for you.

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There are plenty of decent crypto wallets out there, but they should all do the same job. This is to keep all of your cryptocurrencies safe while allowing you to make crypto payments, receive cryptocurrencies and even try some crypto trading.

We’ve mentioned the fact that the Trezor cryptocurrency wallet uses a piece of hardware. This is kind of the same concept that we found in our Ledger wallet review. Here you have a piece of kit attached to your computer via a USB cable. You use the hardware to type in your PIN to access your wallet and send and receive cryptos from there.

However some crypto wallets do things differently. Our Exodus wallet review showed that you don’t need any hardware to send and receive cryptocurrencies. Instead you’d just have to download the brand’s wallet software to your mobile or computer. Plus there are some crypto wallets that you can use from your web browser.

Pros & Cons of the Trezor Crypto Wallet

Trezor wallets have been around in some form since 2014. Here are just some of the reasons why people love the Trezor wallet:

  • High security levels due to hardware wallet design
  • Robust wallet keeps your coins physically safe
  • Regular firmware updates released by Trezor
  • Capacity to handle over 1,000 coins and tokens
  • No need to use any kind of Trezor promo code 2021

However, these negative points might cause you to try another crypto wallet:

  • Fairly expensive for a crypto wallet
  • Has to be purchased from an official Trezor outlet
  • Relatively complicated for newcomers to cryptocurrency trading
  • Trezor fees on some network transactions

Cryptocurrencies and Technology – Top cryptos found in our Trezor wallet review

The Trezor wallet allows you to send and receive a massive number of cryptocurrencies. The brand says that it features support for over 1,000 coins and tokens. We couldn’t verify that, but there was no doubt that you can access hundreds of different cryptos here.

The major cryptos featured at Trezor are the likes of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Digibyte, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, Vertcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and NEM.

You can use this wallet just like any other crypto wallet to receive and send crypto payments. However, Trezor also gives you the option to buy cryptocurrencies and you can even exchange certain cryptos. Plus with a user-friendly way to make a Trezor withdrawal, it shows that this brand has just about all of the crypto functions you could wish for. But what about selling your cryptos? Don’t worry as Trezor says that that feature will be coming soon.

Usability & Store – How does the Trezor crypto wallet work?

The first thing that you need to do is actually buy the Trezor wallet. You should only do this from the official Trezor shop. Not only might you get to use a Trezor promo code here, but it’s the only way that you know that nobody will have meddled with your wallet.

Once you have your wallet, just plug it into your computer’s USB port. Here you’ll get on-screen prompts to visit the brand’s website and download its wallet software. There is also the option to add a Chrome browser extension. Once the software has downloaded, your Trezor hardwallet will be able to communicate directly to the blockchain technology.

From here, it’s a matter of setting up the various security features that we’ll discuss further on. But to add funds to your account, just load up the Trezor wallet software and select what cryptocurrency will be used. Once you’ve done this, you can just click on Receive to get the unique address that you’ll be sending the crypto payments to. You can then just go to your old wallet, paste in the address and transfer the funds to your shiny new Trezor wallet.

Want to make a crypto payment? It works in roughly the similar way. Load up the software, hit the drop-down list to pick what crypto you’ll be using, tap on the Send icon and enter in the address of the wallet that you’ll be sending the money to. Once you’ve entered in the amount, just hit send and the money will be transferred almost instantly.

The whole process is made remarkably intuitive and speedy. There’s no need to fuss around to find a promo code for Trezor wallet use. There might be some Trezor limits on how many accounts per currency per wallet you can have, but even these are fairly sensible.

Security & Support – What all Trezor crypto UK users need to know

Trezor was the first wallet brand to introduce a hardware crypto wallet. This gives it a big advantage over web-based and software wallets. The fact that the hardwallet is only connected to the computer via a USB cable means that your funds are held completely separate from the internet. There is simply no way that a hacker is going to be able to reach your wallet. Your cryptos will also be kept safe from any malware or virus attacks.

Trezor also has a good record for providing constant firmware updates for its products. The hardwallet features a well-designed PIN system that ensures that only you get to access your account.

You will also have to come up with a 24-word passphrase when you install the Trezor software for the first time. This basically ensures that only you will be able to recover your funds should you have to use the wallet on another computer.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry as Trezor has put together a friendly and responsive customer support team. This can be accessed via the email contact form, plus there’s an excellent help centre that’s also worth a look if you don’t know what to do with your Trezor coupon code.

Device and Scope of Supply – What is the Trezor crypto wallet like to use?

So when your Trezor wallet comes through the post, you’ll find it pretty simple to put into action. You’ll get the wallet itself that comes in the form of a chunky black or white box. This has a couple of simple buttons along with a screen by which you can enter in your PIN and so on. There’s a USB cable for connecting to your computer, some handy instructions and that’s about it. The software that you download is pretty straightforward. All of this means that you don’t have to worry about your security and can instead get on with using your cryptos.

Conclusion – Final thoughts in our Trezor wallet review

The Trezor wallet is perfect for anybody looking to upgrade their crypto security. Sure it’s not the cheapest or simplest option for managing your cryptocurrencies, but it offers you a no nonsense way of managing your Bitcoin, Ethereum or any one of hundreds of cryptos. Ultimately, it’s your call as to whether the high cost is worthwhile for your use of cryptocurrencies. But the fact that you don’t even have to use a Trezor wallet promo code to get this, it could offer you a stress-free way to keep your cryptocurrencies safe.

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