Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in South Africa in 2022

Welcome to South Africa article of the best cryptocurrency to invest in now. The crypto community has been growing ever since Bitcoin has managed to gain favour with a large host of traders all around the world.

Now, more than ever, the trading of cryptocurrencies has become a standard within many investment portfolios. We researched the best cryptocurrencies to invest in and found that Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP came out on top.

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The History of Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency was initially proposed as a cryptographic electronic payment system as far back as 1983. Around 1995 saw the base form of a cryptocurrency developed by David Chaum. This early iteration was but a taste of the potential that cryptocurrencies could have among the financial industry. Satoshi Nakamoto then created the very first decentralized cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin offered traders the ability to transact without having to divulge any personal information by simply making use of a crypto wallet. The software system also allowed for relatively fast transactions between any parties to be done via a network system consisting of nodes within the Bitcoin community.

This brought about the crypto revolution as more traders were drawn to the crypto markets. Over time, the value of Bitcoin began to gain some serious momentum, while the major concern for most investors was the volatility of its value. A large number of investors shunned the idea of cryptocurrencies and saw it as a passing phase within the financial sector. Since then, cryptocurrencies have been experiencing such large amounts of growth that even traditional investment managers have begun to back the digital asset. To understand exactly how this asset is stored, head to our crypto wallets page where we take a comprehensive look at the wallets that are available within the South African crypto industry.


Bitcoin paved the way for the numerous cryptocurrencies that were bound to follow. This made it increasingly difficult for traders to know which is the best crypto to invest in. With the likes of Ethereum trading, options to buy Litecoin and XRP trading joining the crypto markets, traders have had to research each of the cryptocurrencies and done some tough decision making to ensure that the correct option is chosen. Each cryptocurrency comes with their own unique software structure and all of them compete with one another to promote their performance with specific features. For the most part, Bitcoin still dominates the industry with close to $600 billion of market capitalization. However, there are plenty of cryptocurrencies who are managing to keep pace and, at times, even outperform the crypto giant.

When you are looking to buy cryptocurrency South Africa, you will need to understand just how much the crypto options vary before making the decision. While their performance and features may vary, all cryptocurrencies generally follow the same conditions, a cryptocurrency has a system in place that monitors the units and their respective ownership. This system is not controlled by a central authority but rather by the specific crypto community itself. The system will also have to define how new units are created, if they are able to do so, and the exact method of distribution of these units. Cryptographic proof can be given to prove ownership of the units and the system itself will allow transactions to be performed by the entity in ownership of the specific units. Finally, two simultaneous transactions cannot be performed as the system will only complete one of them. This provides an unprecedented level of security and privacy for any owners of cryptocurrencies. There is also the option to mine the majority of cryptocurrencies and we detail how this is done on our crypto mining 2022 page.

Since Bitcoin managed to establish itself back in 2009, there have been numerous cryptocurrencies springing up all over the market and there are so many options available that it is tough for the average trader to decide which is the best option available. There are so many customers looking to buy cryptocurrency online and our reviews and articles aim to keep all readers informed about the relevant aspects of the crypto market. Be sure to head to our homepage for a fresh take on all crypto reviews.

Software Development – How are they developed?

Each cryptocurrency will have their own software system in place that is developed by software developers involved in the industry. The specifics of each software system can vary dramatically, making it tough to decide which is the best crypto to invest in now. Our reviews of each cryptocurrency detail precisely how each cryptocurrency software system was developed and the benefits of each of them. This will provide a valuable insight when looking to decide what would be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

The software development behind each cryptocurrency is likely to feature big names within the industry and as with all trading options, information is certainly the most valuable asset to have. There is no need to understand the specifics behind the software but at least knowing the benefits of each system will be invaluable when making the choice to buy cryptocurrency online South Africa. To get your career started within the crypto industry, head to our crypto trading platform South Africa page to get an idea of what service providers are on the market and an idea of the quality of each service.

Stats & Facts – The best cryptocurrency to invest in

With a completely different software system behind each cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that the statistics behind their performance will vary significantly. Some cryptocurrencies choose to optimise the transaction speeds and are seen as more of a payment method than an investment option, while others aim to maximise their store of value in order to attract investors towards the cryptocurrency. Looking at the stats surrounding each of the cryptocurrency offers provides readers with numerical considerations to be taken before heading to buy cryptocurrency South Africa. To take a look at the industry giant, head to our best Bitcoin trading page.

Along with all the statistics of the software package, readers will find a number of facts regarding the cryptocurrency itself. Each of our reviews are written with the intent of being completely transparent to readers. You will find facts that promote an option as the best crypto to buy right now, but you will also find a number of facts that may be less attractive with some of the cryptocurrency options. If you are one of the many readers wondering, “should I buy crypto?”, the answer will certainly depend on your current financial situation and the amount of research you have done on the markets. All the necessary information can be found right here at Biteviews South Africa.

Security – How secure is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

As with any financial transactions, there will be numerous security methods in place when any customer is transacting with one of the cryptocurrencies available on the market. Each software system will promote their own security benefits but the majority of cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology which stores individual data entries in such a manner that they are only linked to two other data blocks, one before and one ahead. Hence the name, blockchain. This allows a ledger to be kept of all the transactions that take place with the cryptocurrency.

With no central body governing the transactions that take place between owners and an entire network of miners processing transactions, an incredible degree of security is applied to each transaction that takes place. The cryptographic properties of the currencies also make it impossible for any transaction to be bypassed as an incredibly low probability of obtaining the specific hash code is in place. This makes cryptocurrencies one of the safest methods of transacting within the financial sector and plenty of traders have been drawn to the markets because of this.

Trading Methods – Buy cryptocurrency in South Africa

Once you are looking to buy cryptocurrency online, you will need to conduct a fair amount of research to ensure that you have the best trading method available for the specific crypto market you have chosen to trade with. Because of the volatility of the price, the best crypto to buy now is bound to change fairly frequently and having a platform that offers a variety of crypto trading options is crucial if you are looking to capitalise on any price spikes. To buy cryptocurrency South Africa has become easier than ever and this has led to a large amount of trading platforms being made available. Each reader will have their own specific trading needs and it is recommended that you assemble these in a checklist format to be used alongside our reviews.

Once you know what you are looking for, all of our cryptocurrency articles will detail exactly how you can go about trading each of the options. The best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022 is likely to be on offer with the majority of online operators but be sure to double-check this before committing to one online service. Crypto buy and sell options are incredibly vast and occur at a rapid pace during any time of the day, for this reason, the online service should cater very closely to your needs and allow you the ease of trading. For readers that are more interested in the exchanging of cryptocurrencies, head to our crypto exchanges page to get an idea of the best online service providers on the market.

Future Outlooks For Cryptocurrency

Once you have decided on the best cryptocurrency to invest in it is always advisable to browse through the future outlooks applicable to the specific option. This can include the proposed upgrades to the system, any significant changes that may be implemented, the cryptocurrency’s presence in the media and perhaps any controversial cases that may scare investors off of the trading option. When you buy cryptocurrency online you are joining an incredible community of active traders and the industry can be fairly tough to make a success of. Keeping informed is your only option when it comes to any sort of trading and having one central information source for all aspects of the crypto industry will save you time with your research.

Our cryptocurrency reviews take a close look at the future outlooks of each of them and will certainly shed some light on the best crypto to invest in. That being said, the decision to buy cryptocurrency South Africa should not be taken lightly and each investment decision will be your own. Our team of experts takes a look at each of the cryptocurrency’s future outlooks and summarises them in the specific section of our reviews. To get an idea of another reputable cryptocurrency that is available on the market, head to our Binance Coin trading page where our team of experts have completed the tried and tested review process of the cryptocurrency.

Conclusion – What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

To conclude this article of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2022, we will briefly summarise all the sections applicable. The history of each cryptocurrency will inform readers exactly how the cryptocurrency began to allow a deeper understanding of the software system to be developed. There are numerous cryptocurrency options on the market and researching all of them will be beneficial to predicting any price hikes that may claim one to be the best cryptocurrency to invest in at the moment. Our reviews then take a look at the software development of each to further understand how the system operates.

The stats and facts applicable to each cryptocurrency will give readers an overview of how the cryptocurrency manages to perform relative to the industry standards and offers further information when looking to buy cryptocurrency South Africa. Knowing the security methods in place with each will allow a certain degree of ease when trading and the trading methods applicable are also discussed for all the crypto options. Finally, keep up to date with the future outlooks to know what is in store with each of the cryptocurrencies. If you are looking to buy some units of a reputable cryptocurrency, head to our buy Bitcoin Cash page.

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